Black Hole DSP (Discounted Stock)

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Voltage controlled multi-effects module

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NOTE: A new FX Expansion ROM is available HERE – this adds third extra bank with 8 new effects to your Black Hole DSP – including shimmer reverbs, gritty distorted delays, drone banks and fun mini loopers

This module tops up the Erica Black series with mind blowing sound effects. Custom effects are designed in close co-operation with Erica Synths team rider KODEK and Spin CAD software creator Gary Worsham.

Black Hole DSP as standard has 16 effects, each with 4 adjustable and CV controllable parameters and CV controlled effect select. Furthermore, external effect board expansions are planned, containing new sets of effects.

The Rate control allows the user to mash the effect into bit crushed madness if desired.


  • Spin FV-1 chip
  • 16 unique custom effects
  • Stereo INs and OUTs
  • 3 manually and CV controllable parameters
  • CV controlled effect select
  • Manually and CV controllable clock rate reduction for noisy bitcrush
  • 7 segment display for effect select indication
  • Audio clipping LED
  • Exchangeable external effect boards

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Width: 14hp

Depth: 25mm

Power: 135mA @ +12V / 31mA @ -12V