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Compact, fully analogue envelope generator with features such as gated loop and gate delay

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Erica Synths Black Envelope Generator is a compact, fully analogue envelope generator with some cool bonus features like gated loop and gate delay for nice acid basslines and veeeerrryyy slow drones.


  • Full ADSR envelope
  • Short/Long envelope switch
  • Direct and inverted envelope outputs
  • Gated and independent looping modes
  • Gate delay (after Attack stage) output
  • Skiff-friendly design

We introduced a distinct looping feature (when the gate patchcable is patched, looping starts on gate on) and Gate Delay – the module outputs delayed gate signal after Attack stage.

Chain up several (4-5) Envelope Generators, each with delayed gate to create evolving polyphonic synth-like pads!

Width: 8hp
Depth: 25mm
Power: 25mA @ +12v / 15mA @ -12v

Erica Synths Black EG
You're viewing: Black EG £126.00 (£105.00 ex VAT)
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