Basimilus Iteritas Alter (Silver)

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Self-Contained Digital Drum Synthesizer, with Full Voltage Control and Integrated Wavefolder

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The Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter is a parameterized digital drum synthesizer with its roots in the analog world. At its heart, it is a simple six-oscillator additive synthesizer with adjustable waveform, harmonic spread and decay. Adjustable attack including a noise oscillator is also included. These are summed and fed into an infini-folder for crunch and variety.

Basimilus Iteritas Alter is an improved version of Basimilus Iteritas. It is 2HP smaller, includes CV of switches, adds an third mode, and pitch range and knobs now offset rather than attenuate (when external modulation applied)

Main features:

  • Pitch – The pitch knob and CV input adjusts the pitch of the fundamental oscillator. This is a 1v/8va standard input.
  • Decay – The decay knob and CV input adjust the decay for all oscillators.
  • Attack – The attack knob and CV input adjust the attack for all oscillators. When left of center noise is added. When dead center a classic analog style pop is produced. When right of center the knob slows the attack.
  • Morph – The morph knob and CV control the waveform of all oscillators. This blends through: sin, triangle, saw, and square continuously.
  • Fold – The fold knob and CV control the infinifold (wavefolder) section.
  • Harmonic – The harmonic knob and CV control the harmonic decay of the oscillators. When full left only one oscillator is audible.
  • Spread – The spread knob and CV control the frequency spacing of the oscillators. This allows the overtone series to vary from a purely harmonic to very in-harmonic.
  • Skin/Liquid/Metal – The mode switch selects between the three modes. Skin is a six-operator additive synth for tonal sounds. Liquid is a six-operator additive synth with a pitch envelope to add extra kick. Metal is a six operator FM synth for producing noisy and alien sounds. This setting can be controlled by CV into the S/L/M jack.
  • Bass/Alto/Treble – The range switch offsets the pitch by two octaves in Alto mode and four octaves in Treble mode relative to Bass mode. This setting can be controlled by CV in the B/A/T jack.
  • Trigger – The trigger input triggers the start of a drum sound.
  • Hit – The Hit switch allows one to manually trigger Basimilus Iteritas.
  • Out – The output is a low impedance audio source. The output varies significantly, depending on parameters set – as compensation for loudness is applied.

Width: 10hp
Depth: 38mm
Power: A jumper selects using +5V from the power supply, or generating +5V on-board from the +12V rail.
With external 5v selected: 80mA @ +12v / 5mA @ -12v / 90mA @ +5v
With internal 5v selected : 150mA @ +12v / 5mA @ -12v / 0mA @ +5v