Ataraxic Iteritas (Silver)

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Gritty & Aggressive Digital Oscillator based on the Ataraxic Translatron, but with with additional features and full voltage control

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Ataraxic Iteritas is a 10HP voice based on the original Ataraxic Translatron but beefed up with loads more features and tonal controls. AI starts with one of three bit tables shaped via variable interpolation that is then scrolled through, amplitude modulated, folded, and distorted by the CV-controllable front panel controls.

Subby basses, metallic drones, unrelentingly digital timbres and more are all to be had from the AI. Guaranteed to make the fax machine jealous!


  • Pitch: An encoder knob. Adjusts the pitch of the fundamental oscillator. Default is fine mode: steps are sub-perception so AI is difficult to bump out of tune. Push and turn for coarse adjustment: each step is a semitone. CV input is a 1v/8va standard input.
  • Noise: Displaces samples in time, and amplitude modulates the signal by white noise. Useful for adding an aggressive, broken edge to the output.
  • Comb: Changes the emphasis of the harmonic structure of the output. At 12:00 the filter is off. To the left, it brings out more high harmonics, and to the right, it brings out more low harmonics.
  • Shape: Adjusts the interpolation between waveforms. Sonically, this ends up being almost identical to morphing from triangle to saw to square.
  • Soft Fold: This is applied to a unipolar signal with gain controlling the fold amount. This gives an asymmetric soft fold. Soft fold is useful for adding interest to simple sounding waveforms, and works well in conjunction with the Noise knob.
  • Waveform: Blends between waveforms in the bit table selected by the Mode switch.
  • Time Mod: Similar in sound to PWM or hard sync. Modulating this parameter creates phaser-type sounds.
  • Mode: Selects between three different sets of waveforms, arranged in bit tables. The waveforms generated are all unique and unapologetically digital in nature. They are then modified by the Shape and Waveform parameters. For more details on the different modes, see the Design Notes section below.
  • Range: B/A/T The range switch sets the lowest note. Each position is two octaves above its left neighbor (Bass, Alto, and Treble).
  • Sync: Resets the state of the oscillators on a rising edge. Used for sync modulation.
  • Out: A low-impedance audio source. The output varies based on parameters as AI compensates for loudness.
  • CV Inputs: All parameters are CV-able. Knobs act as offsets unless stated otherwise. AI expects an incoming voltage of 0-5v for non-pitch parameters and 0-8v for pitch.

Check HERE for further info & manual

Width: 10hp
Depth: 38mm
Power: A jumper selects using +5V from the power supply, or generating +5V on-board from the +12V rail.
With external 5v selected: 80mA @ +12v / 5mA @ -12v / 90mA @ +5v
With internal 5v selected : 150mA @ +12v / 5mA @ -12v / 0mA @ +5v