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Standalone Semi-Modular Synthesizer, with Eurorack-compatible Connections & Voltages

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Plankton Electronics ANTS! is an analog patchable synthesizer. It is designed to work as a modular synth, connecting patch cables to generate sounds, but at the same time it can work without the use of cables. These pre-patched connections (normalled connections) make the synth an (almost) ready to play 2-osc analog mono-synth. By plugging a patch cable into a normalled input, the normalled connection is broken so you can experiment with new and weird sounds, basses, leads, drums, pads, self-generative patches and happy accidents.

ANTS! is transparent: there are no layers, no double functions, no storing. You just need to connect the outputs to the inputs. At the same time the 51 patch points and the 25 potentiometers give you the option to design complex patches and sounds. The possibilities are endless.



  • 2 Lfos, 4 Oscs (2 Switchable To Lfo)
  • Midi To Cv, AND Logic Gate, Sample & Hold
  • White Noise Generator, Lp/Hp Voltage Controlled Filter
  • 1 Triggered A/D Envelope, 1 Gated A/S/R Envelope
  • 2 Vcas, 1 Mixer With Attenuverters


  • 1V/Oct Inputs
  • +/-4V Outputs, Triangle Core Design
  • Triangle, Sine, Square, Sawtooth & PW Waves
  • ‘Sync In’ Osc·Y
  • 2 Switchable To Lfo
  • PWM In On Xtosc·X, PWM Knob On Xtosc·Y


  • +/-4V Outputs, Triangle Core Design
  • Triangle, Sine And Square Waves
  • Range: 19Sec – 30Hz
  • ‘Sync In’ On Lfo·X


  • AD Env1 – Triggered Envelope, Manual Control, ‘Trig In’, Attack: 0.9ms – 1s, Decay: 3ms – 5s
  • ASR Env2 – Gated Envelope, Manual Control, ‘Gate In’, Attack: 5ms – 10s, Release: 1ms – 4s


  • Resonant Analog Filter, Voltage Controlled Cutoff
  • High Pass / Low Pass
  • 2 Input Mixer With Distortion


  • Mixer – 3 Input, 2 Attenuverters
  • VCAs – ‘Base’ And ‘Volume’ On VCA1
  • AND Gate – 2 Input Logic Gate, 0 To 5V
  • Materials – Rolled Steel Case, Plastic Side Covers, Fr4 Panel, Soft-Touch Knobs
  • Power – 12Vac 1A (Included Power Supply)
  • Midi To Cv – 1-8 Channel Select, Gate Out (Note On), Cv (Note) Out, Cv2 Out (2Nd Note Or Velocity)
  • 27 Inputs, 24 Outputs
  • Analog Circuitry, Eurorack Voltage Friendly

PLEASE NOTE: In order to keep the base cost down, this version of ANTS! is not supplied with any patch cables, as most of our customers are modular users and will have a large selection already.

However, if you are new to such pursuits we would recommend equipping yourself with at least 10 EURORACK PATCH CABLES – particularly the 30cm & 60cm lengths – in order to facilitate complex patching.

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