8-Channel Sequential Switch (Discounted Stock)

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8-channel Sequential Switch featuring: pause/skip/merge steps, set sequence length, various play modes, manual trigger buttons, clock & gate output – all of which can turn it into an incredibly powerful gate sequencer.


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SHIPPING WITH v1.3 FIRMWARE (Includes all Special Feature Play Modes)

Erica Synths 8-channel Sequential Switch is one of the most flexible switching designs available, and one which is aimed at being playable as well. It allows you to sequence up to eight sound sources in advanced ways or route one sound source sequentially to eight different sound modifiers – VCFs, waveshapers, VCAs, etc.

The module has a unique control interface that allows you to pause, skip and merge steps, set sequence length, but what really sets it apart from other sequential switches is Play Mode selection and the Gate output – when used with ADSR and VCA, you get an incredibly powerful gate sequencer with real time control over each sound source in the sequence.

Use Sequential Switch with a random clock source and you get a heart of insane random, self-generating patches! And don’t forget to check the Erica Synths Sequential Switch CV Generator that turns the module into powerful 8-step sequence.

When connected to the CV Generator, the Sequential Switch can still be used as a switch – however, you will need to skip any unused steps (with no signals connected to them) or the DC offset voltage from the expander will be heard at the outputs. Alternatively you can insert dummy cables into the unused step sockets.

If using the Sequential Switch / CV Generator combo for modulation use, the ability to mix DC voltages (“notes”) and audio rate sources (“FM”) within the same sequence can be extremely interesting!



  • Freely routable IN/OUT (8 inputs to 1 output or 1 input to 8 outputs)
  • Can switch audio and CV signals
  • Adjustable sequence length
  • Step pausing / step skipping / step merging
  • Gate out – produces a gate sequence based on active steps, and holds on for any merged steps
  • Clock input and output
  • Forwards, Reverse, 2 Ping-pong Modes, and Random Modes
  • “2 x Forwards / 1 x Reverse” Mode, “3 x Forwards / 1 x Reverse” Mode
  • A mode where each step is played twice
  • Manual modes: “Piano” mode, and Clocked Manual mode
  • Expandable into a full voltage sequencer / selectable random voltage generator (via the Sequential Switch CV Generator – sold separately)

Width: 14hp
Depth: 20mm
Power: 52mA @ +12V / 13mA @ -12V