7J (Joystick Controller)

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Compact joystick controller module, with signal inputs, unipolar/bipolar switches, gate button and offset controls.

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The Transient Modules 7J is a compact joystick controller module.

It can either output constant voltages, depending on where the joystick is set …or you can feed signals INTO its inputs, and use the joystick to control their levels and/or polarities.

For each axis the joystick can work as an attenuator or attenuverter, selectable via unipolar or bipolar mode switches.

The inputs (normalled to +5V) have dedicated attenuators and both X and Y outputs are equipped with continuously variable offset control (-5 to +5V) for fine-tuning the voltage ranges independently.

The 7J also has a manual gate generator on board.

The joystick itself is without an auto-return to centre spring, perfect for hands-on expression and playful interaction.

Width: 8hp
Depth: 38mm
Power: 35mA @ +12V @ / 25mA @ -12V