4R (Quad Random Voltage)

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Space-saving quad random voltage generator, featuring: 2 independent trigger inputs; normalising between trigger inputs; 2 pairs of random voltage outputs; each pair can be set to be either unipolar or bipolar (via jumpers)

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The Transient Modules 4R is a quad random voltage generator in 2HP. That’s right – QUAD!

It generates two different random stepped voltages per input, each time a rising edge is sensed at TRIG1 or TRIG2. The two inputs are independent so the two pairs of random voltages can run at different clock speeds.

As TRIG2 is normalised to TRIG1 it is also possible to get 4 random values with just one trigger input.

The trigger inputs have been designed to work with clock related signals like triggers or gates but any type of CV signal can be used. There is a transistor acting as a comparator on each input, which means that once a certain voltage threshold has been passed, the input “sees” this as a high (sustained) gate, until the voltage drops below this threshold again. 

For example, you could actually trigger one pair of random generators from one of the “RND” outputs of the other pair.  This would result in the changes in voltage being be more sporadic, as they would only occur when the fluctuating voltage coming into their TRIG input passed a certain level.

The voltage range of each pair of outputs can be set as unipolar (0V to +5V) or bipolar (-5V to +5V) via jumpers.

Width: 2hp
Depth: 50mm
Power: 60mA @ +12V @ / 40mA @ -12V