For those of you embarking on the modular journey, there is one destination on the World Wide Web that is absolutely essential: Muff WIggler.

This forum has become an outstanding community of artists, designers, manufacturers and dedicated hobbyists - all with one thing in common: a passion for modular synths!

Muff Wiggler is a veritable treasure-trove of information, from DIY to user demos, and all newbies should stop by there and introduce themselves. There are many users willing to share their deep knowledge of technology and synthesis, and it is one of the most welcoming communities out there.

I'm "matttech" on there, by the way!


If you're looking for a beautiful wooden modular synth case, we have no hesitation in recommending Ross Lamond, of Lamond Design. Ross works with lovely hand-picked pieces of wood, from sustainable sources.

There are several standard case options to choose from, based on the flowing curves of Matthew Goike's original design. In addition, there is also the option to have a completely unique, custom-made case made up to your own specifications.

Imagine that - a case that is truly "one of a kind" - a bit like Ross himself 🙂


Who's that Yorkshireman whispering so seductively in my ear about vactrol slewing and logic gates? …it's Ben "DivKid" Wilson, that's who.

Ben has been cranking out an impossible number of Eurorack video demos over the last couple of years. His Youtube channel hosts a plethora of interesting dissections of modules from manufacturers such as: Abstract Data, Mutable Instruments, Manhattan Analog and Frequency Central, to name but a few...

These videos include breakdowns of the module's functions, demonstrations of basic patches and various other, less-obvious uses and abuses which might enter his sleep-deprived mind.

"Ey up! …let's get stuck in.."


Where would we all be without Modular Grid? …in a massive mess, scratching our heads while staring at an unforeseen 3hp-sized gap in our systems, that's where.

Modular Grid is somewhere you need to register if you have a system that is anywhere beyond two modules, as you will without doubt be spending an increasing amount of time jigging and rejigging your system - in search of the elusive "perfect" set-up. Modular Grid facilitates said procedure, minus screwdriver and excessive frustration.

A free account will give you a limited number of virtual racks that you can design, and a paid Unicorn account will give you a much larger number.

Highly recommended!