The most effective way to get in touch with Matttech Modular is via email.

Please use the email address provided below (this is in image form in order to reduce spam).

Please note the THREE T’s in “matttech”:

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Feel free to hit us with requests for brands or products you’d like to see on offer, to enquire about preorders, or to reserve items that are already in stock for future payment. We may ask for a deposit in some circumstances.


If your query is too in-depth to be addressed via email, you can contact us by telephone on: 07982-859578

You can also write to us at: Matttech Modular, 83 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ

If social media is your thing, there are Facebook and Twitter links in the website footer, and you can generally find Matttech hanging out on Muff Wiggler.