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Exclusive FoMu cable bundles back in stock! MOODY & CHEERY colour sets, plus BRAIDED BUNDLES, SPLITTERS/MULTIPLES & ADAPTER CABLES

FoMu Matttech Modular 07.06.18

Our exclusive sets of FoMu cables are all back in stock at Matttech Modular. We put together two themed colour bundles – MOODY & CHEERY – with 5 different colours in each 5 cable set…along with a bumper BRAIDED BUNDLE, featuring 4 different colours of braided cables, in 3 different lengths. We hope you like them!

Also in stock: PATCH CABLE SPLITTERS / MULTIPLES in Black & White, along with 60cm, 90cm and 120cm 3.5mm to 6.35mm (minijack to big jack) ADAPTER CABLES

Full details below:

  • FoMu MOODY Eurorack Patch Cables: Each set of 5 cables contains 1x BLACK, 1x PURPLE, 1x WHITE, 1x BLUE, 1x GREEN – Available in 25, 50, 80 & 150m lengths.
  • FoMu CHEERY Eurorack Patch Cables: Each set of 5 cables contains 1x PINK, 1x YELLOW, 1x PEACH, 1x RED, 1x ORANGE – Available in 25, 50, 80 & 150m lengths.
  • FoMu BRAIDED BUNDLE: Each set of 20 cables contains 5x 25cm braided silver, 5x 50cm braided silver/gold, 5x 50cm braided black/gold x 5, 5x80cm braided gold
  • FoMu Patch Cable Splitter / Multiple: Passive Patch Cable Splitter / Multiple for distributing a single CV or audio signal to 5 different destinations
  • FoMu 3.5mm to 6.35mm Cable:High quality single 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter cable (minijack to big jack) – suitable for connecting Eurorack to effects pedals, patchbays and other external equipment


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Sputnik Modular – Four-Tap Delay / Dual Crossfader [divkid]

This is another module in the Sputnik Modular range that offers a wealth of patching possibilities in a relatively affordable package. All possible patch points are fully utilised on this unit, and you actually have to connect up your own delay feedback paths – which might sound laborious until you realise the patching stimulation this induces.

“What happens if I run the feedback output through a wavefolder, and then a bitcrusher?” Well, any of such options are at your fingertips with this module.

Ben “divkid” Wilson puts it through its paces in this video.


A further video demonstrating some inventive patching can be seen below:


Check the Patreon link to see how you can support DivKid’s channel –

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Transistor Sound Labs – Stepper Acid [mylar melodies]


Mylar Melodies is at it again, with another inspiring and eminently watchable video…this time on the Transistor Sound Labs STEPPER ACID.

This module allows for a huge amount of programming, without ever interrupting the flow of a sequence – perfect for live use. Its mini-keyboard makes for intuitive programming on the fly, and it is designed & built in the UK – making it comparatively much cheaper than other competing products in these troubled times!

If you like this, please support Mylar Melodies and access a 50-minute bonus Stepper Acid video on Patreon for $4+ Patrons: