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Robaux SWT16+ Gate Sequencer (fully assembled) back in stock!

Robaux Matttech Modular-min

German brand Robaux released a DIY gate sequencer – the original SWT16 – a while back and it proved hugely popular. So now we have the SWT16+ – an expander version with many more features…which we are stocking in fully-assembled format.

Batch 2 is now in stock, so fill your boots! 🙂


The SWT16+ is a 16-track Eurorack step sequencer with up to 64 steps per track.

The module makes it possible to create up to 8 different patterns which can stored in a total of 16 presets. Programmable like a classic TR machine, the SWT16+ can be used not only for triggering drum sounds but also envelopes or other modulation sources.

The Sweet Sixteen Plus is perfect for triggering drums, envelopes or modulation sources. Program your tracks step by step. Play your tracks on the fly. This new design boasts many sequencing features including a Euclidean rhythm generator!

Other enhancements on the SWT16+ include improved menu navigation and more sequencer options – randomize your tracks, move your steps or reverse your patterns. There is also the option to add probabilty with the new Coin function.

The sequencer offers 16 different modes to create and modify rhythms. Modes are divided into four distinct areas: Create, Perform, Track Settings and Sequencer Settings. For a full rundown of features see the user manual.

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Intellijel restock just in: QUADRAX & QX EXPANDER, RAINMAKER, PLANAR 2, PLONK & many more! …plus sets of Patch Cables

Intellijel Matttech Modular 31.12.19-min

We are excited to announce a big restock of popular Intellijel modules, including the latest modulation monster QUADRAX and its QX EXPANDER – chock full of all the envelopes and LFOs you could ever need!

We also have restocked big hitters such as RAINMAKER, PLANAR 2 & PLONK….along with super-handy utilities such as QUAD VCA, AUDIO INTERFACE & MIXUP.

In addition we have out first batch of the recent TRIPLATT – an upgrade to their popular TRIATT 3-channel attenuverter/mixer. This update adds unique processing features to each channel to further enhance the usefulness of this module – Channel A has a 2x voltage multiplier switch, allowing you to double the voltage sent into Channel A. Channel B has a +5V switch, allowing you to add 5V to whatever voltage is sent into Channel B. Channel C has a mute switch, allowing you to completely turn off the signal being sent into Channel C.


The full list of products which just landed is:

  • PLANAR 2
  • uFOLD mk.2 (at new low price!)
  • EURORACK PATCH CABLES in 15cm & 30cm lengths (sets of 5, mixed colours)

Also in stock:

  • QUADRA EXPANDER (last one!)
  • DIXIE mk.2+
  • uVCA mk.2
  • DIXIE mk.2+
  • uJACK

Intellijel Eurorack Patch Cables 30cm (5) Intellijel Eurorack Patch Cables 15cm (5)

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New Tiptop Audio FX Modules in stock: Z5000, ECHOZ & ZVERB …plus other restocks & tons of STACKCABLES!

Tiptop Audio Matttech Modular 19.12.19-min

A HUUUUGE box from Tiptop Audio headquarters has just landed, containing ALL their new FX modules, and a big restock of STACKCABLES (including the new 40cm CYAN ones)

(New FX Modules in White version only at present – Black sold out already!)

We also have some other tidy restocks:

  • MISO – Multipurpose utility module with four main functions available: Mix, Invert, Scale, and Offset.
  • VCA – Fully featured, precision calibrated, analog Voltage Controlled Amplifier,
  • ….and a special deal on the CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS where you get a BD808 ANALOG BASS DRUM for FREE!! (ÂŁ459 for the bundle – only one available…)




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Just landed: XAOC Devices ODESSA Harmonic Cluster Oscillator & HEL POLYPHONIC EXPANDER

Xaoc Devices Matttech Modular 16.11.19-min

It’s finally in stock!! The much-anticipated ODESSA Variable Spectrum Harmonic Cluster Oscillator is sitting in front of us as we speak, along with its HEL EXPANDER, offering control over up to five voices of polyphony via individual Volt/octave inputs.

Demand is high for these units, so act fast to secure yours from the first batch!

We only have 6 units of the ODESSA and 3 of HEL left for sale on the website now (all others are preordered and shipping out today)


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New in from Instruo: ATHRU wavefolder, VINCA dual vca, I-o47 filter and [2]F dual fader module! …plus Cs-L & Ts-L restocked

Instruo Matttech Modular 12.09.19-min

Jason Lim from Instruo has been hard at it again, and we have a slew of new releases, some of which had only been available as custom builds previously. We have the I-o47 Arp-based filter, the VINCA dual VCA, ATHRU wavefolder and [2]F dual fader module. As with all Instruo gear, there are plenty of tricks up their respective sleeves, so please check out the full details on their respective product pages.

We have also restocked the mighty Cs-L complex oscillator, and it’s smaller sibling, the feature-packed Ts-L. Almost all of the other Instruo modules are currently in stock too…including our last TROIKA in aluminium panel (currently available at a much lower price than the upcoming black & gold version)


New releases (feature summaries):

  • ATHRU – Standalone wavefolder with fader control, Strike input, Symmetry & Overdrive.
  • VINCA – Two channel voltage controlled amplifier with both parallel and series routing capabilities. Also offers four-quadrant multiplication capabilities (ring modulation).
  • I-o47 – Vintage filter design inspired by the classic 1047 module of the ARP2500, with features including: CV controllable centre frequency, resonance/Q and notch offset along side FM, strike and a complex dual input with wave shaping limiter.
  • [2]F – Two manual faders providing linear uni-polar positive output control voltages, 0–5V or 0–10V defined using the jumpers on the back

Also in stock:

  • Ts-L – Feature-packed small form Triangle Core VCO, with integrated Wavefolder, Sub, Lin/Exp FM & more…
  • Cs-L – Dual voltage controlled complex oscillator, with both Sawtooth Core and Triangle Core VCOs, 2 Wavefolders, Sub, Soft/Hard Sync, Ring Mod, AM & much more..
  • CEIS – Fully analogue, CV controllable ADSR envelope generator. Features voltage control over the 4 segment faders with multiple gate/trigger outputs for maximum versatility.
  • TONA – Analogue sawtooth core voltage controlled oscillator, with integrated Wavefolder, Lin FM & more…
  • TRAIGH – Classic transistor ladder low pass filter (24dB/octave) with built in 3 channel mixer & stable sine wave self-oscillation with 1v/oct tracking.
  • SCION – The ScĂ­on is a biofeedback sensor built into a quad random voltage generator. Also features random gates, ratcheting/burst generation, slew limiting & more..
  • HARMONAIG – Diatonic, polyphonic, bipolar voltage quantizer. From one CV signal, four are generated with harmonised intervals the outline the Root, 3rd, 5th and 7th degrees of musical chords.
  • TROIKA (silver panel) – Beefy sounding three voice Analogue VCO Module, with Lin FM, Sync, Normalled 1v/oct, Internal Wave Blending and Level Mixing


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Schlappi Engineering 100 GRIT Touch Controlled Distortion now in stock! ANGLE GRINDER & INTERSTELLAR RADIO

Schlappi Engineering Matttech Modular 25.09.19-min

Some new madness has issued forth from the tortured mind of Eric Schlappi – the 100 GRIT Touch Controlled Distortion! It consists of a low pass filter, VCA, and distortion section with 8 touch points, voltage control overdrive, resonance, and frequency, along with a plethora of feedback paths allowing it to operate as a hands-on performance instrument with or without any input. Available in both Silver and Black faceplates.

We also have the following insane, multi-faceted modules in stock:

  • ANGLE GRINDER – quadrature sine wave oscillator, LFO, filter, and distortion effect.
  • INTERSTELLAR RADIO – “Destructive Transmission Line” – producing several varieties of destructive effects as well as acting as a non-volts/octave complex oscillator when no input is present.


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Our Bastl Instruments range has been expanded – many more products now in stock!

Bastl Instruments Matttech Modular 25.09.19-min

We are happy to announce that we have substantially expanded our Bastl Instruments range – all in the lovely aluminium faceplate versions. There are some real gems among them, with every take on a familiar function coming with a host of unique features.

Virtually every module is in stock, but if there is anything you want please drop us a line as it is much easier to source them these days. We also have some of the standalone units, such as the SOFTPOP and BITRANGER synths.


In stock now:

  • CIAO!
  • ABC
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Restocked: Grayscale SUPERCELL granular mega-module, plus PERMUTATION random looping sequencer

Grayscale Matttech Modular 29.01.19

We liked the look of this as soon as we laid eyes on it – an expanded version of Clouds from Mutable Instruments…with every conceivable bell & whistle to improve and enhance the user experience. 34hp of interactive granular jiggery pokery! Available in Aluminium or Matte Black versions.


We have also restocked the Grayscale PERMUTATION Turing Machine-based random looping sequencer – along with its VARIANT expander. PERMUTATION comes in 3 different versions – 6hp, 12hp & 18hp – all with different sets of features. Most options are currently in stock in both Aluminium or Matte Black versions.


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Limited quantity of Sputnik Modular QUAD VCF/VCA lowpass gate just landed! …plus Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 mk.2

Sputnik Modular Vintage Synth Lab Matttech Modular 25.04.19-min

Well we weren’t expecting to ever see THIS vactrol-adorned badboy again! …but here it is – a final run of the excellent Sputnik Modular QUAD VCF/VCA. This module is a Buchla-inspired 4 channel lowpass gate with three different modes (VCA,VCF or COMBO/BOTH) which can be set on a per-channel basis. It features individual outs for each LPG, alongside internal mixing to 3 different sum outputs (ODD channels only, EVEN channels only, and ALL).

This was one of the first modules we stocked at Matttech Modular, and we loved it when we tested it out (see demos below, which sound just as good as we remember them!). We’ve had many customers ask whether there would ever be another run of them….and the answer has always been “no” – but here it is! No idea why these have suddenly appeared again. Maybe the manufacturer got sick of folk asking and did another run to shut them up 🙂

Likely to be the units ever available, so don’t hang about if you want one!


We have also topped up the Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 mk.2. This has to be one of the most characterful filters we’ve ever come across – and immediately makes anything you put through it sound like it has been locked away up in the attic under dust sheets for several decades (that’s a GOOD thing, by the way). Where the Sputnik works its magic via the use of vactrols, this beauty uses a discrete diode filter circuit, inspired by the 1970s Univox Mini-Korg synthesizer’s “Traveler” filter section.


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New in: Plankton Electronics NUTONE distortion, SPICE VCF & ENVF envelope follower

Plankton Electronics Matttech Modular 04.09.19-min

Wellll….Spanish brand Plankton Electronics have been busy! They released the SPICE standalone distortion/ mangler unit earlier this year via a successful Kickstarter campaign, and it has now spawned 3 offspring in Eurorack format:

  • NUTONE – Dual channel VCA and distortion, based on the new Korg Nutube vacuum fluorescent display
  • SPICE VCF – Voltage controlled filter, with a range of tones from rounded to distorted.
  • ENVF – an Envelope Follower in only 2HP. It will take an audio input and will output a DC output following the amplitude of the audio input.



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In stock: Rossum LINNAEUS Stereo Thru-Zero State Variable Digital Filter

Rossum ELectro-Music Matttech Modular 28.08.19-min

We have just received our first batch of the latest intriguing product from Rossum Electro-Music – the LINNAEUS filter. This is a stereo state-variable digital filter with a unique ability to linearly modulate its resonant frequency through zero.

An alternate mode offers an alternative behaviour that would let LINNAEUS function as a self-contained (i.e., no input required) stereo oscillator and/or FM percussion voice with some really powerful timbral capabilities.

It has its own internal modulation oscillator, the ability to select different filter modes for the left & right channels, smooth morphing through all filter modes and much more…


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New in stock: Future Sound Systems STUMM, MAKROW & OSC1 CYCLICAL ENGINE GRISTLEIZER range & more restocked

Future Sound Systems Matttech Modular 27.08.19-min

Some new & exciting products from UK brand Future Sound Systems are in stock: STUMM, MAKROW & OSC1 CYCLICAL ENGINE. We have also restocked the full GRISTLEIZER range (TG2, TG3, TG4 & TG5), along with the POCA VAC1 passive lowpass gate and MX1 mixer.


MAKROW & STUMM were developed by Future Sounds Systems in partnership with Daniel Miller of MUTE Records, and very much geared up for the live performance and controller side of modular.

  • MAKROW – Modular patch macro-controller, designed with live performance in mind. It allows for dramatic control sweeps & massive sounding patch changes, all at the turn of a single knob.
  • STUMM – Six-channel bank of high-fidelity audio mutes with grouping functionality, toggled (switch up) and momentary (switch down) switching, and click-less muting.

The OSC1 CYCLICAL ENGINE is Future Sound Systems’ take on the analogue oscillator. It offers a few features unexpected of a basic oscillator, including: integrated VCAs, AM and VC-Mixing, 2- and 4-quadrant-multiplication & much more..


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3 new DPW Design modules in stock: MOG D-2 4-BAND DISTORTION, SHAPE SH-1 and SWITCH SW-1 (plus rest of range restocked)

DPW Design Matttech Modular 19.08.19-min

We are excited to announce that we have THREE new modules from Swedish brand DPW Design in stock (in very limited quantities at present):

  • MOG D-2 4-BAND DISTORTION – 4 band pre-amp/overdrive/distortion Eurorack module.
  • SHAPE SH-1 – Combination of a compressor/limiter and a dynamically dependent spectral enhancer. Can also produce transient designer-like results, very “open sounding” distortion.
  • SWITCH SW-1 – Quad bidirectional switch in Eurorack format with manual or CV control over the switches. Can be used at audio rates for waveshaping.


This company has also made quite a splash with their unique take on the wavefolder concept – the MOG WF-1 – and also have a couple of other tidy products in their range: the L-1 TRIPLE LIMITER and MOG AV-1 ATTENUVERTER – all of which are back in stock.

  • MOG WF-1 & E-1 BUNDLE – Complex wavefolder with unique functionality. It can be used for audio signal manipulation or as a utility module for control voltages. Comes bundled with an expander for switching the Limiter & Distortion features on & off via voltage control.
  •  L-1 TRIPLE LIMITER – Three individual soft knee limiters in one module. Further uses include PWM, Waveshaping & Distortion
  • MOG AV-1 ATTENUVERTER – A dual attenuverter with integrated summing and comparator circuits. It can be used as a utility for control voltages or as an audio processing unit.
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4 new Erica Synths PICO modules now in stock: PICO BBD, PICO LPG, PICO NOISE and PICO LFO/S&H

Erica Synths Matttech Modular 18.07.19-min

The ever-popular Erica Synths PICO range of 3hp modules has just had some new additions, all of which are in stock: PICO BBD, PICO LPG, PICO NOISE and PICO LFO/S&H.

  • PICO BBD – Full analogue 4092 stage bucket brigade delay module; the smallest BBD in eurorack
  • PICO LPG – Classic Low Pass Gate, with additional features such as configurable resonance and built-in decay envelope.
  • PICO NOISE – Versatile noise and percussion sounds source featuring: white noise generator, a resonant VCF, and a VCA/decay envelope generator.
  • PICO LFO/S&H – Full analogue modulations source – LFO and Sample and Hold – to provide some controlled randomness to your modular setup.


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Antimatter Audio V3KT Morphing Vector Mixer/Quadraphonic Panner in stock! LAUNCH CODES & CROSSFOLD in funky new panels

Antimatter Audio Matttech Modular 16.01.19

Antimatter Audio have a brand new product out: the V3KT Morphing Vector Mixer/Quadraphonic Panner. Add vector synthesis, vector mixing, dynamic signal distribution, and quadraphonic panning of signals + CV sources to your synthesizer in just 6hp!


Also in stock from Antimatter Audio: CROSSFOLD & LAUNCH CODES in new panel versions (black, with aluminium highlights). CROSSFOLD also available in aluminium only.

  • LAUNCH CODES – Compact 5-channel Trigger/Gate Performance Controller & Sequencer. It can be used for manual or sequenced triggering & gating – for up to five simultaneous events.
  • CROSS OLD – High quality, compact, 8-stage, dual voltage-controlled crossfader and analog wavefolder/waveshaper

V3KT Uses:

  • Use LFOs, envelopes, sequencers, controllers, etc. to control the V3KT to generate unexpected patch animation from otherwise stale mixes.
  • Upgrade your joystick/XY pad to a multi-function vector processor/controller!
  • Combine various sources (synth voices, drum machines, radio, samples, spoken word, etc.), to create experimental morphing mixes.
  • Create quadraphonic signal panning for surround performances.
  • Distribute a signal to 4 separate effects (distortions, delays, filters, etc.), at modulated levels.
  • Morph 4 oscillator waveform outputs to reproduce vintage vector synthesis techniques.
  • Use as a CV re-distribution continuous logic center to re-imagine your existing CV sources.
  • Utilize multiple inputs and outputs simultaneously in all modes to create complex, interactive patches.
  • Make mad shit 🙂


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Manhattan Analog replenished: New DTA plus DTM, MIX, CVP, VCA, SVVCF & MA35 all back in stock

Manhattan Analog Matttech Modular 14.07.19-min

Another big box of trusty Manhattan Analog favourites has been delivered. All the following items have been restocked:

  • DTA – Fully Discrete Transistor VCA, with 2 VCA stages in series
  • DTM – Vintage Moog CP3 Mixer Clone, with Onboard Saturation
  • MIX – Hugely Popular 3-Channel Audio / CV Mixer
  • CVP – Multipurpose Utility Module with Glide, Attenuversion & DC Offset Generation
  • SVVCF – State Variable Filter, with Integrated Vintage CP3 Mixer
  • MA35 – Korg MS10-based VCF/VCA
  • VCA – THAT chip-based clean exponential VCA for audio use


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Noise Engineering restock: KITH RUINA tonestack distortion, TERCI RUINA triple distortion, SINC BUCINA lowpass gate & LOQUELIC ITERITAS in black!

Noise Engineering Matttech Modular 12.07.19-min

Usually known for their digital modules – especially the amaaaaaazing LOQUELIC ITERITAS vco & BASIMILUS ITERITAS ALTER drum voice – Noise Engineering have decided to focus on some analogue processing in 2019….and distortion is the theme!

We have procured stock of the SINC BUCINA (Noise Engineering’s take on a flexible lowpass gate design), LOQUELIC ITERITAS (of course) ….plus the following “RUINAS”:

  • KITH RUINA – All-analog tonestack: one-knob saturation/drive circuit into a simple and clean two-band EQ. The two sections can be used independently, or re-patched in a different order.
  • TERCI RUINA – Three classic distortion topologies reinterpreted with a Noise Engineering touch and connected in series for complete sonic annihilation of any sound. Patch in & out at any point. Unapologetic noise & destruction.


NOTE: The latest addition to this roster is the VIOL RUINA – an all-analog distortion and lowpass filter with an internal envelope follower and self-modulating cutoff. This is Noise Engineering’s very first filter, and has proved very popular – so much so that it has sold out immediately via preorders. More coming soon!

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Pittsburgh Modular Matttech Modular 15.06.18

We have some choice Pittsburgh Modular products back in stock – including two of our favourite analogue VCOs: the PRIMARY OSCILLATOR, which incorporates a ton of features not usually found on standard analogue VCOs….along with the mighty DOUBLE HELIX OSCILLATOR – a really unique take on the complex dual VCO, with integrated lowpass gate and matrix routing.

Also in stock is the recent MICRO SEQUENCE, which takes 8 step sequencing to a whole new level – and the MICROVOLT 3900 standalone patchable semi-modular synthesizer.


Full Pittsburgh Modular stock list:

  • Microvolt 3900 – Modern, semi-modular synthesizer with a host of unconventional and inspirational features
  • Lifeforms Primary Oscillator – Cascading Analog Waveform Sculpting Oscillator, with a unique feature set including: integrated wavefolding, analog downsampling, waveform blending
  • Lifeforms Micro Sequence – Versatile 8 Step Programmable Sequencer
  • Lifeforms Double Helix Oscillator – Complex Matrix Synth Voice. Features include: Dual VCOs, wavefolder, lowpass gate, LFO, noise, voltage-controlled matrix router
  • Lifeforms Binary Filter – Classic Multi-Mode Filter, with 2 modes: gorgeous & squelchy; and unstable, adding distortion & self-oscillation
  • Lifeforms Mod Tools – a diverse analog ecosystem of modulation, featuring Envelope, LFO, noise, sample and hold, mixer, analog logic, slew, and oscillator.
  • Lifeforms SV-1 – Fully-featured, analog dual oscillator synthesizer voice module 
  • Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter – Variable Response Lowpass Gate, with 3 modes: Filter, Lowpass Gate & VCA. Unique RESPONSE OUTPUT allows the variable decay / “ring” to control other modules.
  • Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer – Four Channel Programmable Drum Controller. Features sequencing, pads, pattern effects, and 4 inputs for turning any oscillator or sound source into 4 drum voices, via integrated percussive envelopes & VCAs.
  • Lifeforms KB-1 Touch Keyboard Controller – Pressure Sensitive Keyboard Controller, featuring: internal tap tempo clock, arpeggiator, sequencing, burst generators, pressure & trigger outputs & more..
  • Lifeforms Outs – Stereo Headphone Amp and Line Outs
  • Lifeforms 2+2 Mixer – Super flexible splittable four channel audio & CV mixer / attenuator
  • Analog Replicator BBD – Bucket Brigade Analog Delay

Pittsburgh Modular Matttech Modular 01.03.19

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New Erica Synths BLACK STEREO DELAY in stock – feature-packed, tons of CV control…and ergonomic!

Erica Synths Matttech Modular 21.06.19-min

The new BLACK STEREO DELAY from Erica Synths has landed…and it’s jam-packed with features, bags of CV inputs…and a huge great knob for delicate delay time adjustments.

We have also grabbed some heavily-discounted stock of v.1 of the  8-CHANNEL SEQUENTIAL SWITCH – down from ÂŁ115 to ÂŁ65! (limited units only..)

Also topped up: PICO VOICE, BLACK HOLE DSP FX EXPANSION ROM…and discounted PICO EG & PICO SCALE (tons more discounted end-of-line Erica modules HERE)