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Pressure Drop! – Make Noise Restocks

Make Noise News 1.1

Some fast Make Noise sellers have been replenished: Maths (obviously..), MMG, and the bonkers Wogglebug. These have now been joined by the ever-popular Pressure Points touch-plate controller – along with its sequencer expander Brains.

Also joining the party is Maths’ younger brother, Function. This multi-functional masterpiece takes the already-flexible looping envelopes/ slews of Maths, and adds Sample & Hold, and Track & Hold into the picture.

Also in stock is the superb complex oscillator known as the DPO, and plinky-plonky heaven in the form of the Optomix!


Make Noise News 1.1 Make Noise News 1.3



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Malekko Lands!

Malekko News 2.1

The first Malekko order has arrived, including the UK’s first units of their new Noise module, which gives you 2 different analogue noise sources, a digital one with VC timbre, and a very low frequency one to use as a CV source. All in 3HP!

As soon as I saw it I knew I’d have to stock it, as it basically covers a ton of functionality in a very small space.

Also, the Richter Oscillator and Anti-Oscillator are here (or “uncle” and auntie”, as Wigglers like to call them!), joined by the mega LPG Dual Borg. The final offering is the lovely dual VCA, which will give you some lovely “woody” tones. A VERY tasteful piece. Get stuck in!




















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TipTop in Stock

Tiptop Audio News 2.1

Matttech Modular now has a nice introductory selection of Tiptop products, including all of their sequencing options – z8000, Trigger Riot and Circadian Rhythms – along with two of my favourite modules: the z4000 fully VC-ADSR; and one of my most-used filters, the z2040 Prophet 5-based LPF (you gotta hear the saturation of this thing….beautiful!)

Tiptop Audio News 2.2

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Malekko Heavy Industry

Malekko News 1

Matttech Modular is proud to announce that we will soon be stocking Malekko modules, including the following: Richter Oscillator and Anti-Oscillator, Dual Borg, VCA and the new Noise module.

Due to arrive late June 🙂

Personally I can’t wait to play with some of these classic modules.

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Tiptop Tip-Off!

Tiptop Audio News 1

One manufacturer that was ALWAYS gonna be part of the roster here is Tiptop Audio. So much so, that I’m even branching out into sequencing as a result: the z8000 Matrix Sequencer, Trigger Riot and Circadian Rhythms are all on their way – as are the wonderful z2040 Prophet 5 lowpass filter, and the z4000 fully-voltage controlled ADSR.

A lot of people have requested Tiptop modules, so here they come!

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AJH Synth Minimod – Back in Black!

AJH Synth Minimod Black System Angled

The lovely AJH Synth Minimod is available again, and now has a black faceplate option.

This looks EXTREMELY sexy, as you can see from these pictures. The black versions are very slightly more expensive than the silver ones, due to the added cost of production. We think they are most definitely worth it if black is your thing!

On a side note, there’s some lovely demos of the Minimod in full, fat effect HERE



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Round the Blend – WMD/SSF Delivery!

WMD SSF News 2.3

Another big box of WMD/SSF goodies has landed – this time adding the Blender and Quad Attenuator, plus restocks of the Ultrafold, Spectrum, Mini-Slew & Amplitude VCA.

Ultrafold and Spectrum flew out last time, and have proved a real hit – get ’em while they last! 🙂




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Mutable Instruments – Streams Restock, plus Yarns & Grids!

Grids is back in town! The most instantly satisfying rhythmic module out there, producing interesting and evolving patterns within seconds. It’s like the “Braids of Rhythm”!!

Here’s a cheeky Video from Carl Golembeski to get you in the mood:

Also on the table is Yarns – an incredibly well-featured midi-cv solution, with onboard sequencing, LFOs and polyphonic modes. An excellent choice for those who’d prefer to sometimes work without a computer.

Streams sold out exceptionally fast, and has hence been restocked. Enjoy!

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4ms – First Order Clocks In

4ms News 2.1

“ping, ping, tick, tick, bwaaarp, bwaaarp, brrrrrrr, tick, ping, tiow, tiow, tiowwwwwww..”

That’s right – 4ms have landed, with all manner of clock and tempo-synced envelope / lfo madness.

How’s about a Quad Clock Distributer, attached to a Quad Clock Distributer Expander…and connected to a Quad Pingable LFO via an internal ribbon cable? How does THAT sound??

Sexy, that’s what.

(And obviously don’t forget about the classic Pingable Envelope Generator)






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DinSync Sara VCF in Stock!

DinSync News 2.4

Very excited about this new filter – the luscious DinSync Sara.

2 State Variable Multimode Filters, both with LP / HP / BP and Notch

The Notches are set so that when one is balanced towards Lowpass (using the State knob) the other veers towards Highpass …..and vice versa. This could be interesting!!

It’s also one of the few filters to have voltage control over its Notch balance (State) – which will also enable you to morph it from Highpass to Lowpass under voltage control.





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ALM Busy Circuits on the Horizon

ALM News1

Matttech Modular are very pleased to announce that another UK-based brand has been welcomed into the fold – ALM Busy Circuits. Many folk will know them from their ever-popular clock module, Pamela’s Workout, which has made its way into many Eurorack setups over recent times.

It is the newer modules that have really caught my eye – the diminutive Pip Slope, the handy-looking Tangle Quartet, and our first venture into dedicated percussion modules: Dinky’s Taiko

All coming soon. Email if you want a head up when they arrive!

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Intellijel Restocks & New Additions

Intellijel News 1.1

Just arrived! – uScale Mk.2 (Quantizer), Quadra (Quad Function / Envelope Generator), and Quadra Expander (Adds a ton of functionality and voltage control to the Quadra)

…along with restocks of the following:

Dual ADSR, uVCA, Dixie mk.2, Rubicon, Buffered Multiple, Multiple


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Frequency Central New Additions & Restocks

Frequency Central News 1.1

The Frequency Central line expands further, with the introduction of another product in the System X range, based on the Roland System 100m vintage modular. This time it’s the System X Filter – a juicy lowpass with THAT Roland sound in spades – joined by a re-up of the snappy-as-hell System X Envelope. These badboys FLY out, so get ’em while you can!

A further product enters the fray, and that is the Ultra Wave – a voltage controlled LFO with all the bells and whistles you could want. Based on the Electric Druid Tap LFO, it can sync to an incoming clock, and many of its functions can be modulated (waveform selection, Wave Distortion, Frequency division or multiplication. Can also be used as a Clock Divider/ Multiplier, and has an internal VCA for voltage control over its output level.





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DinSync Coming Soon

DinSync News 1

This week sees another addition to the Matttech Modular roster – Paul Barker’s DinSync.

Perhaps best known for their awesome clones of the Roland TB303 filter (VCF303) and oscillator (OSC303), along with the Drumdokta Boss Dr. Rhythm DRM-110 drum machine clone.

The first two are discontinued at present, but DinSync’s efforts have been recently channeled into the new SARA Dual VCF.

This will be in stock soon, in limited quantities – so email me if you want to stick your name by one!

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4ms Now On Board

4ms News 1

We are proud to announce that 4ms – makers of such Eurorack classics as the Pingable Envelope Generator, Rotating Clock Divider, Quad Pingable LFO and many others – are now officially on board with Matttech Modular.

The first order has gone in, and we are expecting stock very soon.

Some very exciting products are lined up for release this year from 4ms – including the Spectral Morphing Resonant Filter, and the Dual Looping Delay.

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Mutable Instruments re-stocks – Streams, Branches, Shelves, and the Shelves Expander

Mutable Instruments News 1.1

Big news! Some of the most eagerly anticipated modules – for ME anyway! – have hit the store:

Streams – multipurpose module – LPG, Compressor, VCA/VCF – and TWO channels of it all.

Shelves – my personal favourite so far – fully voltage-controlled parametric EQ with 4 bands

…and get this! – the Expander turns it into TWO multimode filters, with LPF, BPF and HPF on each pair of outputs. £49, and an amazing addition to Shelves.

Branches – this little fella has proved incredibly popular, for its ability to take simple clock streams and turn them into dancing, zigzagging bursts of random gates (under voltage control, naturally)

Get yours here before they sell out 🙂

P1040871 (1)

P1040873 (1)

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Lift Off.

Matttech Math Birthday Cake 1

Hi All.

If you’re reading this, then that means ONE THING: the Matttech Modular website is finally live!

In order to make the transition into online ordering as smooth as possible, we will initially be selling only to UK-based customers, taking payments via either direct bank transfer or Paypal. Once the website has been up and running without issues for a little while, we will hopefully then move on to EU-based sales.

Our initial focus is on the various elements that make up a synth voice – oscillators, filters, lfos, envelopes etc.. – but we aim to expand into other areas such as sequencers and drum modules as the store develops. We will also be adding more manufacturers to our range as soon as humanly possible.

You can browse the store via Brand or Function category links, found within the sidebar on all pages (except the homepage).

Hope you like what you see, and feel free to contact me if anything doesn’t appear to be working properly – either via email, or on Facebook, Twitter or Muff Wiggler.

MASSIVE thanks to everyone who has helped and encouraged along the way – so many to mention it almost seems unfair to single anyone out, but special mention has to go to:

Steve @ Thonk Synth DIY

Ben “Hex” @ DivKid

Mike @ Muff WIggler

Ross @ Lamond Design

Simon @ London Modular

…along with all the other manufacturers I am distributing – who have given me the benefit of the doubt, and generally supported my fledgling operation! If you went especially out of your way, you know who you are, and it won’t be forgotten 🙂

Allan @ AJH Synth

Rick @ Frequency Central

Finlay @ Future Sound Systems

Justin @ Abstract Data

OS @ Expert Sleepers

Paul @ Krisp1 / Oakley

William @ WMDevices

Jason @ Manhattan Analog

Chris @ Audio Damage

Danjel @ Intellijel

Olivier @ Mutable Instruments

Tony @ Make Noise

Andrew @ Steady State Fate

Anna @ Darkplace Manufacturing (QuBit / Sputnik)

If any of the other manufacturers I approached initially are wondering why I haven’t put an order in with them yet, it is merely a matter of time/ sales, as I have had to set some strict limits on myself in terms of what I can offer from kick-off.

Hopefully I will be in touch soon!