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Hex Inverter Now in Stock! – Plus Noise Engineering Restock

Hex Inverter News 1.1

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new brand to our range of Eurorack modules: Hex Inverter. We are stocking the entire Mutant Drums range – Bassdrum, Hihats, Clap and Mutant Machine – along with the Jupiter Storm “cosmic noise oscillator” and Galilean Moons dual function generator/ VCAs…which can be paired internally to produce a crazy percussion unit.


We have also restocked Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas, Basimilus Iteritas and Variatic Erumption…along with the WMDevices Pro Output.

Get stuck in!

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Intellijel Polaris, Dixie mk.2+ and uMIDI in Stock!

Intellijel News 2.1

Matttech Modular is pleased to announce that all three of the new Intellijel Eurorack modules are now in stock: the Polaris multimode VCF & Phaser, the expanded Dixie mk.2+ and the nifty MIDI for all your MIDI to CV duties.

We have also added the crazy Dubmix voltage-controlled mixer, for all the dub-style automated FX send madness you can handle….and the successor to one of my all-time favourite modules (the Cyclebox): the Cylonix Shapeshifter….just about as complex as an oscillator can get!

All of these are in limited quantities, so get yer skates on!


(Also added restocks of Rubicon, uScale, Quadra Expander & Dual ADSR)

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Mutable Instruments Restock – Warps, Tides & Redesigned Shelves

Mutable Instruments News 9.1

In the final Mutable Instruments delivery of 2015, we have restocks of Warps and Tides…along with a slight redesign of the lovely Shelves voltage-controlled EQ Filter. It now ships with all the additional multimode filter outputs from the Expander included on the front panel. The Expander has now been discontinued.

The panel size has increased slightly from 16hp to 18hp. Tidy!


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Future Sound Systems POCA (VAC1) in Stock – 4 Passive LPGs in 6hp!!

Future Sound Systems News 1

Finlay Shakespeare of Future Sound Systems (FSS) has been working on something quite special for a while, and I’ve been dying to get my hands on these – The POCA (VAC1) “Passive Optically-Controlled Attenuator”. This module offers FOUR CHANNELS of Lowpass Gates or VCAs in 6hp. For £70!!

Not ONLY that, but it’s a completely passive…so doesn’t require any power. Perfect if you wanted to mount it outside your case – say, screwed into a couple of blocks of wood on your desk – or if you have run out of sockets/ power on a small uZeus-powered case for example.

I have been impressed by the sound of it from the demos, and each channel can also  be used as a straight VCA. The channels’ audio and CV inputs are cascaded, so you can utilise several channels in series to provide even more attenuation.


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Let’s Get Physical! Mutable Instruments Rings Has Arrived!

Mutable Instruments News 8.1

Following hot on the heels of this week’s Clouds & Yarns delivery is Mutable Instruments’ latest Eurorack modular offering: Rings!

Rings develops on the physical modelling in Braids, and in particular the resonator section of Elements, adding more complexity and flexibility. Any external source can be used to excite the resonator – from envelopes and triggers to granular noises and samples.

There are also further modes of operation, which are as follows:

  • Strings, membranes and tubes as modelled by Elements’ resonator
    section (modal synthesis).
  • Strings coupled together and vibrating in sympathy, with
    controllable intervals between them.
  • Strings with a variable amount of inharmonicity

Rings can be configured so that each new note is played on its own virtual string, while the previously played note(s) still decay. This unique take on polyphony allows the module to play strummed chords.


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Disting mk.3 in Stock – Exciting New Algorithms, SD Card Slot, Knob Recorder and more…

Expert Sleepers News 5

The new and improved Expert Sleepers Disting mk.3 Eurorack Module is in stock. This ludicrously popular design has undergone a major overhaul, with the following changes having been made:

  • Smaller size – now 42mm deep (from 53mm)
  • Over 50% less power consumption – now 70mA combined draw (from 148mA)
  • User-updatable code – via Micro SD card
  • More algorithms – no longer limited to 16 (see below for more details)
  • More functionality – new encoder and push buttons give more control options…including the Knob Recorder function!

The NEW mk.3 Disting algorithms are:

  • Voltage-controlled Delay Line – Vibrato/Chorus/Flange Effects
  • Resonator – for Drum Synthesis
  • Phaser – with up to 10 Stages
  • Tape Delay – with voltage-controlledtape speed
  • State Variable Filter
  • LP/HP Filter
  • LP/BP Filter
  • BP/HP Filter
  • BP/Notch Filter



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Make Noise Range Expands – Rene, LxD plus Restocks

Make Noise News 2

We are pleased to announce some new additions to our range of Make Noise Eurorack modules: the brand new LxD – a 2 channel Lowpass gate, with 2 different filter slopes…all in 4hp!; and the classic Rene sequencer – beloved of those who are tired of the rigidity of some analogue sequencing.

We have also restocked the following: Maths, Wogglebug and Pressure Points.

Maybe it’s time to let Santa know 😉


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WMD, SSF, Noise Engineering Restocks!

WMD News 4

A MASSIVE box of Eurorack has just arrived from WMD headquarters, containing a batch of the following:

  • Steady State Fate – Ultra-Random Analog
  • WMDevices – Micro Hadron Collider
  • Noise Engineering – Ataraxic Translatron, Variatic Erumption, Loquelic Iteritas
  • WMD/SSF – DPLR Delay, Blender, Ultrafold, Pole Zero, Quad Atten, VC Mini-Slew

Only very limited quantities of some of these, due to low stock at the factory – more coming soon!

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AJH Minimod VCF, VCO & VCA Back in Stock

AJH Synth News 2

After a short hiatus, the Minimod is back! We have a selection of the most popular modules from the range – the VCF, VCO and VCA – all in their lovely black livery.

Other modules and full systems can still be ordered, but there is a waiting time of between 2 and 5 weeks for these extremely popular designs. Email for the latest ETAs.

Highly recommended for the analog connoisseurs among you!



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4ms SMR back in Stock, plus PEG v.2, other Restocks & Additions

4MS News 3.1b

One of the big Eurorack success stories of 2015 is back in stock at Matttech Modular – the 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator. Only one made it onto the site last time, and I think it lasted about 10 minutes before somebody bought it!

More details HERE

We have also restocked the QCD, along with v.2 of the Pingable Envelope Generator (PEG) – which adds Clock Bus and is manufactured with less physical depth (26mm) for fitting in shallower cases/ skiffs.

Also added to the range is the bonkers Shuffling Clock Multiplier and it’s useful Breakout Module – free your modular from the predictability of straight, grid-based rhythms!


4MS News 3.2


4MS News 3.3


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Warp Speed! – New Mutable Instruments Module Available to Order!

I almost daren’t announce this, as I suspect there will be some rather over-excited people out there pretty quickly!

We have a small batch of the new module from Mutable Instruments – Warps – arriving tomorrow (Tuesday 10th November)

It’s another multifunctional monster – this time tackling various methods of cross-modulation between two signals. Included algorithms are: crossfade, cross-folding, digital model of analog diode ring-modulation, digital ring-modulation, bitwise XOR modulation, octaver/comparator, 20-band vocoder.


Available to purchase HERE

…..all I can say is that I wouldn’t hang about 🙂



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Manhattan Analog: CP3 Mixer gets Facelift, plus big 4HP Restocks

Manhattan Analog News 2.1

The popular Manhattan Analog CP3 Mixer – based on the vintage Moog Modular CP3 Mixer module – has had a facelift, and is now known as the DTM, or “Discrete Transistor Mixer”.

All components are exactly the same as before, and it imparts the same gorgeous saturation as ever!

We have also stocked up on all the other 4hp utility modules from Manhattan Analog, as we believe they offer an unbeatable ratio of QUALITY to PRICE to SIZE. They are extremely popular, and there is a good reason for that. Might make a nice Xmas present too….just sayin’ 🙂


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Expert Sleepers FH-1, plus new FHX-1 Expander in Stock

Expert Sleepers News 3

The super-flexible FH-1 USB Fader Host is back in stock, and is now accompanied by its sibling – the FHX-1 Expander.

This unassuming 4hp module will give you a further 8 outputs from your FH-1, and can be daisy-chained to give up to 64 outputs.

The FH-1 had a number of people on the waiting list, so you might want to be fairly brisk about it!

Available to purchase HERE and HERE

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Sputnik Modular Dual Oscillator in Stock! – Plus other restocks..

Well, well – looks what’s just arrived!

The brand-new module from Sputnik Modular – the Dual Oscillator – something I know many people have been looking forward to since it was announced earlier this year. This should prove an interesting alternative option to units such as the Make Noise DPO, and comes in at an attractive price point too.

It takes its inspiration from a lovely Buchla dual analogue VCO, and features two independent VCOs, which can be used independently, or combined in multiple different ways to produce an exotic array of pure analogue timbral variation. One VCO can be set to act as an LFO, and the two VCOs can be synced, and combined to produce Amplitude Modulation (AM), Frequency Modulation (FM) or Waveshaping.

Also just arrived: the super-flexible Valve Multiplier – 6 VCAs in one module, with Exponential AND Linear CV responses, along with lots of normalisation options which can let you use it as user-defined multiples, or patch it to mimic mixer-style Aux Sends (see product page for details)

To get you in the mood – here’s some more cheeky videos of it in action:

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Cheeky Little 3HP Malekko Modules Coming Soon

Malekko News 2

Following on from the handy NOISE module, Matttech Modular is pleased to announce that we have a couple more useful utility modules on their way: the Malekko Heavy Industries Mute 4 and Mix 4.

These are both 3HP wide, and serve to fill up awkward gaps resulting from other odd-sized modules (Harvestman etc..). You can also obviously get a couple from the series, and fill 6hp of room – so you don’t NEED to have any odd-sized gaps to take advantage of them.

The Mix 4 is probably the smallest 4 channel mixer – featuring level controls – on the market.

The Mute 4 could be useful in a myriad of ways, by bringing the following in and out:

  • additional sonic layers of a patch during jamming/ recording
  • additional modulation routings
  • FM / audio rate modulation, alongside more traditional cv sources
  • inverted versions of cv sources or gates, in order to vary patterns

There is also a VERY special module coming in the same shipment – not necessarily from Malekko.

I’ll just leave that hanging there… 🙂


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WMD/SSF DPLR Delay & MMF Filter in Stock…plus Noise Engineering!

WMD SSF News 3

Matttech Modular is pleased to announce some UK stock of the exciting new modules from WMD / SSF: the DPLR Chorus/Delay and MMF Pingable Multimode Filter!

Also, other products from this tremendous range have been restocked: ADSRVCA, Spectrum, VC Mini-Slew, and Ultrafold…along with some bonkers offerings from Noise Engineering: Basimilus Iteritas and Loquelic Iteritas. We DID have some Variatic Erumption, but they sold out before I even had time to put this post together! Add yourself to the Waitlist on the product page to keep informed of restocks when they happen.

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Braids is Back! – Video Celebration

Mutable Instruments News 6.1

After a little while languishing on the sidelines, Mutable Instruments’ wonderful multi-faceted digital VCO Braids is now available again! And further more, it doesn’t need external +5v any more. Nice.

This really is chock-full of surprises, with bags of different synthesis modes – from wavetables to analogue emulations to drum sounds to physical modelling. It really is a beast, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

So, to celebrate, here is a selection of some demos of this excellent product:

(Many thanks to Matt Shaw, DivKid, Lesindes, Surachai, Patatelemage, Zonk’t, Allthegeardotnet, Ilya M, Bigcitymusic, DavidH, Synthetic Machines and AsselMC for putting together these inspiring videos)

BRAIDS: Shipping from Tuesday 6th October – AVAILABLE HERE


PEAKS: Shipping from Tuesday 6th October –  AVAILABLE HERE


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Noise Engineering on its Way!

Noise Engineering News 01

Matttech Modular is very pleased to announce that Noise Engineering have been added to our range, with a selection of their most exciting products on their way to us as we speak:

Basimilus Iteritas – This is the drum synth module that started the latest craze for such products (Dinky’s Taiko, Audio Damage Neuron etc..). It has been very hard to get hold of for some time now, and we’re pleased to have a consignment on its way. Everything you could ask for in a drum voice, and the perfect partner for a Dinky’s. Forget about tired 909/808 sounds, this is far more “modular” in its approach and offers tons more in terms of synthesis option.

Variatic Erumption – burst generators are few and far between, but this one offers TWO of them, plus an onboard VC-LFO with its own output, and a clock divider. Fire off chaotic bursts of gates to the rest of your patch / system – all synced to the internal LFO or external clock.

Loquelic Iteritas – a VCO that has excited me more than any other I’ve heard for a while. For any fans of the Cyclebox, this offers 3 synthesis modes and an intuitive interface – and creates some unearthly sounds that sit somewhere between warbling/ gargling digital madness and wavefolded pitched tones. CANNOT wait for this one!

See below for the videos that made me go “WHOAAAH!! yes PLEASE!!”

and 6.00 onwards in this one: