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Future Sound Systems GRISTLEIZER module range back in stock!

Future Sound Systems Matttech Modular 12.08.18

We are super-excited to announce that we again have stock of the TG2 GENERATOR, TG3 FILTER, TG4 MODULATOR & TG5 PRE-AMPLIFIER modules from Future Sound Systems.

Developed from the Gristleizer – an eccentric sound mangling device used by Throbbing Gristle to devastating effect back the 70’s – this unit has given birth t o a whole range of separate Eurorack modules. These have been designed in collaboration with – and with the full blessing of – Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle, and Roy Gwinn who developed the original unit.

Total sonic devastation is now at your fingertips!


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Mutable Instruments PLAITS, MARBLES & STAGES all back in stock!

Mutable Instruments Matttech Modular 08.08.18

Hey all – the 3 most recent offerings from the Mutable Instruments stable have all been restocked today, and these have all proved extremely popular so grab them while you can!

  • PLAITS – Next-Generation Digital Oscillator with Multiple Algorithms
  • MARBLES – Advanced random trigger & CV generator with 7 outputs, comprehensive CV control, and several features for processing external triggers or CV sequences (randomizing, shuffling, looping, quantizing)
  • STAGES – Expandable, patch-programmable complex modulation source: ASR envelope, complex 6-stage envelope, LFO, 4-step sequence, switched LFO & more..


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Qu-bit NEBULAE v.2 stereo granular sampler back in stock – plus lots more Qu-bit modules..

Qu-Bit Matttech Modular 24.04.18

The Qu-bit NEBULAE v. 2 is back in stock! This is a stereo granular sampler, and an update to Qu-Bit’s popular Nebulae module.

Features include:

  • File playback from USB flash drive of wav, aif, ogg, and flac files
  • Stereo ins/outs
  • Live audio input with 5 minute recording buffer
  • Supports Pure Data, Csound, and SuperCollider alternate firmware files


Also in stock:

  • PULSAR – Black & Silver Faceplates
  • CONTOUR – Black Faceplate
  • EON – Black & Silver Faceplates
  • TONE – Silver Faceplate
  • OCTONE – Silver Faceplate

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NEW Erica Synths modules in stock: CLAP, DRUM MIXER & DRUM MIXER LITE – Also, preorders open for BASS DRUM, SNARE & TOMS

Erica Synths Matttech Modular 19.07.18

After the release of the new Erica Synths DRUM SEQUENCER we have now started receiving the first of the modules to fit alongside it: CLAP, DRUM MIXER & DRUM MIXER LITE. These will all form part of the full “Techno System”, with the mixers both featuring integrated drum compressors and Aux/FX sends. We only have limited units of these at present

The DRUM SEQUENCER is also in stock, ready to ship.

BASS DRUM, SNARE DRUM & TOMS will be here soon! We have a limited batch of these coming in August, and these can be preordered now. Due to the volatile exchange rate, we are only taking preorders for the exact number we have already paid for – so if it says “out of stock” these have all gone


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Back in stock: AJH Synth GEMINI 2412 DUAL SVF – super flexible dual SEM-based filter

AJH Synth Matttech Modular 280618

This lovely GEMINI 2412 DUAL SVF beeeeaaast from Allan Hall at AJH Synth is gracing our shelves once again – albeit in very limited quantities! At present we have both SILVER and DARK EDITIONS in stock. The GEMINI 2412 DUAL SVF completely independent Vintage SEM style filters, with a central mixing bus for both audio and frequency control voltages which allow the two VCF’s to be combined in both serial and parallel modes, and VCF1 can be inverted against VCF2. So the two VCF’s can be combined to behave as a 24dB SEM filter, vocal formant filter and much more!

…and while we’re at it, how about pairing it with the RING SM for some thunderous vintage-voiced suboctave generation & ring mod madness – all driven through a Moog CP3-based saturating mixer?! Now THAT’S what I’m talking about 😉


Both FULL MINIMOD SYSTEMS are also available to order, and are currently ready for immediate dispatch – in fact we shipped one out to a lucky customer about an hour ago!


AJH Minimod System

AJH Gemini x 2

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Just in: Tiptop zDSP (2018), 808 & 909 DRUMS, every length of STACKCABLES…plus other restocks

Tiptop Matttech Modular 26.06.18

Another big box has arrived from Thailand – that’s right…alright for some eh? 😉 – containing the updated version of Tiptop’s hugely popular zDSP VC-signal processor. We also have restocks of most of the 808 & 909 drum range, the ONE sampler…plus every single length of STACKCABLES!!


zDSP 2018 Version

  • In a recent update, the Z-DSP (NS) got an all new design of its analog circuitry, contributing to a lower noise signal path, clearer sound of the entire frequency range, lower distortion and better immunity to noise emitted by other modules sharing the same power supply.
  • A new analog dry/wet circuit has been implemented to remove the 3db gain drop when the mix knob passes through the center of the dial making the use of this function more practical in a live application.
  • A reverse polarity protection has been added as well.
  • The new front-panel matches Tiptop’s colorful design, and a single printed circuit board and surface mount technology improve reliability during production and use.
  • The powerful Z-DSP engine remains the same as the original Z-DSP module and all cards are compatible across both versions.
  • The Z-DSP comes included with 2 cards: Halls of Valhalla and Dragonfly Delay MKII.

Full restock list:

  • zDSP (2018) – Voltage-Controlled Digital Multi-Effects Module, with Expansion via Cartridges
  • TIME DOMAIN zDSP CARTRIDGE BUNDLE – Collection of time-based effects (3 cartridges in bundle – only 1 left in stock!)
  • ONE SAMPLE PLAYER – High Quality Sample Playback Module with Integrated SD Card, Low Latency, Optional Sound Libraries & Multi-function CV Input
  • z3000 mk.2 – Fully-featured Smart Analogue VCO, with in-built Tuner, PWM, Sync, HSM, Lin/Exp FM & Waveshaping
  • CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS – Intuitive Grid-Based 8 Channel Trigger Sequencer
  • QUANTIZER – Creative melody composing module / Quantizer, with a wide range of innovative performance-related features.
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New in: Malekko QUAD LFO & Schlappi Engineering INTERSTELLAR RADIO…plus VOLTAGE BLOCK, VARIGATE 4+ restocks

Malekko Schlappi Matttech Modular 21.06.18

The next step in Malekko & designer Ben Davis’ bonkers road down clockable, automatable, sequenced mayhem is here…with the new QUAD LFO!

QUAD LFO includes 4 LFO generators and outputs. Each channel can be programmed to output an individual LFO with automation recording. Simply hold the RECORD button and move the sliders for Frequency, Phase, Shape, Distort and Level to animate each of these settings for a given channel. Autosave in stand-alone mode or save settings up to 16 presets with Varigate 4+ and 100 with Varigate 8+.


Also in stock, the Schlappi Engineering INTERSTELLAR RADIO – we are expecting great things from this brand after watching their Superbooth videos, especially for fans of the more gnarly, experimental end of the spectrum!

First release is the INTERSTELLAR RADIO, which can function as either a VCO or a processor/ effect – producing a wide range of distorted & mangled tones, reminiscent of PLL (Phase Locked Loop), bitcrushing, ring modulation & FM. Awesome for providing the basic sound source for creating drums – simply shape with a VCA & Envelope for truly unique drums & percussion sounds!




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Back in stock: Future Retro TRANSIENT PLUS – Insane Sample-based Drum Synthesis Module revamped!

Future Retro Matttech Modular 17.03.18

Well this is one module that certainly got us excited when we first saw it! The Future Retro Transient is a sample based drum module with a huge library of samples, internal 16-bit processing and a 12 bit DAC to impart vintage character. It has now been revamped as TRANSIENT PLUS, and a lot of user requests have been responded to!


New Features in Transient Plus include:

  • Up to 256 User Instruments can be stored and loaded from the microSD card, and the Transient Plus will come loaded with the original factory instruments to get you going right out of the box, and to help you learn how to achieve certain results.
  • Instruments can now be named, as well as backed up to a computer.
  • Up to 600 individual User samples (16 MB max total) can be loaded into the Transient Plus using the microSD card.
  • Additional factory sound sets can also be purchased and installed in your Transient Plus, or users are free to create their own custom sound sets.
  • The Transient Plus now allows changing the playback speed of samples from +1 to -5 octaves from the original recorded pitch. Playback speed can be modulated by numerous modulation sources. Ring modulation can also be applied to alter the perceived pitch and harmonics of a sound.
  • The Transient Plus also adds a new Sequential mod source that can be used to step through sample waveforms automatically, and is just the thing to recreate sliced audio loops.
  • No requirement for +5v power

More than just a sample playback module, the Transient really is a well featured drum voice synthesizer, including two sample voices, loads of AM/Ring/Sample/CV modulation possibilities, voice crossfader, mixers, dynamics and multimode filter sections, and even digital effects. The drum sounds can even be triggered by external audio triggers…and even by external oscillators at audio rates.

Examples of the original Transient can be found in the video playlist below
(lots more examples on the Future Retro Youtube Channel HERE)

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Discontinued Erica Synths modules DISCOUNT SALE back on! Only while stocks last..and all AT LEAST 40% discount :)

Erica Synths Matttech Modular 16.06.18

We are again taking orders for the large range of Erica Synths modules which are being discontinued.

You really HAVE to check these deals out – all around 40-50% price drop! They seemed SOooo insane, and almost TOO good to be true, that I had to double, triple & quadruple-check them with Erica Synths before putting them up for sale!

…and I can confirm: they ARE correct 🙂



These are brand new, unused modules which are simply being discontinued….so we are essentially helping Erica clear their shelves – presumably freeing up valuable space, cash & manufacturing lines in readiness for the swathe of new products Erica have planned for 2018 & beyond…including the upcoming DRUM SYSTEM 😉

You can order these discounted modules on the site right now.

  • The first batch of this discounted stock has just shipped out.
  • Batch 2 will be here MID JULY
  • Batch 3 be here LATE JULY
  • The next batch will be here MID AUGUST

We will continue to list them for as long as there is stock available with our suppliers.


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Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms range now in stock ..including new PRIMARY OSCILLATOR!

Pittsburgh Modular Matttech Modular 15.06.18

We finally have some choice Pittsburgh Modular products in stock – including the brand new PRIMARY OSCILLATOR, just shown at Superbooth 18, and incorporating a ton of features not usually found on standard analogue VCOs. Also in stock is the recent MICRO SEQUENCE, which takes 8 step sequencing to a whole new level…along with the mighty DOUBLE HELIX OSCILLATOR – a really unique take on the complex dual VCO, with integrated lowpass gate and matrix routing.


Full product list:

  • Lifeforms Primary Oscillator – Cascading Analog Waveform Sculpting Oscillator, with a unique feature set including: integrated wavefolding, analog downsampling, waveform blending
  • Lifeforms Micro Sequence – Versatile 8 Step Programmable Sequencer
  • Lifeforms Double Helix Oscillator – Complex Matrix Synth Voice. Features include: Dual VCOs, wavefolder, lowpass gate, LFO, noise, voltage-controlled matrix router
  • Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer – Four Channel Programmable Drum Controller. Features sequencing, pads, pattern effects, and 4 inputs for turning any oscillator or sound source into 4 drum voices, via integrated percussive envelopes & VCAs.
  • Lifeforms KB-1 Touch Keyboard Controller – Pressure Sensitive Keyboard Controller, featuring: internal tap tempo clock, arpeggiator, sequencing, burst generators, pressure & trigger outputs & more..
  • Lifeforms Binary Filter – Classic Multi-Mode Filter, with 2 modes: gorgeous & squelchy; and unstable, adding distortion & self-oscillation
  • Lifeforms Outs – Stereo Headphone Amp and Line Outs
  • Lifeforms 2+2 Mixer – Super flexible splittable four channel audio & CV mixer / attenuator


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Joranalogue range now in stock!

Joranalogue Matttech Modular 13.06.18

We are excited to announce that we now have the full range of Joranalogue modules in stock. These are superbly designed, well engineered…and beautifully realised products. They may be utilitarian at first glance, but look a little deeper to find hidden depths in terms of creativity and flexibility.


  • Select 2 – Dual Gated Precision Control Voltage Processor (EDIT: SOLD OUT)
  • Mix 3 – Three channel DC-coupled voltage-controlled mixer, with signal boost, optional line out setting & more..
  • Switch 4 – Hands-on signal switching and routing solution for your Eurorack modular synthesiser.
  • Compare 2 – Dual Window Comparator

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XAOC Devices restock just in – BATUMI, BELGRAD, SAMARA, TALLIN & more..

XAOC Devices Matttech Modular 15.12.17

We have just restocked the lovely XAOC range. We have the popular BATUMI quad LFO, the BELGRAD filter – and a whole host of other gorgeous looking, sonically potent audio weaponry.


Full XAOC stock list is as follows:

  • TALLIN – Dual Discrete Core VC Amplifier: DC coupled, 2 Different Overdrive Flavours, and Simultaneous Linear/Exponential Voltage Control
  • SAMARA – Utility Waveform Processor. 4 channels of mixing, attenuation, offset generation, addres, mini/max & more..
  • TIRANA II – Expandable Utility Micro Sequencer, with Ratcheting/ Step Repetition, Gate on/off, Clock Divider, CV over Direction/Transposition/Reset & more..
  • BATUMI – Quadruple Low Frequency Oscillator
  • POTI – Batumi Expander / Breakout Module
  • BELGRAD – Dual Peak Multimode State Variable Filter
  • PRAGA – Voltage Controlled Stereo Mixing Console
  • KAMIENIEC – Analogue Resonant Phase Rotator
  • SEWASTOPOL II – Hi-End Audio Port and Voltage Extractor, with envelope follower, low cut, comparator, balanced output & more..

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Transistor Sounds Labs STEPPER ACID back in stock!

Transistor Sounds Labs Matttech Modular 05.07.17

The lovely Stepper Acid sequencer from Transistor Sounds Labs is back in stock – Nina & Zoe from TSL have created a winner of a module, bringing sequencing that is at once straightforward, effective, and musical to the Eurorack format.

It has a whole host of features, so take a look at its comprehensive MANUAL to get an idea of its capabilities.


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Exclusive FoMu cable bundles now in stock! MOODY & CHEERY colour sets, plus BRAIDED BUNDLE

FoMu Matttech Modular 07.06.18

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with FoMu to bring some lovely exclusive sets of their cables to Matttech Modular. We have put together two themed colour bundles – MOODY & CHEERY – with 5 different colours in each 5 cable set…along with a bumper BRAIDED BUNDLE, featuring 4 different colours of braided cables, in 3 different lengths. We hope you like them!

Full details below:

  • FoMu MOODY Eurorack Patch Cables: Each set of 5 cables contains 1x BLACK, 1x PURPLE, 1x WHITE, 1x BLUE, 1x GREEN – Available in 25, 50, 80 & 150m lengths.
  • FoMu CHEERY Eurorack Patch Cables: Each set of 5 cables contains 1x PINK, 1x YELLOW, 1x PEACH, 1x RED, 1x ORANGE – Available in 25, 50, 80 & 150m lengths.
  • FoMu BRAIDED BUNDLE: Each set of 20 cables contains 5x 25cm braided silver, 5x 50cm braided silver/gold, 5x 50cm braided black/gold x 5, 5x 80cm braided gold.

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Eowave multicoloured patch cable sets back in stock! …this time in 15, 30, 50 and 80cm lengths

We now have even more patch cables in stock – this time from Eowave. They come in sets of 10, with 5 different colours (2 of each) in each set

….and in two different “flavours”


Both CLASSIC & PARTY COLOURS come in 15cm, 30cm, 50cm and 80cm lengths,

The basic cable & connector type is the same as our other 3.5mm patch cables, which is our favourite shape and feel.


  • Narrow 8mm cable end (around jack plug) – ideal for tight spaces
  • Only 25mm height from module faceplate to rear of strain relief – handy for transporting patched systems
  • Sold coiled in bags, as opposed to folded – which can produce permanent kinks in cables
  • Appealingly pliable cables – neither too flimsy, nor too stiff


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Rebel Technology CLK in stock, plus restocks of CHRONOS mk.2, MIX 01, MIX 02 & MIX 04

Rebel Technology Matttech Modular 23.05.18

We have just restocked a selection of the flexible, expandable mixing options from UK manufacturer Rebel Technology – along with the brand new CLK 4HP triple clock generator/ divider/ multiplier!  We also have the CHRONOS mk.2 tap-tempo dual clock / LFO generator.

  • CLK – 4HP triple clock generator that outputs three synchronised clocks (master clock and two dual function multiplier/dividers)
  • CHRONOS mk.2 – Advanced Time-Keeping Module with Dual Tap Tempo Clock, and Dual Tempo Synced LFO
  • MIX 01 – Expandable 4 in/ 2 out Matrix Mixer, with Dedicated Headphone Out
  • MIX 02 – Expandable 4 in / 2 out Panning Mixer with Dedicated Headphone Output
  • MIX 04 – Expandable 4 in / 4 out VCA Matrix with a total of 16 Transparent Blackmer VCAs


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Erica Synths DRUM SEQUENCER now in stock! plus restocks of GRAPHIC VCO, PICO DSP, BLACK POLIVOKS VCF, CABLES & more…

Erica Synths Matttech Modular 22.05.18

Drum sequencers don’t come much more serious than this! The new DRUM SEQUENCER from Erica Synths is an easy-to-use, classical X0X style live performance oriented sequencer module, with outputs for Triggers, Accents, LFOs and CV.

We also have more stock of the lovely GRAPHIC VCO, which is a complex wavetable VCO with huge array of waves, smooth matrix wave morphing, user wavetables via USB, FM, phase distortion, ring modulation, wavefold/wavewrap, bitcrush, sub & more..

In addition we have restocked a few other firm favourites, including the PICO DSP and BLACK POLIVOKS VCF….along with a shedload of the short patch cables (10cm, 20cm & 30cm) – super handy for avoiding clutter in your patches!


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Future Sound Systems TG2 GENERATOR, TG3 FILTER & TG4 MODULATOR Gristleizer modules back in stock!

Future Sound Systems Matttech Modular 26.01.18

We are super-excited to announce that we again have stock of the TG2 GENERATOR, TG3 FILTER & TG4 MODULATOR modules from Future Sound Systems.

Developed from the Gristleizer – an eccentric sound mangling device used by Throbbing Gristle to devastating effect back the 70’s – this unit has given birth t o a whole range of separate Eurorack modules. These have been designed in collaboration with – and with the full blessing of – Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle, and Roy Gwinn who developed the original unit.

Total sonic devastation is now at your fingertips!

The rest of the range will follow shortly


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2hp delivery just in, including NEW VCO, LFO v.2 , RND v.2 & PLUCK …plus QU-BIT modules in alternative faceplates

2hp Matttech Modular 27.04.18

Another HUUUGE box of lovely 2hp goodness has arrived – including PLUCK, their take on physical modelling – plus some exciting revamps of their initial releases: LFO, RND & VCO (previously OSC).

We have also restocked pretty much ALL of their other products – including the full range of drums: KICK, SNARE & HAT

THE UPDATES (All cheaper than before, and with added features):

  • VCO – This is the much anticipated replacement for the OSC. It is a CEM3340 based analog oscillator with FM, hard sync, and PWM. V/Oct tracking across 10 octaves – £110
  • LFO v.2 – New layout, twice the functionality, and price reduction. A dedicated output for the secondary waveforms has been added, higher quality DAC on the outputs, and increased the rate range – £84
  • RND v.2 – New layout, new types of random, and price reduction. A smooth random voltage output has been added, revamped the random gate generation, and increased the DAC resolution on the random outputs. 


QU-BIT – Alternative Faceplate Versions

As an experiment we have sourced some Qu-Bit modules in alternative faceplates! The following are in stock now, in very limited quantities:

  • PULSAR – SilverFaceplate
  • CONTOUR- Black Faceplate
  • EON- Black Faceplate
  • CHANCE – Black Faceplate