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New in: Qu-bit SCANNED & SYNAPSE, plus 2hp VOWEL & MMF

Qu-bit 2hp Matttech Modular 18.10.18

Some exciting new modules from Qu-bit and 2hp have just landed!

  • Qu-bit SCANNED – Organic Wavetable VCO
  • Qu-bit SYNAPSE – Crossfading Switch: with 8 inputs, 7 outputs, internal LFOs & full voltage control
  • 2hp VOWEL – Space-saving speech synthesis and formant oscillator
  • 2hp MMF – Space-saving 12db/oct Analogue Multimode Filter, with 3 Simultaneous Filter Modes and VC Frequency / Resonance


Also restocked from 2hp: FREEZ, PLUCK, ARP, DELAY, VERB & MULT

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Dave Jones Design O’TOOL PLUS Eurorack Oscilloscope back in stock

Dave Jones Matttech Modular 31.07.17

We have just taken delivery of the highly sought-after Dave Jones Designs O’TOOL PLUS!

The original unit has been an invaluable part of the Matttech Modular system here since it came out many moons ago – and has assisted in troubleshooting MANY an issue, and for helping understand what is going on with even the most complex module.

The “PLUS” version improves on this amazing product even further, and was several years in the making. An overview of these enhancements is available on the product page – with more detail to be found HERE



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Tiptop Audio FORBIDDEN PLANET ANALOG FILTER now in stock…plus restocks including FOLD, Z-DSP, 808/909 DRUMS & tons of STACKCABLES!

Tiptop Audio Matttech Modular 15.10.18

The new Tiptop FORBIDDEN PLANET ANALOG FILTER has finally arrived! This VCF is a Steiner-based design, with individual inputs to each of the 3 filter modes (LP/BP/HP) – and these can all be used simultaneously, which means that you can input different waves into them and use the cutoff as a frequency “crossover”. Trust us, this is one of the best sounds ever 🙂 It’s super affordable too, weighing in at a measly £105 inc VAT.


We have also restocked the following: Z-DSP NS, FOLD PROCESSOR, HATS808, HATS909, SD909, plus MARIANA TRENCH & TIME DOMAIN Z-DSP CARDS (all in limited quantities)

plus…we have a TON of STACKCABLES in stock, in all lengths/ colours!

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Instruo range now in stock: Cs-L, Ts-L, TONA, TRAIGH, HARMONAIG & SCION

Instruo Matttech Modular 12.10.18

We have been super excited about this range of modules ever since they were shown off at Superbooth, and in various DivKid videos. Wellllll…the first batch has arrived!


I’m sure Jason from Instruo can tell you how many times we’ve messaged him about these badboys 🙂 They look absolutely gorgeous, cram in a ton of killer features, are made in the UK (Scotland, to be precise)..and there are plenty more intriguing designs to come…

Speaking of which, the mighty Cs-L complex oscillator is coming shortly!

In stock now are the following (some in very limited quantities):

  • Cs-L – Dual voltage controlled complex oscillator, with both Sawtooth Core and Triangle Core VCOs, 2 Wavefolders, Sub, Soft/Hard Sync, Ring Mod, AM & much more..
  • Ts-L – Feature-packed small form Triangle Core VCO, with integrated Wavefolder, Sub, Lin/Exp FM & more…
  • TONA – Analogue sawtooth core voltage controlled oscillator, with integrated Wavefolder, Lin FM & more…
  • HARMONAIG – Diatonic, polyphonic, bipolar voltage quantizer. From one CV signal, four are generated with harmonised intervals the outline the Root, 3rd, 5th and 7th degrees of musical chords.
  • TRAIGH – Classic transistor ladder low pass filter (24dB/octave) with built in 3 channel mixer & stable sine wave self-oscillation with 1v/oct tracking.
  • SCION – The Scíon is a biofeedback sensor built into a quad random voltage generator. Also features random gates, ratcheting/burst generation, slew limiting & more..


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Make Noise RENE 2018 – the Cartesian sequencer gets a complete overhaul. In stock now, along with MATHS!

Make Noise Matttech Modular 13.09.18

In an exciting development, Make Noise have released a new & improved version of RENE, their unique performance-based Cartesian touch sequencer. We also have stock of the most popular Eurorack module of all time….MATHS!


The René music synthesizer module is a a powerful three-dimensional prism of composition. It is the world’s only 3D Cartesian Music Sequencer. Named for the French philosopher & mathematician René Descartes, it uses the Cartesian coordinate system to unlock the analog step sequencer from the shackles of linearity.

The original René was a one-channel, two-dimensional Cartesian sequencer with limited memory, this new René is a three-channel, three-dimensional Cartesian sequencer with memory for up to 64 complete STATEs. Considering the multiple channels and FUN programming options per multiple axis, René has become an n-dimensional matrix or tesseract of synthesizer sequencing.

  • 3 CV outputs for controlling pitch or timbre
  • 3 Gate outputs for generating musical events
  • Snake and Cartesian patterns available simultaneously
  • STORE all Programming in one of 64 STATEs.
  • New Z-Axis allows for modulating through any combination of 64 STOREd STATEs
  • All programming done real-time, programming of René is a key performance element
  • Visualization of pattern activity always displayed on left half with 16 illuminated Knobs
  • Visual indication of Programming always displayed on right half with 16 illuminated touch buttons
  • Communicates w/ TEMPI via Select Bus to Select, Store, Revert, Multi-Paste and MESH STATEs
  • Maximum amount of artist controlled musical variation, derived from minimum amount of analog data input
  • All new touch sensing technology tested successfully on the most commonly used euro rack power solutions
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Bastl Instruments TIMBER Wavefolder in stock! restocks of CINNAMON VCF, TEA KICK & NOISE SQUARE

Bastl Instruments Matttech Modular 27.09.18

We are excited to announce that the new Bastl Instruments TIMBER wavefolder has landed. This is a voltage controlled wave driver & Serge-style wave folder – with integrated VC-crossfader, VC-feedback & different drive / fold modes.


We have also restocked the popular CINNAMON VCF, TEA KICK & NOISE SQUARE modules – all in the lovely aluminium faceplates! ….so come in and Czech them out 🙂

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Grayscale PERMUTATION random looping sequencer in stock – 3 different sizes, 2 panel colours, plus VARIANT Expander

Grayscale Matttech Modular 21.09.18

The Grayscale PERMUTATION Turing Machine-based random looping sequencer is finally here – along with its VARIANT expander. PERMUTATION comes in 3 different versions – 6hp, 12hp & 18hp – all with different sets of features (see below)

AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE HERE      (ALL sizes / colours available – in ltd. quantities initially)

It is a random looping sequencer that uses a linear feedback shift register (LFSR) as the basis for generating unpredictable CV and gate patterns, and is a direct descendant of the Turing Machine, an open source module designed by Tom Whitwell of Music Thing Modular. The TM itself was inspired by classic random signal generation units such as the Buchla Model 266 (Source of Uncertainty), the Wiard Model 1210 (Noise Ring), and the Triadex Muse (an obscure device invented by artificial intelligence researchers at MIT in the 1970s).

PERMUTATION retains the core functionality of the Turing Machine and its Pulses expander while adding new features in a more compact interface. VARIANT, a compact 6hp expander module that provides a secondary means of generating correlated random sequences, is based on the original Voltages expander for the Turing Machine.

Permutation Comparisons

Each version of Permutation has a slightly different set of features. The 6hp version has an assignable CTRL input. Holding the Clear/Write switches down for a few seconds assigns the CV input to Shift, Bits, or Amp (the internal VCA).

Perm Comps

Aluminium Permutations




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Erica Synths Matttech Modular 16.09.18

We now have some further additions to the Erica Techno / Drum system – the BASSLINE and DUAL DRIVE!


We also have stock of the DRUM SEQUENCER, BASS DRUM, SNARE DRUM, TOMS, CLAP, DRUM MIXER & DRUM MIXER LITE with the mixers both featuring integrated drum compressors and Aux/FX sends.

For anyone who has recently bought the discounted BLACK HOLE DSP v.1 – and I know there are a LOT of you out there! – we have the FX EXPANSION ROM in stock, which adds another 8 effects to the original, via a little ROM chip you pop onto the back of the module. These are selling FAST, so be quick…

The GRAPHIC VCO is also back in stock, as is the full sized DRUM MIXER.

We also have stock of the brand new updated BLACK HOLE DSP 2 – an updated version of Black Hole DSP features 24 custom effects. Each effect has 3 manually and CV controllable parameters, manual and CV control over sampling frequency for spanning from 48kHz to really Lo-Fi crunchy sound and full analogue dry/wet control. All effect parameter settings can be saved to the memory and instantly recalled with the effect, which makes Black Hole DSP II ideal for live performances. Effects patches can be changed via CV, and there is an input level control with clip LED.

The DISCONTINED / DISCOUNTED Erica modules are still available to preorder, and we are still getting regular batches in from the supplier – however, they are starting to run out – the Pico Logic is now completely gone. So if you’ve been umming & ahhhing about these, now is the time to make your mind up! I put the next order in with Erica this Monday (16th September)


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Future Sound Systems’ brand new updated FIL3 SPECTRAL DEVASTATOR dual VCF now in stock!

Future Sound Systems Matttech Modular 12.09.18

Howdy all! We are excited to announce that – following hot on the heels of their extremely well-received GRISTLEIZER range of modules – Future Sound Systems have released a new dual VCF: the FIL3 SPECTRAL DEVASTATOR!


This is an updated, revamped, ultra-devastated version of the original SPECTRAL DEVASTATOR (FIL2 ). Originally designed between 2011 and 2012, this was designed by Finlay Shakespeare whilst attempting to find new methods of voltage control over filter circuits, working from first principles. Whilst the FIL2 always imparted its brutality on to input signals, the FIL3 gives more control over the behaviour of both filter sections.

The first new addition is the Colour control, added by attempting to give external control over each filter’s Resonance. Whilst the oscillation of each filter is now controllable by the Colour parameters, further non-linearity can be added as well, broadening the palette of tones available from each filter.

Secondly, each filter features a Blast switch. Whilst this control attempts to add linearisation to the filter core, it also allows for the Resonance to become even more pronounced. As with the Colour parameters, the Blast switches extend the tonal spectrum of the two filters giving further flexibility. Input Drive and output Level controls have also been added to each filter. This gives the user more control over signal level, which can become wildly unpredictable when using the filters. With increasing Drive, the input signal will defeat the filter core as the filters become saturated. The Normalling switches from the FIL2 are still present, allowing for quick and easy patching between the high-pass and low-pass filters, for use in series or in parallel.

The Cutoff CV Depth of each filter is also now present on an attenuverter, allowing for increased modulation potential. The manual Cutoff controls have also been improved, giving the FIL3 better control ranges than its predecessor, whilst retaining all of its brute force.


  • TG2 Gristleizer Generator – Oscillator/ LFO with Integrated Voltage-Controlled Wavefolder
  • TG3 Gristleizer Filter – JFET-controlled multi-feedback band-pass filter
  • TG4 Gristleizer Modulator – JFET-controlled voltage-controlled amplifier, with unique DIRT (Distortion) feature
  • TG5 Gristleizer Pre-Amplifier – JFET-based Pre-Amplifier with EQ, Envelope Follower, Overdrive & more..

(Watch from 06.20 onwards)

(Watch from 04.23 onwards)

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Mutable Instruments PLAITS Macro-Oscillator back in stock!

Mutable Instruments Plaits Matttech Modular 01.03.18

Mutable Instruments’ hugely popular macro-oscillator PLAITS is back in stock! Probably the best bang-for-your-buck oscillator in Eurorack, this has found a place in many – and I mean MANY – a rack.

We also have limited stock of Mutable’s other recent releases: MARBLES & STAGES


In Olivier’s own words:

“PLAITS is the spiritual successor of Mutable Instruments’ best-selling sound source, Braids. Not just a mkII version: its hardware and software have been redesigned from scratch. Just like its predecessor, it offers direct access to a large palette of easily tweakable sounds, covering the whole gamut of synthesis techniques.

SIMPLICITY FIRST – Gone are the screen, menu system, hidden settings, and the long list of sometimes redundant synthesis models. Thanks to additional CV inputs, and to the use of 3 timbre-shaping parameters per model, Plaits is straightforward to use, and much closer to the ideal of one synthesis technique = one model. What were fragmented islands of sound in Braids are now part of a continuum of sounds.

READY FOR PERCUSSION – Patch a trigger generator or sequencer in Plaits’ trigger input and instantly use the module as a percussive source thanks to its built-in virtual low-pass gate (LPG). An internal envelope generator is normalled to all unpatched CV inputs. Just turn the corresponding attenuverter to add pitch, timbre or morphing modulation. And if plucks and snappy hits are not your thing, patch your own envelope or CV source to the LPG CV input.”

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DPW Design Matttech Modular 05.09.18

We are excited to announce that we now stock Swedish brand DPW Design. This company has made quite a splash with their unique take on the wavefolder concept – the MOG WF-1 – and also have a couple of other tidy products in their range: the L-1 TRIPLE LIMITER and MOG AV-1 ATTENUVERTER

  • MOG WF-1 & E-1 BUNDLE – Complex wavefolder with unique functionality. It can be used for audio signal manipulation or as a utility module for control voltages. Comes bundled with an expander for switching the Limiter & Distortion features on & off via voltage control.
  •  L-1 TRIPLE LIMITER – Three individual soft knee limiters in one module. Further uses include PWM, Waveshaping & Distortion
  • MOG AV-1 ATTENUVERTER – A dual attenuverter with integrated summing and comparator circuits. It can be used as a utility for control voltages or as an audio processing unit.


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Klavis shipment just in: brand new LOGICA XT, plus restocks of TWIN WAVES & MIXWITCH

Klavis Matttech Modular 31.08.18

Klavis are one of those brands that cannot help themselves when it comes to taking a specific type of module and wringing every last drop of potential from it! …and their new module – LOGICA XT – is no exception. Even with their first release – the hugely popular TWIN WAVES – they managed to not only squeeze two VCOs into 8hp, but also implemented a huge range of synthesis algorithms and the ability to use either oscillator as an LFO. They have been very responsive to user requests, and it has been impressive to watch the module mature even further.

The newest offering from Klavis is the LOGICA XT. This is an expanded and improved version of the already feature-packed LOGICA GATER – which had already raised the bar when it came to logic and gate processing, offering voltage control over the logic algorithm to be applied and a whopping NINE logic functions to choose from.  LOGICA XT is built upon the foundations of its acclaimed predecessor, and this new version drastically expands the feature set within the same footprint. All the original goodies are still there, now enriched by a full list of state-based logic functions – including a delay line – for a total of 14 processes. Faster processing allows perfect handling of audio signals. User editable settings are stored in non-volatile memory.

We also have stock of the recently released MIXWITCH – Firstly this is a high quality mixer, with the following features: click-less muting and polarity inversion; Lin or Log pot response; LEDs to show level & polarity; DC offsets generated when signal absent. Secondly it performs a number of switching processes: Switch among 4 inputs, only 2, or disabled; Select an input sequentially with a clock/trigger; Select an input randomly with a clock/trigger; Select an input in relation to a control voltage. CV and clock control are audio rate capable, so more experimental uses are also possible!


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Erica Synths Matttech Modular 28.08.18

After the release of the new Erica Synths DRUM SEQUENCER we have now received the first of the modules to fit alongside it: BASS DRUM, SNARE DRUM, TOMS, CLAP & DRUM MIXER LITE. These will all form part of the full “Techno System”, with the mixers both featuring integrated drum compressors and Aux/FX sends.

The DRUM SEQUENCER is also in stock, ready to ship.

DRUM MIXER & BLACK HOLE FX EXPANSION ROM (restocks) …along with the new DUAL DRIVE will be here soon!

We also have stock of the brand new updated BLACK HOLE DSP 2 – an updated version of Black Hole DSP features 24 custom effects. Each effect has 3 manually and CV controllable parameters, manual and CV control over sampling frequency for spanning from 48kHz to really Lo-Fi crunchy sound and full analogue dry/wet control. All effect parameter settings can be saved to the memory and instantly recalled with the effect, which makes Black Hole DSP II ideal for live performances.


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Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 mk.2 back in stock…plus Antimatter Audio restocks: SUB RING, CROSS FOLD & LAUNCH CODES in black!

Darkplace Matttech Modular 22.08.18

We have finally managed to restock the wonderfully characterful Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 mk.2. This is a vintage voiced dual analogue filter, based on the Mini-Korg Traveler circuit, but with many enhancements for the Eurorack modular format.


Also restocked: Antimatter Audio SUB RING, CROSS FOLD & LAUNCH CODES in new black panel version!

  • SUB RING – this allows you to input a simple synth wave, drive it, and produce several suboctaves from it. These are all mixed in a mixer channel, along with onboard noise and ring modulation. The mixer’s channels can all be used with external sources instead if desired. An ultra-obvious idea when you think about it. Brain Seed on order and coming next!
  • LAUNCH CODES – Compact 5-channel Trigger/Gate Performance Controller & SequencerIt can be used for manual or sequenced triggering & gating – for up to five simultaneous events.
  • CROSS FOLD – High quality, compact, 8-stage, dual voltage-controlled crossfader and analog wavefolder/waveshaper


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AJH Synth WAVE SWARM & V-SHAPE now in stock! restocks of SONIC XV, GEMINI 2412 & more..

AJH Synth Matttech Modular 16.08.18

We are excited to announce the arrival of two quality modules from the dependably high-quality stable of AJH Synth: the WAVE SWARM wave animator and the V-SHAPE wavefolder/twister/distortion


  • WAVE SWARM is a waveform animator, and is an all analogue dual channel device. Each channel simulates up to six VCO’s beating in unison with a different beat frequency between each animation.
  • V-SHAPE is two modules in one, a wave twister and a distortion / wavefolding module. Both sections of the module are all analogue in design, and both can be used independently or they can be normalised together in series, so that a waveform can be twisted first and then distorted and wavefolded.

We also have stock of the SONIC XV, GEMINI 2412 and selected MINIMOD modules. We can also get most of the AJH Synth range to order – including full systems in DARK or SILVER versions.

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Future Sound Systems GRISTLEIZER module range back in stock!

Future Sound Systems Matttech Modular 12.08.18

We are super-excited to announce that we again have stock of the TG2 GENERATOR, TG3 FILTER, TG4 MODULATOR & TG5 PRE-AMPLIFIER modules from Future Sound Systems.

Developed from the Gristleizer – an eccentric sound mangling device used by Throbbing Gristle to devastating effect back the 70’s – this unit has given birth t o a whole range of separate Eurorack modules. These have been designed in collaboration with – and with the full blessing of – Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle, and Roy Gwinn who developed the original unit.

Total sonic devastation is now at your fingertips!


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Mutable Instruments PLAITS, MARBLES & STAGES all back in stock!

Mutable Instruments Matttech Modular 08.08.18

Hey all – the 3 most recent offerings from the Mutable Instruments stable have all been restocked today, and these have all proved extremely popular so grab them while you can!

  • PLAITS – Next-Generation Digital Oscillator with Multiple Algorithms
  • MARBLES – Advanced random trigger & CV generator with 7 outputs, comprehensive CV control, and several features for processing external triggers or CV sequences (randomizing, shuffling, looping, quantizing)
  • STAGES – Expandable, patch-programmable complex modulation source: ASR envelope, complex 6-stage envelope, LFO, 4-step sequence, switched LFO & more..


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Qu-bit NEBULAE v.2 stereo granular sampler back in stock – plus lots more Qu-bit modules..

Qu-Bit Matttech Modular 24.04.18

The Qu-bit NEBULAE v. 2 is back in stock! This is a stereo granular sampler, and an update to Qu-Bit’s popular Nebulae module.

Features include:

  • File playback from USB flash drive of wav, aif, ogg, and flac files
  • Stereo ins/outs
  • Live audio input with 5 minute recording buffer
  • Supports Pure Data, Csound, and SuperCollider alternate firmware files


Also in stock:

  • PULSAR – Black & Silver Faceplates
  • CONTOUR – Black Faceplate
  • EON – Black & Silver Faceplates
  • TONE – Silver Faceplate
  • OCTONE – Silver Faceplate

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2hp delivery just in, including NEW VCO, LFO v.2 , RND v.2 & PLUCK …plus QU-BIT modules in alternative faceplates

2hp Matttech Modular 27.04.18

Another HUUUGE box of lovely 2hp goodness has arrived – including PLUCK, their take on physical modelling – plus some exciting revamps of their initial releases: LFO, RND & VCO (previously OSC).

We have also restocked pretty much ALL of their other products – including the full range of drums: KICK, SNARE & HAT

THE UPDATES (All cheaper than before, and with added features):

  • VCO – This is the much anticipated replacement for the OSC. It is a CEM3340 based analog oscillator with FM, hard sync, and PWM. V/Oct tracking across 10 octaves – £110
  • LFO v.2 – New layout, twice the functionality, and price reduction. A dedicated output for the secondary waveforms has been added, higher quality DAC on the outputs, and increased the rate range – £84
  • RND v.2 – New layout, new types of random, and price reduction. A smooth random voltage output has been added, revamped the random gate generation, and increased the DAC resolution on the random outputs. 


QU-BIT – Alternative Faceplate Versions

As an experiment we have sourced some Qu-Bit modules in alternative faceplates! The following are in stock now, in very limited quantities:

  • PULSAR – SilverFaceplate
  • CONTOUR- Black Faceplate
  • EON- Black Faceplate
  • CHANCE – Black Faceplate


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Back in stock: AJH Synth GEMINI 2412 DUAL SVF – super flexible dual SEM-based filter

AJH Synth Matttech Modular 280618

This lovely GEMINI 2412 DUAL SVF beeeeaaast from Allan Hall at AJH Synth is gracing our shelves once again – albeit in very limited quantities! At present we have both SILVER and DARK EDITIONS in stock. The GEMINI 2412 DUAL SVF completely independent Vintage SEM style filters, with a central mixing bus for both audio and frequency control voltages which allow the two VCF’s to be combined in both serial and parallel modes, and VCF1 can be inverted against VCF2. So the two VCF’s can be combined to behave as a 24dB SEM filter, vocal formant filter and much more!

…and while we’re at it, how about pairing it with the RING SM for some thunderous vintage-voiced suboctave generation & ring mod madness – all driven through a Moog CP3-based saturating mixer?! Now THAT’S what I’m talking about 😉


Both FULL MINIMOD SYSTEMS are also available to order, and are currently ready for immediate dispatch – in fact we shipped one out to a lucky customer about an hour ago!


AJH Minimod System

AJH Gemini x 2