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Mutable Instruments MARBLES & RINGS back in stock! RIPPLES 2020, PLAITS, TIDES, STAGES, EARS & more…

Mutable Instruments Matttech Modular 08.08.18

We have fresh stock of the evergreen Mutable Instruments RINGS physical modelling resonator, and MARBLES ultra-comprehensive random module …along with other restocks including RIPPLES 2020, SHADES 2020, EARS, KINKS & more..

In stock now (although most in limited quantities):



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DivKid restock in da house! OCHD 8-channel LFO and RND STEP 3-channel dual sample & hold both back in stock

DivKid Matttech Modular 25.08.20-min

The highly sought-after DivKid OCHD is back in stock finally! 8 all-analogue LFOs in a convenient 4HP package, designed & manufactured by Instruo. Last couple of batches sold out EXTREMELY fast…

We also have a limited restock of another offspring from the mind of our man DivKid – the RND STEP, designed in collaboration with Steady State Fate. This is a 3-channel dual sample & hold which can be employed in a whole host of ways (see the excellent video below)



Well Ben “DivKid” Wilson has done it again! After the HUGE success of his MUTES module – developed with Befaco – he has teamed up with Scottish brand Instruo this time round to produce the OCHD. This nifty unit packs 8 all-analogue LFOs into a convenient 4HP package.

Richard Devine described it as “the most organic little modulator ever”….and that is the idea: add a ton of natural, free-flowing modulation to your system in one go – all with a master Rate control that can itself be CV-controlled. Nice


RND STEP is a high performance, 3-channel sample & hold module, comprised of 6 separate Noise / S&H circuits in just 4HP. It features internal normalising between trigger inputs; extended hold times with high sustained-voltage precision; audio processing for creative analogue downsampling effects; plus audio rate-triggered downsampled / clocked noise tones.

There have never been more challenging times to be bringing out new products than right now, and DivKid has played a major part of the growth in modular over the last decade, so I hope you’ll join me in supporting his latest venture! Big-ups to SSF and the distributors for getting plenty of these into our hands.





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New DESMODUS VERSIO Reverb/FX module from Noise Engineering back in stock restocks of RUINA distortion range, MIMETIC DIGITALIS, CLEP DIAZ, BASIMILUS, LOQUELIC, VOX DIGITALIS – you name it!

Noise Engineering Matttech Modular 18.08.20-min

Now, when Noise Engineering announce an EFFECTS module it’s time to get verrrrrry excited! About a minute into the demo video we were, like, “YES PLEASE!!!!”. As with their VCOs & drums (Loquelic Iteritas, Basimilus Iteritas Alter etc..) they don’t do things by halves and usually – in addition to covering the intended purpose and functionality of a particular design – they add in a whole host of tweaks and features that allow it to be pushed into a far wider range of sonic territory. You look at the description and it says “reverb”, but then you realise it can turn into a howling, droning textural sound bed over the course of a single knob turn. The LOQUELIC ITERITAS is exactly like this, and with DESMODUS VERSIO they have finally taken aim at the FX market….and we’re extremely impressed. In stock right now, in both BLACK & SILVER panels.

In addition, check this out: “Not only is DV a unique reverb, it’s a stereo DSP platform. A simple USB connection will allow you to update DV to a variety of future effects firmwares. Open-source support will be released near the end of the year, too, which will allow you to write your own firmware!”




We now have most of the RUINAs back in stock, including the VIOL RUINA – an all-analog distortion and lowpass filter with an internal envelope follower and self-modulating cutoff. This is Noise Engineering’s very first filter, and has proved very popular.

We have also procured stock of various other Noise Engineering modules, including the CLEP DIAZ (Small and handy step CV, Random and LFO generator), SINC BUCINA (Noise Engineering’s take on a flexible lowpass gate design), MIMETIC DIGITALIS (a mash-up of the Voltage Block & Rene sequencers) and the VOX DIGITALIS (space-saving, no fuss sequencer).

Obviously, we have made sure that the two previous standouts from the range are back on the shelves: LOQUELIC ITERITAS (Digital Oscillator with 2 Inter-related VCOs) and BASIMILUS ITERITAS ALTER (Self-Contained Digital Drum Synthesizer).

Most of these are in stock in both BLACK & SILVER panels, but limited units of each…so, as always, you know what to do… 😉

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Expert Sleepers DISTING EX, DISTING mk4 & ES8 now back in stock! Get in!

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 24.08.20

Another Expert Sleepers motherload has docked, including the runaway success that is the DISTING EX (full name “Super Disting EX Plus a”). Not only that, but we also have the DISTING mk4, the smaller – yet equally essential – 4hp sibling. AAA
AAAAAAND the ES-8 multichannel USB CV/Audio interface for all the ins & outs you can handle. Speaking of which….

We also have the FHX-8GT and FHX-8CV, both of which can be used to expand the DISTING EX even further! (very limited units only)

Also in stock: ES-3, ES-5, ESX-8GT & LITTLE MIKEY


The Expert Sleepers Disting EX is a multifunction Eurorack module, building on the rich legacy of the previous Disting incarnations, which can operate as:

  • two souped-up Disting mk4s, or as..
  • a single powerful module in its own right.

Fully DC-coupled, all inputs and outputs can be CVs or audio, depending on the selected function. The functions on offer include audio processing (filters, delays etc.), CV processing and generation (quantizers, pattern generators etc.), oscillators (VCOs, LFOs etc.), and sample playback.

Brand new features for the disting EX include an eight voice polyphonic sample (WAV) player, a powerful stereo tape delay (based on Expert Sleepers’ Augustus Loop), and a dedicated WAV recorder mode.

When acting as two Disting mk4s, the Disting EX offers these advantages:

  • Higher sample rate (96kHz)
  • Much more RAM (so all delays, reverbs etc. can be much longer)
  • Lower latency when triggering samples (now 700µs)
  • And of course, an OLED display.


We are delighted to provide with the disting EX a 32GB MicroSD card pre-loaded with sample content from Spitfire Audio, Goldbaby and Adventure Kid.


  • Input & output voltage range: ±10V
  • Expansion:
    • Header for 5-pin DIN MIDI via a compatible breakout.
    • Header for connecting FHX-8CV or FHX-8GT expanders.
    • Header for connecting an ES-5 expander.
    • Header for an I2C bus connection to compatible devices (e.g. the 16n Faderbank)
  • Compatible with the Doepfer CV/gate bus and the Select Bus.

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Erica Synths v2 FUSION modules available at heavily-discounted prices! FUSION VCA v2, VCF v2 & RING MODULATOR v2 all in stock…

Erica Synths Matttech Modular 22.09.20-min

Ever fancied some warm, organic valve action in your system, but were put off by the cost? Well Erica Synths have brought out some new FUSION valve modules recently, and as a result some of their previous (v2) range are available at HUGELY discounted prices! What better to keep the chills away this winter? 🙂

As we understand it, this offer will only last until they have shifted a certain amount of stock, and then the prices will likely go back up again – so if you want one, act soon…


The FUSION modules we offer at discounted prices are:

  • FUSION VCA V2 – was £299, now £149! – Miniature pentode-based VCA, featuring: Manual VCA bias control, audio signal feedback control, Germanium diodes/tube overdrive, waveshaping, 2 input mixer & 2 overdrive flavours
  • FUSION VCF V2 – was £275, now £159! – Four pole lowpass filter designed by combining vacuum tubes and semiconductors. Each side of the double triode drives signal between 2nd & 3rd stage of the filter, while germanium diodes are used to limit the output signal.
  • FUSION RING MODULATOR v2 – was £235, now £135! – Classic design ring modulator with a Germanium diode ring & vacuum tube, to boost and shape both audio & carrier signals.

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We now stock After Later Audio’s range of affordable, feature-packed modules, including new TILT, STEPS & BLEND …plus ORNAMENT & CRIME, TEMPS UTILE & many more…

After Later Audio Matttech Modular 16.09.20-min

We are happy to welcome Seattle’s AFter Later Audio into the fold at Matttech Modular. Well-known for producing high-quality builds of open source projects such as ORNAMENT & CRIME and TEMPS UTILE, they caught our attention again recently on DivKid’s Youtube channel, where he introduced their 3 most recent original designs: TILT, STEPS & BLEND. These all looked excellent – with a focus on providing maximum bang for your buck (and HP) – and took us to their website, where we discovered a whole host of other designs – most of which are now in stock. Further details & video links further down the page…



  • TILT – Function Generator and ADSR Envelope Generator.
  • STEPS – Random Looping Stepped CV and Burst Generator.
  • BLEND – Feature-packed CV/Audio Mixer and Dual VCA.
  • uT_U (Micro Temps Utile) – An assembled build of the popular Micro Temps Utile multifunctional open source module.
  • uO_C (Micro Ornament & Crime) – An assembled build of the popular Micro Ornament & Crime multifunctional open source module.
  • ALAN (uTuring Machine) – Random Looping Sequencer, based on the Music Thing Modular Turing Machine.
  • ENIGMA – Expander for the Alan module (micro Turing Machine) that enables you to to create a different – yet related – sequence to the main Alan output.
  • MORCOM – Expander for the Alan module (micro Turing Machine) that exposes 11 random pulse outputs derived from the main module.
  • PIQUE – Micro version of Peaks from Mutable Instruments (now discontinued).  It can be an ADSR-style envelope generator, an LFO and a drum emulator.  By default it comes loaded with the Dead Man’s Catch (DMC) firmware.
  • bOSC – A triangle core oscillator that is based on the same CEM3340 chipset used in legendary synths (SH-101, Prophet 5, MemoryMoog).
  • FILThy – Cost-effective, feature-packed multimode filter offering LPF, BPF, HPF, and NOTCH simultaneous outputs – all in just 6HP.
  • ENVy – ADSR style envelope generator based on the CEM3310 chipset, found in many classic synthesizers (Pro One, Prophet 5, MemoryMoog).
  • G&T (Gates & Triggers) – A handy utility module to take your gates and generate triggers and take your triggers and generate a gate.
  • 3:1 MIXER – Utility 3:1 or 6:1 mixer.
  • MULT – Buffered/active multiple with LED indicator.

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Exclusive FoMu cable bundles back in stock! MOODY & CHEERY colour sets, plus BRAIDED BUNDLES, SPLITTERS/MULTIPLES & ADAPTER CABLES

FoMu Matttech Modular 07.06.18

Our exclusive sets of FoMu cables are all back in stock at Matttech Modular. We put together two themed colour bundles – MOODY & CHEERY – with 5 different colours in each 5 cable set…along with a bumper BRAIDED BUNDLE, featuring 4 different colours of braided cables, in 3 different lengths. We hope you like them!

Also in stock: PATCH CABLE SPLITTERS / MULTIPLES in Black & White, along with 60cm, 90cm and 120cm 3.5mm to 6.35mm (minijack to big jack) ADAPTER CABLES

Full details below:

  • FoMu MOODY Eurorack Patch Cables: Each set of 5 cables contains 1x BLACK, 1x PURPLE, 1x WHITE, 1x BLUE, 1x GREEN – Available in 25, 50, 80 & 150m lengths.
  • FoMu CHEERY Eurorack Patch Cables: Each set of 5 cables contains 1x PINK, 1x YELLOW, 1x PEACH, 1x RED, 1x ORANGE – Available in 25, 50, 80 & 150m lengths.
  • FoMu BRAIDED BUNDLE: Each set of 20 cables contains 5x 25cm braided silver, 5x 50cm braided silver/gold, 5x 50cm braided black/gold x 5, 5x80cm braided gold
  • FoMu Patch Cable Splitter / Multiple: Passive Patch Cable Splitter / Multiple for distributing a single CV or audio signal to 5 different destinations
  • FoMu 3.5mm to 6.35mm Cable:High quality single 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter cable (minijack to big jack) – suitable for connecting Eurorack to effects pedals, patchbays and other external equipment


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New brand alert! Cosmotronic modules now in stock: COSMIX Stereo Mixer & DELTA-V rev2 Dual Function Generator/VCA

Cosmotronic Matttech Modular 07.09.20-min

There are a lot of new brands in the Eurorack scene these days, but certain ones definitely stand out – and Cosmotronic are one such brand. Their recent COSMIX stereo mixer has caused quite a stir, and features 8 channels (4 mono, 2 stereo) on faders, along with a pre/post Aux send, panning ….and a dual band maximizer/ drive circuit. Not too pricey either!

We also loved the idea of the original incarnation of their DELTA-V dual function generator , which offered all the features commonly found in such designs – envelopes, LFOs, slew limiting etc.. – and somehow squeezed all of this into only 10hp …and even managed to include 2 integrated VCAs! The original design would likely have been a bit of a “Personal” taste – featuring whacky swirls of colours – but they have refined their aesthetic considerably with the rev.2 redesign, along with adding a new SUM output. Tidy!


Posted on restock just landed: EUCLIDIAN CIRCLES v2, SIX SWITCHES, ZEROSCOPE & QUAD DRUM VOICE all back in!

VPME Matttech Modular 24.02.20-min

We’ve just received another restock of the popular EUCLIDIAN CIRCLES v2 & SIX SWITCHES Expander  …along with the ZEROSCOPE Eurorack oscilloscope and the wonderful QUAD DRUM VOICE drum synth/sampler module.


  • EUCLIDIAN CIRCLES v2 – 6-channel 16-step Euclidean rhythm generator with an unique pattern visualization in 10hp
  • SIX SWITCHES – Expander for the Euclidean Circles rhythm generator module which allows you to individually enable and disable all of the six trigger output channels.
  • ZEROSCOPE – 2-channel cost-effective Eurorack oscilloscope, frequency meter and tuner in 6hp
  • QUAD DRUM VOICE – 4 independent digital drum voices in 22hp, each of which can be either a digitally modelled drum, a sample from a sample set, or a wavetable vco from a wavetable bank.

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It’s all gone Worng!!! We now stock Aussie brand Worng Electronics, including new stereo PARALLAX VCF, VERTEX VCA & LRMSMSLR Mid/Side

Worng Electronics Matttech Modular 19.06.20-min

Even spelling the brand name is a challenge, as it’s always WORNG – let alone spelling their mid/side module, LRMSMSLR …but don’t let that put you off, as they offer some excellent products, especially when it comes to stereo processing.

In addition to the aforementioned LRMSRLMRSMLRMSMRSLSRM – which brings mid/side processing into Eurorack, and can also be used to produce sum/difference of audio or cv signals – we now have the new PARALLAX Stereo Filter and VERTEX Stereo VCA – each of which offer controls specifically aimed at stereo use (common controls for Left & Right sides, with options to “skew” the relationship between them if desired, in order to create stereo effects)

We’re hoping to have SOUNDSTAGE in stock too, so join the waitlist if you’re after one.


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Qu-bit SURFACE Physical Modelling VCO and 2hp COMP Sidechain Compressor now in stock …plus restocks of PRISM & NANO RAND v2

Qubit 2hp Matttech Modular 18.08.20-min

The utter deluge of deliveries and new releases that have arrived this week shows no signs of abating! We now have stock of the new Qu-bit SURFACE Physical Modelling VCO and 2hp Sidechain Compressor – in Black faceplate version, just for a change!

We also have restocks of the popular Qu-bit PRISM and NANO RAND v2. Tidy.



Currently in stock from Qu-bit:


Currently in stock from 2HP:

  • VCO
  • SINE
  • CLK
  • VERB
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Huge Tiptop Audio restock, including new versions of TRIGGER RIOT, FOLD, zDSP, z8000, CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS BUNDLE, 808/909 DRUMS, tons of STACKCABLES & much more!

Tiptop Audio Matttech Modular 17.08.20-min

The new updated versions of the Tiptop TRIGGER RIOT have arrived! This classic Sequencer/Clock divider/Pattern Generator is now in stock in both its new WHITE & BLACK versions. Tidy.

We have also grabbed lots of the 808 & 909 drum modules in their new white faceplate versions….and a special deal on the CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS where you get a BD808 ANALOG BASS DRUM for FREE!!
(£469 for the bundle – only one available…)

In addition we have restocked virtually every other module of Tiptop’s that we offer: Z-DSP NS, FOLD PROCESSOR, MISO, VCA, FOLD, ONE, z8000, QuantiZer and one of our all-time favourite filters, the FORBIDDEN PLANET!! (all in limited quantities)

plus…we have a TON of STACKCABLES in stock, in all lengths/ colours …including the recent CYAN 40cm version.


Tiptop Audio Matttech Modular 05.01.18

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We now stock Source Audio high-end effects pedals: COLLIDER, VENTRIS & NEMESIS

Source Audio Matttech Modular 16.06.20-min

A little while ago, whilst fantasising about buying some new pedals for our demo/ “playtime” system, we came across these beauties from Source Audio – COLLIDER, VENTRIS & NEMESIS …and, boy, do they deliver the goods! Some absolutely lush reverbs and delays are on tap from these units, and all three offer something unique.

All pedals on the ONE Series – from which these are taken – can access the Neuro Desktop Editor and Neuro Mobile App, which offers additional algorithms, a useful set of hardware options, alternate routing options, and an intuitive sound editing interface for creating presets.

There is also an active online community sharing presets via the Source Audio website. And they sound amazing. Just ask Gaz & Nick from Sonicstate…or simply watch their faces while playing with the VENTRIS 😉

We have embedded a selection of YouTube videos on the relevant product pages, showing the Source Audio pedals in use with synths…but there are many more excellent demos showing them in use with guitars – some of which possibly give you a better idea of their range, due to the short, plucked nature of the source material. Just imagine them on a nice, plucked lowpass gate patch!


  • COLLIDER Delay+Reverb – Design complex soundscapes in seconds with the Source Audio Collider Delay+Reverb. We hand-picked 12 standout delay and reverb effects from our award winning Nemesis Delay and Ventris Dual Reverb, and put them together in one compact housing with massive power and dead simple control. The Collider’s intuitive control surface makes it easy to mix-and-match any two-engine combination of delay and reverb. Dual footswitches provide individual Engage/Bypass control over each effect, making it a perfect choice for live performance.
  • NEMESIS Delay – The Source Audio Nemesis Delay is the culmination of three years of intense research, listening, and engineering. The mission was to create a compact, powerful, and easy-to-use delay pedal with unrivaled tone, flexibility, and style. Nemesis offers 26 distinct effect engines ranging from vintage tape and analog delays to highly advanced pitch-shifting, reverse, filter modulating, and rhythmic delays. It also features 128 presets, multiple delay taps, a hold function, tap tempo, full MIDI control, deep editing functionality with the Neuro Mobile App, and much more.
  • VENTRIS Dual Reverb – Create rich, spacious reverberations with the Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb. The Ventris features 14 meticulously crafted reverb engines built on two completely independent 56-bit signal processors, essentially housing a matching pair of high-powered reverb pedals in a single box. The Ventris’s powerful dual processing architecture gives the pedal some serious advantages including massive processing muscle, adjustable preset spillover time, and the ability to create dual reverb effects.

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Full range of Ritual Electronics modules now in stock – ANIMA, ALTAR, MIASMA & CRIME

Ritual Electronics Matttech Modular 13.07.20-min

We are excited to announce yet another new brand at Matttech Modular – Ritual Electronics! These dark & mysterious gentlemen made quite a splash with their MIASMA voltage-controlled distortion module a while back, along with its CRIME Expander …and have followed this up with the equally-impressive ALTAR VCF and ANIMA dual function generator.

And, quite frankly, any designers who habitually wear Coil t-shirts are very much fine with us 🙂

All modules are in stock and ready to ship!


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New Patching Panda MOON PHASE Stereo VCF just landed – plus restocks of PUNCH v2, HATZ & VIBRAZUM v3

Patching Panda Matttech Modular 26.06.20-min

It’s stereo time! We just received the new MOON PHASE Stereo Multimode VCF from Patching Panda, offering gorgeous sounding state-variable 12db/octave filtering, allied to a ton of creative controls for modifying your stereo image.


We also have stock of the other funky-looking – and impressively well-built – modules from Patching Panda: VIBRAZUM v3, PUNCH v2 and HATZ.

All three have in-depth demo videos from DivKid, and cram a huge amount of musically-useful features into their designs, without becoming overwhelming.

They use high-quality components and are beautiful to look at in the flesh – check our Instagram feed out for evidence!

  • Moon Phase – Stereo 12dB/octave state variable multimode filter utilising powerful imaging techniques to enhance and alter stereo field.
  • Vibrazum v2 – Versatile triple multimode VCF capable of subtle to extreme tone shaping
  • Hatz – 2-channel analog hit-hat creation module combining 2 kinds of sound source – white noise and metallic.
  • Punch v3 – VCA-DECAY module for Eurorack – specially designed to generate dynamic percussive sounds but also capable of basslines, leads, envelopes and more.

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Eowave CLASSIC & PARTY multicoloured patch cable sets back in stock!

We have just restocked the lovely Eowave patch cable sets. They come in sets of 10, with 5 different colours (2 of each) in each set

….and in two different “flavours”


CLASSIC COLOURS in stock in 15cm, 30cm, 50cm and 80cm lengths
PARTY COLOURS only in stock in 15cm and 30cm lengths at present (more soon!)


  • Narrow 8mm cable end (around jack plug) – ideal for tight spaces
  • Only 25mm height from module faceplate to rear of strain relief – handy for transporting patched systems
  • Sold coiled in bags, as opposed to folded – which can produce permanent kinks in cables
  • Appealingly pliable cables – neither too flimsy, nor too stiff






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Joranalogue restock just in: FILTER8, RECEIVE 2 & TRANSMIT 2 audio interfacing modules in stock, plus ADD 2, LINK 2 and more..

Joranalogue Matttech Modular 11.04.19-min

The wonderful Joranalogue FILTER 8 is back in stock! This module features 4 separate LP outputs, each with their own character. Additional simultaneous filter modes are 1-pole highpass, a special band boost and notch response, phase shifter and 4-pole bandpass.

While rooted in the legacy of classic synthesisers, Filter 8 provides a new approach to musical signal generators and modifiers: instead of simply a VCF, VCO, slew modifier or VCLFO, a single analogue module can now be any of those, and anything in between.

We are also in possession of the RECEIVE 2 and TRANSMIT 2 high end audio interfacing modules. Perfect for interfacing your modular system with the outside world in a reliable and professional manner.

We have also grabbed the handy ADD 2 (precision adder/unity mixer) and LINK 2 (precision buffered multiple) along with SWITCH 4 and SELECT 2.


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Otherworldly pedals & modules from Earthquaker Devices now in stock!

Earthquaker Devices Matttech Modular 20.07.20-min

We are excited to announce the addition of another effects pedal brand to our store – and they even make modules as well! Earthquaker Devices have been well-established in the effects pedal world for some time, but recently they launched their first Eurorack module – an adapted version of their popular AFTERNEATH Reverberation Machine pedal….with a host of additional features and CV inputs. Capable of producing some extremely unique reverb – and “not-so-reverby” sounds – they describe this as sounding like “a wizard in a cave”. Check the videos below and see what you reckon!

We also have their awesome AVALANCHE RUN V2 Delay & Reverb pedal – a must-have for all shoegazers and ambient pioneers out there! Instant icy soundscapes and washes of ethereal atmospherics usher forth from this lovely unit…and it really is a thing of beauty to behold in the flesh. More pedals soooon…


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New brand alert! We now stock Transient Modules – 4R (Quad Random), 8S (Sequencer) & 1F (VC-Switch)

Transient Modules Matttech Modular 19.06.20-min

We are happy to welcome Spanish brand Transient Modules into our fold, kicking off with 3 of their modules which all offer something quite unique, and also extremely useful – 4R (Quad Random Voltage), 8S (8-Step Sequencer) & 1F (Voltage Controlled Switch). At first glance they might seem simple & utilitarian, but dig a little deeper and some excellent finishing touches give these the edge over many competitors. Full details on the relevant product pages.


  • 4R – Space-saving quad random voltage generator, featuring: 2 independent trigger inputs; normalising between trigger inputs; 2 pairs of random voltage outputs; each pair can be set to be either unipolar or bipolar (via jumpers)
  • 8S – Deceptively powerful 8 step sequencer with voltage control over reset, hold, random step & direction. Output can be set to unipolar or bipolar via a jumper.
  • 1F – Voltage controlled switch, designed with a focus on working with sequences – by giving them some randomness, applying transpositions or constant variation over time. You can take 2 input signals and switch between them upon receipt of a gate. You can also switch between one signal and the SUM of both signals …and you can also manually bypass the switching completely.
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Abstract Data OCTOCONTROLLER back in stock – with new v2 firmware – plus MIX UTILITY and 3X VCA

Abstract Data Matttech Modular 20.07.20

We now have the excellent Abstract Data modules back in stock again – including the ever-popular ADE-32 OCTOCONTROLLER, a real multi-functional beast of a module, which could control your entire rig! This has recently been updated to v.2.0 firmware, and all units in stock will ship with this pre-installed (see below for summary of new features)

Also in stock from Abstract Data:

  • ADE-50 – 3x VCA – 3 Linear VCAs based on a discrete OTA core
  • ADE-60 – User-configurable, mix & CV utility module.


v2.0 Firmware

  • Visualization mode adds a new way for users to see the signal activity at each output.
  • Output lock ensures no parameter or edit changes can be made while an output is locked.
  • Unipolar 0-5V and bipolar +/-2.5V options added for all LFO output types.
  • New V-Trig and S-trig options for Pulse output types.
  • Two new Digital Noise algorithms added.
  • Korg-compatible 2 PPQN added as an external sync option.
  • Two new ‘kick and snare’ Loop sets added for quick, simple beat creation.
  • Arpeggios and S&H Gate looping now have options to run forward, backward or alternating.
  • Universal ‘Exit Edit Mode’ button functionality to easily exit any edit mode.
  • Factory reset functionality allows users to quickly reset all outputs to default factory settings.
  • Various tweaks & bug fixes (see manual page 22 for full details)