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Batch 2 of the new Sputnik Modular SPECTRAL PROCESSOR has landed …limited units available

Sputnik Modular Matttech Modular 05.07.21

Sputnik Modular are BACK! …with the SPECTRAL PROCESSOR – a set of 16 bandpass filters with CV inputs and audio & envelope follower outputs for each band, plus various other special functions and dedicated outputs. This allows for many different techniques such as vocoding, spectral morphing, EQ, pinged percussive sounds & more…. Take one simple sound source and use the 16 filters to bring specific “slices” of the frequency spectrum in and out with CV – it’s truly impressive what can be achieved with even a simple waveform!

These feature excellent build quality with solid bolted pots and a circuit design by Andrew Morelli of Steady State Fate (SSF).

We only have limited units in stock right now, and more arriving on Wednesday 7th July. Grab ’em soon to avoid disappointment…


A few new features separate the Sputnik Spectral Processor from the 296r Buchla format version.

  • Bandpass program control now features discrete transistor vcas on all channels.
  • Odd and even amp control can now be fully attenuated and additional soft saturation can be applied beyond 60% of travel for the odd/even amp level controls.
  • Bandpass faders now control both eq and program output levels, rather than just eq on the 296r version.
  • Consolidated design on a low profile, single pcb with integrated soft start and reverse power protection as well as significantly reduced current consumption.

Programmed Outputs

The heart of the spectral processor is the programmable control of the 16 filters. The program control section features frequency and width controls for selecting and sweeping through the active bandpass filters. Local program inputs above each band provide direct control over the level of each filter. Spectrum transfer activates the associated odd or even bandpass filter envelope followers to control the other, such as needed in the classic vocoder function. This can be applied to any two inputs in order to ‘analyze’ the spectral density of one of the inputs and impart this dynamic energy onto the other.

16 Band Equalizer

The 16 bandpass filters feature a dedicated attenuator and can provide up to +6db of additional gain per channel. Input signals can be directed to the odd/even numbered filters exclusively or all 16 filters simultaneously via input jack normalization. Dedicated odd and even sum outputs are provided as well as a full summed output for all 16 bands of the EQ feature.

Direct Outputs

Direct outputs are provided for each bandpass filter, as well an envelope follower; offering a dynamic control voltage of a specific band’s energy content.

Pre-fader Outputs

Summed outputs for the odd and even numbered direct outputs.


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We now have the full Future Sound Systems GRISTLEIZER module range back in stock! TG2, TG3, TG4 & TG5

Future Sound Systems Matttech Modular 26.01.18

We are super-excited to announce that we again have stock of the TG2 GENERATOR, TG3 FILTER, TG4 MODULATOR & TG5 PRE-AMPLIFIER modules from Future Sound Systems.

Developed from the Gristleizer – an eccentric sound mangling device used by Throbbing Gristle to devastating effect back the 70’s – this unit has given birth t o a whole range of separate Eurorack modules. These have been designed in collaboration with – and with the full blessing of – Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle, and Roy Gwinn who developed the original unit.

Total sonic devastation is now at your fingertips!



  • MAKROW patch macro-controller
  • MX1 Mixer
  • MTX9 Pin Matrix
  • POCA VAC1 passive lowpass gate

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Lots of Tenderfoot Electronics modules back in stock …including the uber-useful QUAD QUANTIZER!

Tenderfoot Electronics Matttech Modular 17.05.21

We have just restocked a number of modules from Taiwanese brand Tenderfoot Electronics. These glamorous-looking designs offer a range of unique takes on everything from filtering to sequencing, with some tidy little utilities along the way. Our personal fave is the QUAD QUANTIZER – an essential addition for those of you struggling to tame all your patches and turn them into something a little more, ahem, “musical” 🙂 Back in stock, but usually sells out fast

Other highlights include the LATTICE 12-step sequencer, HIKE 2-channel envelope generator with multiple modes & random voltage generator, PINHL 3 channel lowpass gate, and SVF-1 state-variable filter with a choice of characters. Some of these designs are even in our *SALE*, but possibly not for too much longer…

Full module list further down.


TENDERFOOT RANGE : (all in stock except CELLS & EASE)

  • HIKE – 2-channel envelope generator, with multiple modes: Looping envelope, One-shot triggered A/D envelope, ASR envelope for use with longer gate signals. Also offers random voltage mode.
  • LATTICE – 16HP 12-step sequencer composed of a 4×3 grid of steps that can be navigated horizontally, vertically or sequentially from step 1 to step 12.
  • CELLS (Lattice Expander) – adds a number of additional features to the Tenderfoot Electronics Lattice sequencer: 3×4 grid of keys, Forward / Reverse mode, Random step selection, CV selection of the current step & Gate output
  • uCLS (Micro Latice Expander) – adds the same functions to the Tenderfoot Electronics Lattice sequencer as Cells – minus the keypad – and with the addition of an attenuator dial for the envelope/CV input, all nicely packaged in a 4HP module!
  • PINHL – Vactrol-based 3 channel passive low-pass gate. Each channel features 3 different tones selectable with the switches on the front of the panel.
  • SVF-1 – Great sounding state variable filter with drive control, 2 different resonance characters, voltage controlled cutoff and resonance, plus 1v/octave input.
  • VCA – 3-Channel VCA with mixing and offers the ability to chain multiple modules together into a larger VCA mixer.
  • DUPE – Buffered multiple with normalled outputs.
  • EASE – 3-channel attenuverter that can also be used as a CV or audio mixer
  • SAP – 4 channels of passive attenuation in 4HP

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DivKid & SSF RND STEP module back in stock: 3-channel sample & hold module, with 6 unique outputs. Designed with SSF

DivKid SSF Matttech Modular 10.06.20-min

Finally back in stock again!

After the HUUUGELY popular OCHD LFO module, Ben “DivKid” Wilson teamed up with Steady State Fate (SSF) for his 3rd module in order to bring you all another deceptively simple, but well thought-out and feature-packed module…. the RND STEP!

RND STEP is a high performance, 3-channel sample & hold module, comprised of 6 separate Noise / S&H circuits in just 4HP. It features internal normalising between trigger inputs; extended hold times with high sustained-voltage precision; audio processing for creative analogue downsampling effects; plus audio rate-triggered downsampled / clocked noise tones.


RND STEP is a high performance, 3-channel sample & hold module, comprised of 6 separate Noise / S&H circuits in just 4HP.

It has emerged from the combined efforts of video-maker extraordinaire Ben “DivKid” Wilson and purveyors of high-end Eurorack modules, Steady State Fate (SSF), and aims to be flexible and fun – whilst also performing to very high technical standards, something often missing in existing designs.

Each of the 3 channels feature two internal analogue pink noise generators, and two sample & hold circuits – one feeding the unipolar output and the other the bipolar output. The unipolar output always samples its own noise source, and produces stepped random voltages between 0V and 5V.

By default, the bipolar output also samples it’s own noise source – producing bipolar stepped random voltages between -5V to +5V. However, you can override that internal connection by plugging an external signal into the Sample socket. This allows for sampling of external audio or CV signals, and will work with voltages anywhere between -10V and +10V.

RND STEP will operate at slow trigger rates and can generate extended hold times, whilst sustaining the voltage with extremely high precision. At the other end of the spectrum, it will also operate right up into audio rates for creative analogue downsampling effects. When triggered at audio rates RND STEP outputs down-sampled and clocked noise tones from the internal pink noise generators. These can then be used for modulation, percussion or sound FX.

Trigger input 1 is normalised across to all 3 channels, meaning that a single trigger could produce 6 unique random voltage outputs simultaneously – of which 3 are bipolar, and 3 unipolar. Having both of these options ensures that you always have a suitable voltage range for the task in hand, without having to resort to additional utilities such as offsets and mixers.

As comparators are used on the trigger inputs, you could even trigger one channel using the output of a random voltage from another channel.  This would result in the changes in voltage being be more sporadic, as they would only occur when the fluctuating voltage coming into their Trigger input passes a certain level.

RND STEP is a collaboration between Steady State Fate and DivKid. The potential range of patch applications for RND STEP is vast and a selection of patches are demonstrated in the announcement video below.


  • 6 high performance analogue sample and hold circuits split across 3 channels
  • Both unipolar and bipolar outputs on all 3 channel
  • Highly accurate sampling of external audio and CV sources
  • High hold times and accurate sustaining of sampled voltages – especially crucial when used with pitch sequencing
  • Trigger input normalisation from channel 1 to all other trigger inputs
  • Space-efficient
  • DivKid-certified. ’nuff said 😉
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New Transient Modules products available – 7J Joystick Controller and 2M Mixer, plus a restock of the popular 4R (Quad Random) & more..

Transient Modules Matttech Modular 13.09.21

We have added a couple of new modules from Spanish brand Transient Modules to our range – the 7J Joystick Controller and 2M Mixer. The 7J can either output constant voltages, depending on where the joystick is set …or you can feed signals INTO its inputs, and use the joystick to control their levels and/or polarities.

The 2M is a dual 3-channel mixer in 6 HP with volume controls on all the inputs as well as the final output. Low distortion / high quality audio operational amplifiers have been selected in order to achieve clean audio mixing, but is also DC-coupled, so it can perform CV signal mixing as well.

We’ve also restocked the super-useful 4R (Quad Random Voltage), a space-saving quad random voltage generator, featuring: 2 independent trigger inputs; normalising between trigger inputs; 2 pairs of random voltage outputs; each pair can be set to be either unipolar or bipolar (via jumpers)

The 8S (8-Step Sequencer) is also available to order again. It is a deceptively powerful 8 step sequencer with voltage control over reset, hold, random step & direction. Output can be set to unipolar or bipolar via a jumper.

Last but not least, as part of our *SALE*, we’ve slashed the price of the 1F (Voltage Controlled Switch) – previously £82, now only £65! 



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Preorders open for batch 2 of the new Empress Effects ZOIA EUROBURO, the Eurorack incarnation of the hugely popular ZOIA “modular-in-a-pedal”. Stock ETA: mid October

Empress Effects Matttech Modular 07.09.21

Ever fancied the Empress Effects ZOIA pedal but wish it was a module with more Eurorack compatibility? Well all your dreams have finally come true! We’ve been keeping tabs on this since it was first announced many moons ago, and it’s now here – with added modular-focused interfacing & features! (see further down the page for a run-down).

First batch now sold out – batch 2 arriving mid-October. Preorders now open!


The Empress Effects ZOIA Euroburo is a digital modular system that can be placed in your modular system, a real Russian nesting doll situation. We added a headphone output and a super-slim optional case so the Euroburo can live happily on your desktop or be easily mounted in a Eurorack case. Hence the euro + buro, pronounced “bureau”…get it!?

Create unique signature effects, synthesizers, sequencers and more while using 4 freely assignable CV ins and 4 outs to interface with other CV enabled devices. The additional headphone output and powered 9-12v case makes the module even more desktop friendly. With over 90 modules from CV utilities to audio effects, oscillators and envelopes to MIDI, the Euroburo can do almost anything to fill the gaps in your setup.

There’s no need to worry about getting bogged down with endless menus or a cluttered interface. Creating patches and performing with the ZOIA is a tactile experience. Patching, deleting or moving modules and editing values can all be done quickly using the push-button grid and a flick of the encoder. With the addition of dedicated push buttons for the CV and Audio I/O, patching on the ZOIA has never been faster.

Euroburo Features:

  • 4 CV Input and 4 Output Jacks – Editable CV jacks that send or receive -5 to 5, 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 volts
  • 8 Dedicated CV UI Buttons – CV jack connections are always accessible on the face of the Euroburo
  • 2 Quick Access Buttons – Sticky buttons, the assigned function does not change when changing page. Great for live performances!
  • Stereo 3.5mm audio I/O – Includes dedicated audio I/O buttons to quickly patch in and out of the ZOIA
  • MIDI 1/8″ In/Out jack – MIDI 1/8″ in/out jacks allow you to connect a huge range of external devices to control any or all of ZOIA’s functions and easily add MIDI control to your modular setup!
  • Headphone Audio Out – 3.5mm headphone out with UI button for volume control
  • Skiff Friendly – 28mm depth with power
  • Optional Enclosure (SOLD SEPARATELY) – Durable 34 hp slim enclosure with included power supply. NOTE: this case will not function with standard Eurorack modules and is designed specifically to power the ZOIA Euroburo only! EMAIL US TO ORDER

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WMDevices mega-sequencing options all back in stock! METRON plus VOLTERA Expander, along with S3LKT, TIME WARP & OSD for ultimate control

WMDevices Matttech Modular 07.09.21

When WMD do something they don’t do it by halves! ..and their METRON Gate Sequencer is a good example. Not only does it offer 16 channels of gate/ trigger sequencing & a whole host of handy features for producing long sequences with variation within them …but you can also bolt on the VOLTERA Expander, which adds 4 bipolar voltage tracks in 4hp. Up to 16 Volteras can be added to a single METRON giving you up to 64 CV Sequencing lanes for your Eurorack modular system!

..and if THAT wasn’t enough, there are various associated modules which will allow you to switch between sequences, or apply logic functions and voltage controlled gated slews/ glides to your masterpieces.

METRON, VOLTERA, S3LKT, TIME WARP & OSD all in stock now!


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NEW! WMDevices KRAKEN Physical Modelling Snare Drum with a huuuuuuge range of tones & features. In stock now!

WMDevices Matttech Modular 03.09.21

We’re always excited by the prospect of a new module from our friends at WMD, and this one really does deliver the goods: KRAKEN is an extremely flexible snare drum module, employing physical modelling, digital & analogue noise – along with a whole host of nifty features which allow you to tweak every element of the drum’s tone, along with the way each repeated hit sounds. It can either sound like a machine-gun sampled drum hit…or like a realistic “human” performance, where every hit sounds subtly different. You choose! Add to that tons of CV control, an integrated pitch shifter, and 3 different distortions, and you’ve got one hell of a unique drum on your hands.



  • We have all of the WMD drum modules in stock: CRATER, CRUCIBLE, FRACTURE & CHIMERA …along with the MSCL Stereo Bus Compressor for smashing them through (sounds amaaaazing…)
  • We also have the METRON Advanced Trigger & Gate Sequencer, for all your rhythmic desires – along with its VOLTERA Expander (which adds 4 bipolar voltage sequencing tracks in 4hp)
  • In addition, we have the first module from the WMD PERFORMANCE MIXER range: PM MUTES. This module adds mute control over each channel of the Performance Mixer, including the master Aux Sends and even the two extra stereo channels provided by the PM Channels Expander. The main mixer module and PM CHANNELS Expander are due soon.
  • Last but not least, we’ve restocked the GEIGER COUNTER pedal, JAVELIN Combined VC-ADSR/VCA and 4TTEN handy 4 channel fader-based attenuator & offset generator.

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FLASH SALE! Tons of hefty discounts on over 90 products – modules, FX pedals & cables – in our *SALE* section!

Sale Matttech Modular 12.09.21

FLASH SALE!! We’re clearing the decks a bit this month, and following on from our initial discounts on pedals we’ve now added a bunch of modules to our sale. This is in anticipation of a bunch of new releases at the upcoming Superbooth trade show, and following a rather quiet summer where folk have understandably been finally venturing outside (rather than wiggling knobs in a darkened room!)

BIG DISCOUNTS on over 90 products from 2hp, Abstract Data, After Later Audio, AJH Synth, Bastl Instruments, British Noise Electronics, Dreadbox, Earthquaker Devices, Empress Effects,, Eowave, Erica Synths, Future Sound Systems, Grayscale, Instruo, Joranalogue, Klavis, Malekko, Mutable Instruments, New Systems Instruments, Patching Panda, Plankton Electronics, Ritual Electronics, SSF, Tenderfoot Electronics, Tendrils Cables, Tiptop Audio, Transient Modules, WMD & XAOC Devices


NOTE: The sale duration is to be decided. It will continue until a target amount of stock has been sold. Many of the products on sale are only in stock in single units, so act fast if you’ve got your eye on something…

Feel free to shoot us an email if there’s anything else you’re after that isn’t in the sale, and we’ll see what we can do! 😉

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All XOR Electronics NERDSEQ Advanced Tracker Sequencer modules & expanders available to order, in all 3 panel designs!

XOR Electronics Matttech Modular 27.08.21

The XOR Electronics Nerdseq is a tracker based cv and trigger sequencer module for Eurorack systems. It allows straightforward and fast editing and has great live playing abilities. We offer the entire range of NERDSEQ modules via the website, and currently all 3 panel designs (BLACK, GREY & BLACK/GREY) are available as we write this …as are all of the expanders: MORE TRIGGERS 16, CV16, IO EXPANDER and the new TRS MIDI EXPANDER (this last one is currently only manufactured in black)



It consist of 6 Tracks for the CV/Trigger/Gate generation of 18 outputs (12 CV + 6 Trigger/Gate). There are a further 4 sample Tracks, with 2 dedicated audio outputs for sample sequencing. Furthermore the sample outputs can act also as a waveform oscillator.

Dedicated clock/reset inputs and outputs are available for different clock types. 4 free assignable CV inputs can be used for live manipulation or CV/Gate recording. So in total there are 10 Tracks available for sequencing. The sequencer itself is inspired on old module trackers like Fasttracker2(PC)2 , OctaMED(Amiga)3 , LittleSoundDJ(Gameboy)4 and Little Piggy Tracker(Multiple Platforms)5…..

It contains many and very powerful functions for sequencing like an advanced live ability, pattern length of up to 64 steps, chaining, poly-rhythmic tracks, groove, glide, retrigger, flexible trigger/ gate/step lengths, patches, special effects, probability, tables and more.

The sampler tracks offer special functionality for sample playing, pitching, sample effects, retrigger and many more. Samples can be loaded from a dedicated SD card available on the front panel.

The sequencer is able to make loops and full songs (even multiple songs on one project, depending on complexity, usage of patterns etc.) Patterns can be started and stopped independent from the tracks which allows flexible clip-style sequencing. Projects can be saved and loaded on/from the microSD card. All editing is implemented in a very easy way, so every screen or edit option can be accessed through one key or Shift + Key. No complex submenus from submenus or menu diving is needed.

Additional expanders allow Midi recording and sequencing, the connection of a Sega Gamepad for controlling and up to 64 more Trigger/Gate/CV outputs and modulators.

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Steady State Fate ZPO, STEREO DIPOLE, AUTODYNE, TRIPTYCH & VORTICES all back in stock, in their lovely black faceplates

Steady State Fate Matttech Modular 14.05.21

A tidy restock from Steady State Fate just landed – including a top-up of the ever-popular STEREO DIPOLE Quad VCF, the VORTICES Character Mixer, AUTODYNE Compressor …along with their recent collaboration with Boys Noize and Baseck, TRYPTICH – a Triple-Reroutable-FX module capable of BBD Flanging, Comb Filtering, Saturation, Distortion, Multimode Filter & all-round aggro!

…and we just received a small batch of the uber-comprehensive analogue oscillator, the ZPO (ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR)

All ready to go out for the night in their glamorous Black faceplates 🙂


All SSF products currently in stock:

  • ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO) – Thru-Zero Analogue VCO with unique waveforms, Wave Shaping, Wave Morphing, Ring Modulation & many more features
  • AUTODYNE – Clean/Character Auto compressor and Distortion
  • STEREO DIPOLE – Quad Multi-Mode VCF featuring single, dual and quad peak filter outputs. Can also function as a Single, Dual and Quad Sine Wave VCO/LFO.
  • TRIPTYCH – Multi-tiered module consisting of a trio of effects with the addition of input and output voltage-controlled amplifiers: Distortion (3x), Flange/Comb, and Filter, with all paths internally re-routable. From distortion to Karplus-Strong and polyphonic resonance, Triptych is designed to be a unique sound shaping and transformation tool.
  • VORTICES – Character mixer modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. It includes the V-CV Expander, which adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels.
  • RND STEP – High performance, 3-channel sample & hold module, comprised of 6 separate Noise / S&H circuits in just 4HP. Features: internal normalising between trigger inputs; extended hold times with high sustained-voltage precision; creative analogue downsampling effects; plus downsampled and clocked noise tones



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Eowave CLASSIC & PARTY multicoloured patch cable sets back in stock! …plus 200cm 3.5mm to 6.35mm Adapter Cables

Eowave Matttech Modular 08.08.21

After a verrrry long trip from France (don’t ask!) we have finally restocked the hugely-popular Eowave PARTY & CLASSIC patch cable sets – probably our best-selling products when it comes to “standard” Eurorack cables.

We also have tons of super-handy 200cm long 3.5mm to 6.35mm Adapter Cables! (“minijack to big jack”)…..and if you want shorter adapter cables we also have 60cm and 90cm lengths from FoMu HERE

We even have a handful of sets of the funky Eowave 50cm SILKY Right-angled BRAIDED patch cables, but these were thin on the ground when we restocked so move fast if you want those! PLENTY of the other sets in stock though, which should see us through til Xmas at least….


The multicoloured patch cables come in sets of 10, with 5 different colours (2 of each) in each set.

….and in two different “flavours”


Both CLASSIC COLOURS and PARTY COLOURS are in stock in 15cm, 30cm, 50cm and 80cm lengths


  • Narrow 8mm cable end (around jack plug) – ideal for tight spaces
  • Only 25mm height from module faceplate to rear of strain relief – handy for transporting patched systems
  • Sold coiled in bags, as opposed to folded – which can produce permanent kinks in cables
  • Appealingly pliable cables – neither too flimsy, nor too stiff

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New brand alert: We now stock Polyend, with their highly-flexible POLY 2 polyphonic MIDI to CV converter

Polyend Matttech Modular 10.08.21

It’s new brand time again! This time we are venturing into the classy world of Polyend – kicking off with their POLY 2 MIDI to CV converter module, which can be configured and connected to in pretty much every way imaginable – forming the beating heart of your hardware setup and bridging the gap between modular, DAW, controllers, sequencers and more…

In stock and ready to rock!


Connect your computer, smartphone to its USB port; your class compliant MIDI controllers via USB Host, and all the other device via the MIDI jack port. A whole array of analogue outputs give you the versatility to hook up loads of different types of modules. Easily adjust every setting you need thanks to the OLED screen with a straightforward menu system. Set, save and recall your the parameters with a click of an encoder.

Four modes, totally different possibilities:

  • FIRST and NEXT modes are perfect for building your unique polyphonic synthesizer.
  • CHANNEL mode lets you choose which MIDI Channel is responsible for which voice. This mode is what the majority of users utilise to connect DAWs or external sequencers.
  • NOTE mode translates data received from MIDI Notes C through G and directs them into the corresponding voices (no matter the octave). This scenario works excellent for triggering drums from drum pads or drum triggers.


  • Up to 8 voices (Gate + Pitch pairs) and 12 configurable outputs.
  • Full input and output customization (pitch standard, pitch bend, middle C, voltage standard, etc.).
  • Save and Recall your sets of parameters (plus autosave option).
  • Different Play modes (First, Next, Channel and Notes) for different use cases.
  • Musical scale filtering (allows you to generate instant musical results from any type of controller).
  • MPE compatibility.


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NEW Erica Synths modules landed: BLACK JOYSTICK 2, BLACK DUAL ASR EG, PICO VCA2 & PICO EF …plus restocks including BLACK WAVETABLE VCO, CV & Clocking modules, PICO range many more!

Erica Synths Matttech Modular 17.05.21

Our Latvian friends at Erica Synths have been at it again, sending us a bit box of goodies – including FOUR new modules: BLACK JOYSTICK 2, BLACK DUAL ASR EG, PICO VCA2 & PICO EF. We also have restocks of a ton of other popular modules including the BLACK WAVETABLE VCO, PICO DRUM 2, a selection of CV & Clocking modules, plus some of the remaining (heavily-discounted) end-of-line products. See further down for a full list!



  • BLACK JOYSTICK 2 – Joystick controller, movement recorder, distinct LFO and drone/noise oscillator.
  • BLACK DUAL ASR EG – Versatile, fully analogue looping AD/ASR envelope generator with voltage control over attack & release times. Can also be used as an LFO with manual & voltage controlled shape and rate.
  • PICO EF – Space-saving envelope follower, featuring a pre-amp with +40db of gain
  • PICO VCA2 – Space-saving Dual Linear VCA, with DC-coupled inputs and manual BIAS control








  • MIDI <-> CLOCK




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Shakmat Modular Matttech Modular 20.07.21

Shakmat Modular are one of those brands who never fail to come up with designs that offer something pretty unique, or take established concepts and push them into new territories ..and these latest releases are no exception! We’ve been especially excited about the HARLEQUIN’S CONTEXT, as it will allow for all manner of preset voltage and modulation shape generation in response to manual input, CV or gates …while the DUAL DAGGER manages to cram a shedload of features into the stereo filter concept – including independent control over low-pass and high-pass cutoff frequencies, an assignable resonance, and voltage-controlled “Pan” feature for creating interesting directional effects.


We’ve also topped up the following:

  • TIME WIZARD – Six Channel Clock Divider/ Multiplier, in Two Sections, with Additional Logic Functions. Based on 6 dividers with selectable division factors and 4 switches providing 81 routing variations. Can easily clock and reset other sequencers with odd time signatures, provide weird clock division/multiplication ratios, and create complex poly-rhythms.
  • GEMINI’S PATH – Stereo or dual mono dynamic processor and panner. Based on a pair of high-end VCAs, an audio to trigger converter and a smart modulation source, the Gemini’s Path allows numerous operations such as decay/gate on amplitude, auto accentuation, sidechain compression, auto pan and more !
  • SUMDIFF – Dual adder / differentiator module capable of handling both CV and audio signals. Use it for mid/side processing, precision adding with 1v/oct signals & more…
  • HIPASS – Quad fixed frequency high pass filter. The two first sections are 3-pole filters (-18dB/oct) cutting at 30Hz. This removes low frequencies generated by resonant filters, FM synthesis and DC offsets from your audio signals.


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After Later Audio open-source builds back in: PIQUE, BAKER & RAINIER; ALAN; micro ORNAMENT+CRIME & TEMPS UTILE; plus tidy thumb-screws!

After Later Audio Matttech Modular 13.07.21

A tidy restock from After Later Audio has dropped, with a focus on their fully-assembled versions of various popular Open Source modules. First up we have all 3 versions of the discontinued open-source Peaks from Mutable Instruments – PIQUE, BAKER & RAINIER. They range from 4hp to 8hp, with each version having some tidy features added: BAKER (6hp) adds CV inputs and attenuverters for each of the four parameters, while RAINIER (8hp) also adds attenuverters for each of the outputs. All of these modules come preloaded with the extended “Dead Man’s Catch” firmware. The minimalist 4hp version, PIQUE, is also in stock.

As with the original design of Peaks, they offer envelopes, LFOs, drum sounds, sequencing & more…with the “Dead Man’s Catch” firmware adding even more


Also back in stock: uO_C (Micro Ornament & Crime) – an assembled build of the popular Micro Ornament & Crime multifunctional – along with the multifunctional rhythmic powerhouse uT_U (Micro Temps Utile)

The After Later Audio build of the Music Thing Modular Turing Machine – ALAN – is back in, along with DVCA (a 2-channel version of Mutable’s Veils)

Last but not least, we now offer three different types of sexy-looking Eurorack Thumb-screws with integrated washers! These come in tins of 30, in both Black and SIlver colours. The Silver version is available in both M2.5 and M3 thread sizes, and all are very reasonably priced.


  • PIQUE – 4hp micro version of Peaks from Mutable Instruments (now discontinued).  It can be an ADSR-style envelope generator, an LFO and a drum emulator.  By default it comes loaded with the Dead Man’s Catch (DMC) firmware.
  • BAKER – 6hp version of Peaks from Mutable Instruments (now discontinued) that adds CV inputs and attenuverters for each of the four parameters.
  • RAINIER – 8hp version of Peaks from Mutable Instruments (now discontinued) that adds CV inputs and attenuverters for each of the four parameters and adds attenuverters for each of the outputs.
  • DVCA – Dual VCA based on Mutable Instruments’ Veils, with linear/exponential curves, plus individual or summed outputs.
  • BLEND – Feature-packed CV/Audio Mixer and Dual VCA.
  • uT_U (Micro Temps Utile) – An assembled build of the popular Micro Temps Utile multifunctional open source module.
  • uO_C (Micro Ornament & Crime) – An assembled build of the popular Micro Ornament & Crime multifunctional open source module.
  • ALAN (uTuring Machine) – Random Looping Sequencer, based on the Music Thing Modular Turing Machine.
  • ENIGMA – Expander for the Alan module (micro Turing Machine) that enables you to to create a different – yet related – sequence to the main Alan output.
  • ENVy – ADSR style envelope generator based on the CEM3310 chipset, found in many classic synthesizers (Pro One, Prophet 5, MemoryMoog).
  • G&T (Gates & Triggers) – A handy utility module to take your gates and generate triggers and take your triggers and generate a gate.
  • 3:1 MIXER – Utility 3:1 or 6:1 mixer.
  • MULT – Buffered/active multiple with LED indicator.
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XAOC Devices restock just landed, including new MOSKWA II Rotary Sequencer, OSTANKINO II Expander …plus ZADAR, SARAJEWO, KATOWICE & more..

Xaoc Devices Matttech Modular 01.06.21

A tidy restock of Polish brand XAOC Devices just landed – including the new MOSKWA II sequencer & OSTANKINO II expander….along with restocks of old favourites such as the ZADAR quad loopable envelope.

We also have the SARAJEWO syncable BBD analogue delay and KATOWICE stereo variable band isolator in stock.


It’s always a big event when XAOC Devices bring out a new product (or two), and we simply could NOT pass this one up! The original MOSKWA sequencer was a deceptively powerful module which spent many years in our demo system when it first came out – the combination of a simple interface and the ability to modulate its playback in a wide variety of ways made it a real “go-to” device for building tracks around. The MOSKWA II has taken the original and added a whole host of wicked features – probability, programmable slew, quantizer, independent rhythmic patterns PER STEP …along with a ton more options available via its OSTANKINO II Expander. You can even chain 2 MOSKWAS to create longer sequences. This is gonna be fun….

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Bastl Instruments WAVER finally back in stock, along with new Black CIAO! Quad Line Output & Headphones Amp

Bastl Instruments Matttech Modular 06.07.21

Following the runaway success of their DARK MATTER mixer feedback-based module,  Bastl Instruments & Casper Electronics released another collaboration inspired by experimental mixing techniques – WAVER, a fully analog, wave folding mixer and signal disruptor for creating mind melting tones! It can be used for standard wavefolding, plus tremolo, distortion, ring modulation, performative mixer & more..

WAVER is finally back in stock, along with the new BLACK version of the CIAO! Quad Line Output & Headphones Amp ….and tons of other Bastl products ready to ship. Could one of these little guys win a place in your system’s heart?



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Joranalogue MORPH 4 Dimensional Modulation Array, GENERATE 3 & FILTER 8 all back in stock! …plus restocks of entire range, including CONTOUR 1, FOLD 6, COMPARE 2, SELECT 2 & more..

Joranalogue Matttech Modular 21.12.20

A boat-load of Joranalogue modules have landed, including all their big-hitters, whose multi-faceted design means that they rarely do only one thing. They can be manipulated within a wide variety of patches and offer incredibly deep levels of functionality. For example, the innocuous sounding FILTER 8 is not only a gorgeous sounding multimode filter – but can also be used as a Phaser, VC-LFO, 8-Phase Oscillator & Slew Limiter! ….and the engineering and build quality is really something else on these.

Back in stock are:

  • FILTER 8
  • MORPH 4
  • FOLD 6
  • LINK 2
  • ADD 2
  • SELECT 2



When Joranalogue release their take on a module, you KNOW it’s done right …and this time round it’s the turn of the Dimensional Modulation Array. “Eh?”, “a what??” – you’re probably thinking – well, the MORPH 4 is essentially a fully-featured modulation hub for Eurorack synthesisers, taking the basic concept of the multi-VCA module to the next level. Able to function as a voltage controlled mixer, dual crossfader, dual panner, interpolating scanner, interpolating distributor, quad VCA, quadraphonic controller, slope modifier, rectifier, complex waveshaper or something in between any of those—the choice is yours. One point worth noting is that Input A has a +5 V normal, making it easy to use Morph 4 to GENERATE signals, rather than simply process them. hmmmm….

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WMDevices 4hp modules back in, including new OSD (or/sum/dif), SCLPL, MSCL, SL3KT, TIME WARP & VOLTERA …plus CRATER, FRACTURE & CHIMERA drums

wmdevices matttech modular 21.06.21

The first of several WMDevices restocks has just landed – this time focused around their 4hp range, and including a brand new module OSD (or/sum/dif) – offering 3 independent blocks of useful utility, centred around combining voltage in useful ways. Audio, V/Oct, and control voltages are at home in this utility, along with a fully DC-coupled signal path with precision components.

Other 4hp utility modules back in are: SCLPL, MSCL, SL3KT, TIME WARP & the VOLTERA Metron Expander (main module coming soon!)

We’ve also got most of the drum series back in – CRATER, FRACTURE & CHIMERA – with CRUCIBLE also due soon.


Also in stock from WMD:


Please note that due to global production & supply chain issues WMD are implementing 10-15% price increases on their entire range, starting with any orders submitted from 1st July. We have a reasonable amount of products on order, but once those have sold through you will see these price increases kick in…so, as with a few other brands, this is worth considering.