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PEDALS SALE!! Virtually all of the effects pedals we sell are temporarily discounted by 10-15%! Only while stocks last…

Pedals Sale 2

PEDALS SALE!! Virtually all of the effects pedals we sell are temporarily discounted by around 10-15%! …so there’s never been a better time to add that last link in the signal chain that your hardware setup has been crying out for….

All pedals we sell have been handpicked for use with synthesizers and modular systems, and either complement them well sonically, offer higher quality algorithms than typically offered by modules, and many allow for integration with modulars and standalone synths via CV control.

Head over to the *SALE* page of our website to check out the deals on offer on pedals from brands such as Dreadbox, Source Audio, Empress Effects and Earthquaker Devices.

(Sale duration TBD: Continues until a certain amount of stock has been sold. Exclude WMD pedals, where price rises are imminent)

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Utilities: If you know, you know… – a quick dive into the murky world of the humble utility module

Utilities MM

As part of running Matttech Modular I spend a lot of time putting together starter systems for customers, and one of the most common mistakes people make when selecting their first combination of modules is that they they often overlook the “utility” side of things. I mean, who wants to think about boring stuff like attenuverters, offsets and VCAs when there are so many super-duper fancy-pants oscillators to spend your hard earned readies on? Surely it would be more fun to stuff every last inch of your system with exotic FX, morphing filters and granular goodness?

Well, basically, no.

Whilst there’s no denying the appeal of such modules, a lot of the “fun” of Modular synthesis is found in the process of creating patches which seem to have a life of their own, constantly evolving and spiralling off in unforeseen directions.

In order to achieve this lofty goal there’s no getting around it – you need a bunch of utilities in your rig. The “plumbing”, so to speak.

You may have heard the phrase “you can never have too many VCAs”… and the same could be said about attenuators, crossfaders, switches, mixers, logic, clock and trigger modifiers etc.. some of it may not be obviously useful when you start out, but you will be glad of it once you start digging a little deeper into your patching.

That is why modules which combine a few utility functions into one product are great – you’ll be unlikely to use every function in every session, but you’ve got a tidy set of tools to reach for when you start to explore more ambitious patching. I’ve often set aside a couple of hours to investigate some new technique such as min/max or bipolar mixing, only to find it leads me down an unexpectedly creative path.. and the next thing you know you’ve recorded a 20-minute jam that sounds awesome.

So spare a thought for the humble utility! 🙂

A few excellent examples of such modules are the XAOC Devices SAMARA II, Joranalogue Audio Design COMPARE 2 & MORPH 4, Klavis LOGICA XT & FLEXSHAPER, After Later Audio BLEND, Bastl Instruments DYNAMO, Dreadbox UTOPIA, Mutable Instruments LINKS & KINKS and WMDevices OSD (or/sum/dif).

All in stock and ready to forge new pathways in your brain!


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Expert Sleepers goes 100% analogue! 3 new modules just released, all built using discrete transistor OTAs: LORELEI VCO, BEATRIX Phaser & IVO Filter

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 06.08.21

Well this was a surprise! After much teasing on social media, it turns out that the 3 new modules from Expert Sleepers are in a completely different vein from their previous offerings, which tended to focus on multifunctional digital designs such as the DISTING, along with a whole host of interfacing modules for MIDI, CV & audio. The new LORELEI (VCO), BEATRIX (Phaser) and IVO (Filter) modules break the mould and are all 100% analogue, built using discrete transistor OTAs.

The LORELEI VCO in particular offers an unheard-of feature set for a module of this size and price, with quadrature sine outputs, waveshaping, & sync/cross-modulation options! In addition to sounding amazing, the BEATRIX Phaser has some tidy tricks up its sleeve too, being able to switch into Peak Filter mode and allow you to sweep the filter notches without sweeping the resonant frequency. Finally, IVO is all about squelchy full-fat analogue lowpass filtering – could there be an entire synth voice in the works! Only time will tell…

LORELEI are in stock right now! (but selling fast..)

Batch 2 of BEATRIX are IVO is following in a few week’s time (so sign up to the waitlist if you’d like one of those)



  • ES-3 MK4
  • ES-5 MK3
  • ES-6 MK2
  • ESX-8GT MK3
  • ESX-8CV MK2
  • ES-8
  • FHX-8GT
  • FHX-8CV
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The mighty Instruo SAICH Quad Oscillator is back in …along with top-ups of Cs-L, OCHD, CEIS, TANH & SCION

Instruo Matttech Modular 13.07.21

If you’re in the market for a unique analogue oscillator, Instruo bring you the SAICH – a quad oscillator with super-saw functionality and built in “smart” VCA mixing. At its core are four fully analogue sawtooth waveforms that can be intervallically offset, individually and globally detuned, transformed and transposed, and mixed together in creative and interesting ways.


Also back in stock: SCION, CEIS, TANH [3] and (yet) another batch of the super-popular OCHD 8xLFO module produced in conjunction with demo king DivKid


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Exclusive FoMu cable bundles back in stock! MOODY & CHEERY colour sets, plus BRAIDED BUNDLES, SPLITTERS/MULTIPLES & ADAPTER CABLES

FoMu Matttech Modular 07.06.18

Our exclusive sets of FoMu cables are all back in stock at Matttech Modular. We put together two themed colour bundles – MOODY & CHEERY – with 5 different colours in each 5 cable set…along with a bumper BRAIDED BUNDLE, featuring 4 different colours of braided cables, in 3 different lengths. We hope you like them!

Also in stock: PATCH CABLE SPLITTERS / MULTIPLES in Black & White, along with 60cm, and 90cm 3.5mm to 6.35mm (minijack to big jack) ADAPTER CABLES

Full details below:

  • FoMu MOODY Eurorack Patch Cables: Each set of 5 cables contains 1x BLACK, 1x PURPLE, 1x WHITE, 1x BLUE, 1x GREEN – Available in 25, 50, 80 & 150m lengths.
  • FoMu CHEERY Eurorack Patch Cables: Each set of 5 cables contains 1x PINK, 1x YELLOW, 1x PEACH, 1x RED, 1x ORANGE – Available in 25, 50, 80 & 150m lengths.
  • FoMu BRAIDED BUNDLE: Each set of 20 cables contains 5x 25cm braided silver, 5x 50cm braided silver/gold, 5x 50cm braided black/gold x 5, 5x80cm braided gold
  • FoMu Patch Cable Splitter / Multiple: Passive Patch Cable Splitter / Multiple for distributing a single CV or audio signal to 5 different destinations
  • FoMu 3.5mm to 6.35mm Cable:High quality single 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter cable (minijack to big jack) – suitable for connecting Eurorack to effects pedals, patchbays and other external equipment


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Alright Devices CHRONOBLOB 2 dual digital delay back in stock!

Alright Devices Matttech Modular 10.04.19

We have a bunch of the wonderful CHRONOBLOB 2 back in stock – this is a Tempo Synced Stereo Digital Delay, featuring: Freeze/ Hold, Analogue Feedback Send & Return, Multiple Delay Modes.


Chronoblob 2 is a digital delay module!

Just like his little brother, Chronoblob 2 can sync to a clock signal. Patch one into the SYNC input and choose a multiplier or divider for rhythmic delays. Or leave SYNC unpatched for access to continuously variable delay times!

Chronoblob 2 offers four different delay modes! Dual delay mode provides two separate delays with shared controls. Ping-pong mode extends this intermingling even further by placing each delay in the feedback loop of the other.

Single delay is the classic Chronoblob mode with feedback SEND and RETURN. Patch in a lowpass filter for smooth, shadowy echoes, or get weird with a wavefolder or any other effect! Cascade delay mode expands on this archetype by also placing the second delay inside the feedback loop of the main delay, creating a wild multiplying echo effect.

Chronoblob 2 provides control voltage inputs for TIME, FEEDBACK, and DRY/WET, and bipolar attenuators for each so you can dial in just the right amount of control.

In Dual and Ping-pong delay modes, although both delay times are controlled by the main TIME knob, you can voltage-control each independently with the two TIME CV inputs. The right TIME CV is normalled to the left one so you can easily control both with the same signal. Additionally, the left TIME CV is normalled to five volts, allowing you to use the attenuators as offsets from the position of the main TIME knob.

Also in these ‘pink’ modes, the right audio input is normalled to the left input, and the right audio output is normally mixed into the left output (patching into the right jack breaks this connection).

Like the original Chronoblob, you can select the style of time modulation with the slide switch. Choose tape mode for sweeping pitchbend effects, or fade mode for smoother, cleaner changes.

Chronoblob 2 offers an INFINITE LOOP button and gate input to shut off the delay inputs and lock the feedback at 100%.


  • Audio: 16bit, 48kHz
  • Delay: 5ms to 2.7

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A small batch of the DISTING EX has landed, along with the ever-popular Expert Sleepers DISTING mk.4, ES-8 & ES-9!

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 24.08.20

We start to get an itchy feeling once we run out of the Expert Sleepers DISTING mk4, as it’s far & away our best selling module….so it’s only fitting that a big pile of them just landed! 🙂

Supplies of the DISTING EX are still very thin on the ground, but we’ve also managed to snag another small batch of these badboys as well….with (hopefully) a few more on the way in a week or two….but ETAs are “loose” at present

Oh…and virtually every other Expert Sleepers module is in stock…including the ES-8 and ES-9 😉



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Yet more DivKid & Instruo OCHD 8xLFOs just landed! – 8 all-analogue LFOs in a convenient 4HP package

DivKid Matttech Modular 18.12.19-min

The hugely-popular DivKid OCHD is back in stock again! 8 all-analogue LFOs in a convenient 4HP package, and in terms of popularity it is only beaten by the Expert Sleepers DISTING mk4…and that really IS saying something.

We also have restocks of the following: SAICH, CEIS, Cs-L, SCION & TANH[3]



Well Ben “DivKid” Wilson has done it again! After the HUGE success of his MUTES module – developed with Befaco – he has teamed up with Scottish brand Instruo this time round to produce the OCHD. This nifty unit packs 8 all-analogue LFOs into a convenient 4HP package.

Richard Devine described it as “the most organic little modulator ever”….and that is the idea: add a ton of natural, free-flowing modulation to your system in one go – all with a master Rate control that can itself be CV-controlled. Nice

(First few batches FLEW out so grab ’em while you can)

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Back in: Updated 2020 version of Mutable Instruments VEILS quad VCA & cascading mixer

Mutable Instruments Matttech Modular 08.10.20

VEILS 2020 is back in stock!

It’s always an exciting moment when a new Mutable Instruments module drops, and this time it’s the turn of their trusty VEILS quad VCA & cascading mixer to get a makeover. The 2020 version now offers the following tweaks & improvements:

  • More compact footprint (10-HP)
  • Sliders instead of knobs for the main gain/CV control.
  • When CV not used, that channel’s slider becomes a mixer-style level fader.
  • Gain indicator LEDs on sliders (plus output LEDs as before)
  • Positive offset control (0 to 8V) for direct use of bipolar modulation sources.
  • …. and best of all, it’s still super-affordable at only ÂŁ159!



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Instruo restock: ARBHAR, LUBADH, Cs-L, Ts-L, TANH[3] all back in!

Instruo Matttech Modular 15.11.19-min

Another batch of the extremely intriguing “big hitters” from Scottish brand Instruo has landed, including: ARBHAR Granular Processor, Cs-L Dual voltage controlled complex oscillator & the LUBADH Dual Looper

We also have restocks of the following:

  • Ts-L rev.2 – Feature-packed small form Triangle Core VCO, with integrated Wavefolder, Sub, Lin/Exp FM & more…
  • TANH[3] – Three channel, all analogue, wave shaper. Can also function as a limiter & distortion.


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Expert Sleepers restock, including: DISTING EX, FH-2, DISTING mk4, ES-3, ES-8 and ES-9. Get in!

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 06.12.20

Another Expert Sleepers motherload has docked, including the runaway success that is the DISTING EX (full name “Super Disting EX Plus a”). If you want its hugely-popular smaller sibling we also have the the smaller – yet equally essential – 4hp version, the DISTING mk4.

Also joining the gang is the long-out-of-stock FH-2 – a fully featured bi-directional USB MIDI interface, with clock generation / sync, LFOs, Arpeggiators, Euclidian pattern generators & more..

We also have the FH-2 FHX-8GT and FHX-8CV, both of which can be used to expand both the FH-2 and DISTING EX even further! (very limited units only)

In addition, we have stock of the whole range of “ES” interfacing modules – including both the ES-8 and the ES-9 multichannel USB CV/Audio interfaces  ….for all the modular ins & outs you can handle! Joining them are the ES-3 lightpipe/ADAT interface, plus its ES-5, ES-6 and ESX-8GT expanders.

…and if you need a mic preamp to go with your other ins & outs, we have the LITTLE MIKEY


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New Steady State Fate VORTICES Character Mixer now in stock

Steady State Fate Matttech Modular 07.01.20

Steady State Fate (SSF) have always been a fan of high-quality analogue saturation, and this time round they have applied this design philosophy to the mixer realm. VORTICES is a character mixer modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. It includes the V-CV Expander, which adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels. In stock now!



  • STEREO DIPOLE – Quad Multi-Mode VCF featuring single, dual and quad peak filter outputs. Can also function as a Single, Dual and Quad Sine Wave VCO/LFO.
  • ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO) – Thru-Zero Analogue VCO with unique waveforms, Wave Shaping, Wave Morphing, Ring Modulation & many more features
  • AUTODYNE – Clean/Character Auto compressor and Distortion, with sidechain
  • DETECT-RX – Versatile envelope follower, voltage controlled comparator (gate extractor) and rectifier providing many useful prescriptions to fill in your modular needs.

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Shakmat Modular range restock: FOUR BRICKS ROOK quad trigger sequencer & TIME WIZARD 6-channel clock divider/multiplier with logic.

Shakmat Modular Matttech Modular 06.09.17

We have just restocked some selected Shakmat Modular products, in factory assembled format. This includes the popular FOUR BRICKS ROOK – a Quad Trigger Sequencer, with Input Pads, Fill Randomizer, Pattern Store/Recall, CV-Addressable Memory, Quantized or Non-Quantized Operation.

We also have the TIME WIZARD, a Six Channel Clock Divider/ Multiplier, in Two Sections, with Additional Logic Functions.

NOTE: we only have very limited units of these for now. More soon!


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It’s all gone Worng!!! We now stock Aussie brand Worng Electronics, including new stereo PARALLAX VCF, VERTEX VCA & LRMSMSLR Mid/Side

Worng Electronics Matttech Modular 19.06.20-min

Even spelling the brand name is a challenge, as it’s always WORNG – let alone spelling their mid/side module, LRMSMSLR …but don’t let that put you off, as they offer some excellent products, especially when it comes to stereo processing.

In addition to the aforementioned LRMSRLMRSMLRMSMRSLSRM – which brings mid/side processing into Eurorack, and can also be used to produce sum/difference of audio or cv signals – we now have the new PARALLAX Stereo Filter and VERTEX Stereo VCA – each of which offer controls specifically aimed at stereo use (common controls for Left & Right sides, with options to “skew” the relationship between them if desired, in order to create stereo effects)

We’re hoping to have SOUNDSTAGE in stock too, so join the waitlist if you’re after one.


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Create your own Eurorack Drum Machine with, Shakmat Modular, Erica Synths, SSF & more!

Euro Drums Modular Matttech 15.01.21

We’ve just received another restock of the wonderful QUAD DRUM VOICE drum synth/sampler module….which got us thinking about Eurorack drums, and associated modules.

Imagine the QUAD DRUM paired with, say, the funky FOUR BRICKS ROOK from Shakmat Modular (also in stock)  – basically, you’d have you own little – supremely flexible – drum machine at your fingertips, all within your Eurorack case. Tap in rhythms in real time, quantize them on the fly, add fills, and choose from an array of different drum sound options and algorithms. Get ON it! 😉

Also – the Shakmat TIME WIZARD could also make a great rhythmic companion for your QUAD DRUM – allowing for complex clock divisions/ multiplications and logic functions which you could either employ when using a steady clock – or try inputting more complex rhythms for some SERIOUS madness!

Too “digital” for you eh? …well try slamming it through the new Steady State Fate VORTICES character mixer  – modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. How do you think top producers used to get that massive drum sound? …by hitting the red on the meters when recording to analogue tape, that’s what!

Still not enough drums for your kit? Add a couple of other cheeky little fellas, such as the 3hp Erica Synths PICO DRUMS or PICO DRUM 2 – the former offering a ton of classic high-quality sampled drums (with the optional PICO DRUM PROGRAMMER if you want to upload your own samples) – and the latter offering full digital drum synthesis (similar to the Korg Volca Drum), but with voltage control.

Fancy some FX? Lots of options to choose from, including the Erica Synths PICO DSP, BLACK HOLE DSP, DUAL FX (aimed specifically at drums) …or the more experimental Noise Engineering DESMODUS VERSIO, IMITOR VERSIO, QuBit PRISM, 2hp FREEZ, Tiptop Audio zDSP and many more – all shown by following this LINK

Think outside the box and get creative with your own personalised drum machine setup! 🙂 available HERE

  • QUAD DRUM VOICE – 4 independent digital drum voices in 22hp, each of which can be either a digitally modelled drum, a sample from a sample set, or a wavetable vco from a wavetable bank.
  • FOUR BRICKS ROOK – Quad Trigger Sequencer, with Input Pads, Fill Randomizer, Pattern Store/Recall, CV-Addressable Memory, Quantized or Non-Quantized Operation
  • TIME WIZARD – Six Channel Clock Divider/ Multiplier, in Two Sections, with Additional Logic Functions
  • VORTICES – Character mixer modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. Includes V-CV Expander, which adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels.
  • PICO DRUMS – Dual Drum/Sampler Module with 64 Samples, Pitch, Decay & Volume Control
  • PICO DRUM PROGRAMMER – If you wish to upload your own drum samples to the Erica Synths Pico DRUM module, you’ll need Pico DRUM programmer.
  • PICO DRUMS 2 – Percussion synthesizer in a 3 HP eurorack module, featuring 8 drum synthesis algorithms, 1v/oct tracking, 3 parameters per algorithm & extensive CV control


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TWO new XAOC Devices modules in stock: SARAJEWO Syncable Analog Delay & KATOWICE Stereo Variable-band Isolator

XAOC Devices Matttech Modular 05.11.20

Batch 2 of the 2 new XAOC Devices has landed: The SARAJEWO Syncable Analog Delay & KATOWICE Stereo Variable-band Isolator are both back in stock, and are truly stunning bits of kit. Put it this way, if YOU don’t want them, I’ll certainly take one of each myself 😉



Sarajewo is an analog delay module based on old school (but newly manufactured) BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) chips. It features three delay taps, an external clock input with various tempo sync factors, and a wide range of settings controllable via CV.

It is based on high quality components with maximum effort put towards the highest sound quality possible, while still preserving the charm of the BBD technology. The module offers a clean and warm analog sound with tons of character and a comfortable user interface with a tap tempo button, signal level indicators, sync and CV inputs, four signal outputs, and an adjustable feedback filter.


Katowice is a stereo variable–band isolator that allows the user to manipulate a selected range of frequencies. It is the first module in a series of upcoming Xaoc Devices products designed specifically for processing stereo signals. Katowice splits the stereo input signal into three bands: low, middle, and high.

While the knobs and CV inputs define the centre frequency and bandwidth of the mid band, the low and high bands are automatically adjusted so that the sum of all three is a complete signal. All three bands are passed through high quality VCAs and their stereo outputs are available separately for further processing.

A stereo mixdown signal is also available. Katowice may be used as a crossover network, a parametric EQ, DJ-style kill filter, or other band-selective applications, including multiband compression and stereo enhancement.

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More Instruo restocks just in: Ts-L rev2 Oscillator, DivKid OCHD 8xLFO, the mighty Cs-L Dual Complex Oscillator & TANH[3] Waveshaper

Instruo Matttech Modular 22.12.20

More Instruo restocks just in: the updated version of the Ts-L waveshaping VCO, along with the Instruo/DivKid OCHD 8 x LFO – now officially our 2nd highest-selling module, behind only the DISTING mk4…no mean feat!!

We also have the return of the mighty Cs-L Dual Complex Oscillator! This is a lot of folk’s favourite complex VCO, and offers pretty much every single feature you could think of -and often TWO of them! 🙂

TANH[3} is also back in stock, for all your waveshaper/ saturator/ limiter needs


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Just landed: new Rossum Electro-Music MOB OF EMUS multichannel CV / sound source

Rossum Electro-Music Matttech Modular 16.11.20

Well Rossum Electro-Music have certainly won the prize for strangest module title of all time with their new MOB OF EMUS! This wild offering is a flexible music / sound design tool that gives you six channels of oscillators, noise sources, cyclical & 1-shot modulators, sample & holds, slow random modulators, triggers, rhythm patterns, and quantization (of both internal and external signals) in pretty much any combination.

Stock just landed – 4 units left as of today (27th November)


Mob of Emus is a powerful music and sound design tool that packs an enormous amount of creative power into an amazingly compact 16HP module.

Mob of Emus gives you six channels of oscillators, noise sources, cyclical and 1-shot modulators (including LFOs, envelopes, and various other shapes), sample and hold waveshapes, slow random modulators, triggers, rhythm patterns, and quantization (of both internal and external signals) in pretty much any combination (well, any combination of six channels, anyway).

In addition to being able to independently program the function of each individual channel, Mob of Emus’ Hex Mode provides a macro control layer that allows you to control all of its channels simultaneously (while maintaining the relationships of each channel’s independent programming).

What’s more, Mob of Emus’ “harmonic” control structure makes it extremely easy to combine its oscillators into rich additive timbres, to combine its LFOs into stacked harmonic low frequency modulation waves, and to create modulation sources and triggers with intricate polyrhythmic patterns.

With an external trigger input, six CV inputs that can operate in six different control modes, six independent outputs, and an assignable mix output, Mob of Emus can operate as the heart of an almost unlimited variety of patches. And its 8 real-time controls will give you immediate hands-on access to a channel’s (or all six channels’) key parameters, inviting (and rewarding) exploration and improvisation.

Mob of Emus features include:

  • Six channels that can function independently or can be further controlled by a Hex Mode macro layer that lets you control all six simultaneously. Channels can be:
    • Wide-range digital oscillators
    • Noise sources
    • Cyclical and 1-shot modulators (including LFOs, envelopes, and various other shapes)
    • Sample and hold waveshapes
    • Slow random modulators
    • Triggers
    • Rhythm patterns
    • Quantizers (of both internal and external(!) signals)
  • Six CV inputs that can function in six different control modes
  • Eight real-time controls for immediate access to key channel parameters
  • Six individual channel outputs and an assignable mix output
  • The ability to store and recall 12 user presets
  • And much more…
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Big After Later Audio restock just in, including new POPPLE Stereo Filter …plus DVCA, TEMPS UTILE, ALAN, STEPS, BLEND, TILT & much more…

After Later Audio Matttech Modular 05.11.20

We recently welcomed Seattle’s After Later Audio into the fold at Matttech Modular. Well-known for producing high-quality builds of open source projects such as ORNAMENT & CRIME and TEMPS UTILE, they caught our attention again recently on DivKid’s Youtube channel, where he showed off their new POPPLE Stereo Multimode Filter, based on the Open Source Mutable Instruments Ripples (v1) design. Probably the most affordable true stereo filter on the market…and it sounds great! (check the video evidence below…)

Another new module we’ve added this time round is the DVCA – a dual-channel, 4hp take on the Mutable Instruments VEILS VCA design. Again, a great idea!

DivKid also demoed their 3 most recent original designs: TILT, STEPS & BLEND. These all looked excellent – with a focus on providing maximum bang for your buck (and HP) – and took us to their website, where we discovered a whole host of other designs – most of which are now in stock. Further details & video links on the relevant product pages

MORE BENJOLIN v2 coming soon! (we had some, but they sold out immediately)



  • POPPLE – 8hp multimode stereo filter based on the Mutable Instruments Ripples V1 filter section
  • DVCA – Dual VCA based on Mutable Instruments’ Veils, with linear/exponential curves, plus individual or summed outputs.
  • TILT – Function Generator and ADSR Envelope Generator.
  • STEPS – Random Looping Stepped CV and Burst Generator.
  • BLEND – Feature-packed CV/Audio Mixer and Dual VCA.
  • uT_U (Micro Temps Utile) – An assembled build of the popular Micro Temps Utile multifunctional open source module.
  • uO_C (Micro Ornament & Crime) – An assembled build of the popular Micro Ornament & Crime multifunctional open source module.
  • ALAN (uTuring Machine) – Random Looping Sequencer, based on the Music Thing Modular Turing Machine.
  • ENIGMA – Expander for the Alan module (micro Turing Machine) that enables you to to create a different – yet related – sequence to the main Alan output.
  • MORCOM – Expander for the Alan module (micro Turing Machine) that exposes 11 random pulse outputs derived from the main module.
  • PIQUE – Micro version of Peaks from Mutable Instruments (now discontinued).  It can be an ADSR-style envelope generator, an LFO and a drum emulator.  By default it comes loaded with the Dead Man’s Catch (DMC) firmware.
  • bOSC – A triangle core oscillator that is based on the same CEM3340 chipset used in legendary synths (SH-101, Prophet 5, MemoryMoog).
  • FILThy – Cost-effective, feature-packed multimode filter offering LPF, BPF, HPF, and NOTCH simultaneous outputs – all in just 6HP.
  • ENVy – ADSR style envelope generator based on the CEM3310 chipset, found in many classic synthesizers (Pro One, Prophet 5, MemoryMoog).
  • G&T (Gates & Triggers) – A handy utility module to take your gates and generate triggers and take your triggers and generate a gate.
  • 3:1 MIXER – Utility 3:1 or 6:1 mixer.
  • MULT – Buffered/active multiple with LED indicator.