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EVEN BIGGER DISCOUNTS! 25-74% discount on modules in our *SALE* section, plus 20-30% off all Eurorack patch cables! Stock selling out fast now…

Mega Sale Matttech Modular 18.07.22

Items are starting to sell out, but our MEGA SALE continues apace …and it’s worth checking in regularly as we’re continually tweaking the deals on offer, with most products now reduced even further. The discounts on modules in our SALE section range from 25% to 74% OFF (and now all discounts are shown both in GBP and percentages, to make your decision easier)

We’ve also got a ton of Eurorack Patch Cables from Eowave & FoMu on sale for 20-25% OFF , with all remaining TENDRILS now at 25-30% OFF

Also, if you go to the SHOP page we have tweaked it so you should see all the biggest discounts first, with the rest of the deals in descending (percentage discount) order from there on.

Some choice remaining offers include:

  • Bubblesound REDUCER 4-chanel modular to line level attenuator/multiple – now just £48 (RRP: £69)
  • Bastl Instruments DYNAMO envelope follower/comparator/switch – now just £77 (RRP: £125)
  • Tenderfoot Electronics VCA (superb 3-channel VCA/ mixer with awesome saturation!) – now just £95 (RRP: £159)
  • Shakmat Modular HARLEQUIN’S CONTEXT quad preset programmer & clockable modulation generator – now just £215 (RRP: £285)
  • DivKid “pumpkin head” double-sided blanking panels 50% off! – now just £5.49 (RRP: £10.99)


BIG DISCOUNTS on products from Bastl Instruments, Bubblesound Instruments, DivKid, Eowave, FoMu Cables, Malekko, Shakmat Modular, Synthcables, Tenderfoot Electronics and Tendrils Cables