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Create your own Eurorack Drum Machine with, Shakmat Modular, Erica Synths, SSF & more!

Euro Drums Modular Matttech 15.01.21

We’ve just received another restock of the wonderful QUAD DRUM VOICE drum synth/sampler module….which got us thinking about Eurorack drums, and associated modules.

Imagine the QUAD DRUM paired with, say, the funky FOUR BRICKS ROOK from Shakmat Modular (also in stock)  – basically, you’d have you own little – supremely flexible – drum machine at your fingertips, all within your Eurorack case. Tap in rhythms in real time, quantize them on the fly, add fills, and choose from an array of different drum sound options and algorithms. Get ON it! 😉

Also – the Shakmat TIME WIZARD could also make a great rhythmic companion for your QUAD DRUM – allowing for complex clock divisions/ multiplications and logic functions which you could either employ when using a steady clock – or try inputting more complex rhythms for some SERIOUS madness!

Too “digital” for you eh? …well try slamming it through the new Steady State Fate VORTICES character mixer  – modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. How do you think top producers used to get that massive drum sound? …by hitting the red on the meters when recording to analogue tape, that’s what!

Still not enough drums for your kit? Add a couple of other cheeky little fellas, such as the 3hp Erica Synths PICO DRUMS or PICO DRUM 2 – the former offering a ton of classic high-quality sampled drums (with the optional PICO DRUM PROGRAMMER if you want to upload your own samples) – and the latter offering full digital drum synthesis (similar to the Korg Volca Drum), but with voltage control.

Fancy some FX? Lots of options to choose from, including the Erica Synths PICO DSP, BLACK HOLE DSP, DUAL FX (aimed specifically at drums) …or the more experimental Noise Engineering DESMODUS VERSIO, IMITOR VERSIO, QuBit PRISM, 2hp FREEZ, Tiptop Audio zDSP and many more – all shown by following this LINK

Think outside the box and get creative with your own personalised drum machine setup! 🙂 available HERE

  • QUAD DRUM VOICE – 4 independent digital drum voices in 22hp, each of which can be either a digitally modelled drum, a sample from a sample set, or a wavetable vco from a wavetable bank.
  • FOUR BRICKS ROOK – Quad Trigger Sequencer, with Input Pads, Fill Randomizer, Pattern Store/Recall, CV-Addressable Memory, Quantized or Non-Quantized Operation
  • TIME WIZARD – Six Channel Clock Divider/ Multiplier, in Two Sections, with Additional Logic Functions
  • VORTICES – Character mixer modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. Includes V-CV Expander, which adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels.
  • PICO DRUMS – Dual Drum/Sampler Module with 64 Samples, Pitch, Decay & Volume Control
  • PICO DRUM PROGRAMMER – If you wish to upload your own drum samples to the Erica Synths Pico DRUM module, you’ll need Pico DRUM programmer.
  • PICO DRUMS 2 – Percussion synthesizer in a 3 HP eurorack module, featuring 8 drum synthesis algorithms, 1v/oct tracking, 3 parameters per algorithm & extensive CV control


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2 new After Later Audio modules in stock: BAKER & RAINIER, plus restocks including BENJOLIN v2, uORNAMENT & CRIME, ALAN (plus Expanders) & much more…

After Later Audio Matttech Modular 25.11.20

Well those guys & gals at After Later Audio have been busy again, and we have stock of 2 new modules – BAKER & RAINIER. They are both versions of the discontinued open-source Peaks from Mutable Instruments, but with some tidy features added. BAKER (6hp) adds CV inputs and attenuverters for each of the four parameters, and RAINIER (8hp) also adds attenuverters for each of the outputs. Tidy! All of these modules come preloaded with the extended “Dead Man’s Catch” firmware.

Also back in stock: BENJOLIN v2 – the recently updated version of Rob Hordijk’s chaotic / experimental synth voice, uT_U (Micro Temps Utile) – the multifunctional rhythmic powerhouse, and ALAN (Micro Turing Machine) whose two expanders: MORCOM & ENIGMA, can also be used with the BENJOLIN v2.

We also have the POPPLE – an 8hp multimode stereo filter based on the Mutable Instruments Ripples V1 filter section, and many more…including the most recent original After Later Audio designs – STEPS, BLEND & TILT



  • PIQUE – 4hp micro version of Peaks from Mutable Instruments (now discontinued).  It can be an ADSR-style envelope generator, an LFO and a drum emulator.  By default it comes loaded with the Dead Man’s Catch (DMC) firmware.
  • BAKER – 6hp version of Peaks from Mutable Instruments (now discontinued) that adds CV inputs and attenuverters for each of the four parameters.
  • RAINIER – 8hp version of Peaks from Mutable Instruments (now discontinued) that adds CV inputs and attenuverters for each of the four parameters and adds attenuverters for each of the outputs.
  • BENJOLIN V2 – Chaotic / experimental synth voice consisting of two oscillators, the Rungler (stepped CV generator), and a multimode filter.
  • POPPLE – 8hp multimode stereo filter based on the Mutable Instruments Ripples V1 filter section
  • DVCA – Dual VCA based on Mutable Instruments’ Veils, with linear/exponential curves, plus individual or summed outputs.
  • TILT – Function Generator and ADSR Envelope Generator.
  • STEPS – Random Looping Stepped CV and Burst Generator.
  • BLEND – Feature-packed CV/Audio Mixer and Dual VCA.
  • uT_U (Micro Temps Utile) – An assembled build of the popular Micro Temps Utile multifunctional open source module.
  • uO_C (Micro Ornament & Crime) – An assembled build of the popular Micro Ornament & Crime multifunctional open source module.
  • ALAN (uTuring Machine) – Random Looping Sequencer, based on the Music Thing Modular Turing Machine.
  • ENIGMA – Expander for the Alan module (micro Turing Machine) that enables you to to create a different – yet related – sequence to the main Alan output.
  • MORCOM – Expander for the Alan module (micro Turing Machine) that exposes 11 random pulse outputs derived from the main module.
  • FILThy – Cost-effective, feature-packed multimode filter offering LPF, BPF, HPF, and NOTCH simultaneous outputs – all in just 6HP.
  • ENVy – ADSR style envelope generator based on the CEM3310 chipset, found in many classic synthesizers (Pro One, Prophet 5, MemoryMoog).
  • G&T (Gates & Triggers) – A handy utility module to take your gates and generate triggers and take your triggers and generate a gate.
  • 3:1 MIXER – Utility 3:1 or 6:1 mixer.
  • MULT – Buffered/active multiple with LED indicator.
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Fresh Bastl Instruments delivery in stock: DARK MATTER, WAVER, IKARIE, MICROGRANNY & more …plus new Black versions of ABC mixer & CINNAMON filter

Bastl Instruments Matttech Modular 07.01.21

To kick off the New Year, we have a tidy restock of the Bastl Instruments range, before any Brexit-related price increases kick in – including the first new Black panel revamps of previous modules: the ABC Simple Yet Versatile Six Channel Signal Mixer and CINNAMON Voltage Controlled State Variable Filter, with Drive & Character Switches.

We have restocks of the popular DARK MATTER and WAVER …along with the latest collaboration between Bastl Instruments & Casper Electronics – IKARIE, a uniquely sculpted, flexible stereo or dual peak filter module. Also features an internal VCA, CV control over panning and resonance, plus optional overdrive of the input.

Other restocks this time round include: MICROGRANNY (Black and Red versions), KOMPAS and KASTLE 1.5

We are now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Bastl Instruments now, and have lots of other products either in stock, or listed as “stock available at our supplier”, who are UK-based and ship to us the same day your order is placed – meaning you’ll receive your item within 2-3 working days.
If they don’t have an item in stock, we don’t take orders for it, and show it as “out of stock”. Simple! 🙂


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Full range of Ritual Electronics 3u modules back in stock – MIASMA VC-Distortion, ALTAR VCF & ANIMA Dual Function Generator

Ritual Electronics Matttech Modular 23.12.20

Ritual Electronics are back in stock! These dark & mysterious gentlemen made quite a splash with their MIASMA voltage-controlled distortion module a while back, …and have followed this up with the equally-impressive ALTAR VCF and ANIMA dual function generator. All of these are now back in stock, and a new version of the CRIME expander for MIASMA is in the works.

And, quite frankly, any designers who habitually wear Coil t-shirts are very much fine with us 🙂

All modules are in stock and ready to ship!


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TWO new XAOC Devices modules in stock: SARAJEWO Syncable Analog Delay & KATOWICE Stereo Variable-band Isolator

XAOC Devices Matttech Modular 05.11.20

Batch 2 of the 2 new XAOC Devices has landed: The SARAJEWO Syncable Analog Delay & KATOWICE Stereo Variable-band Isolator are both back in stock, and are truly stunning bits of kit. Put it this way, if YOU don’t want them, I’ll certainly take one of each myself 😉



Sarajewo is an analog delay module based on old school (but newly manufactured) BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay) chips. It features three delay taps, an external clock input with various tempo sync factors, and a wide range of settings controllable via CV.

It is based on high quality components with maximum effort put towards the highest sound quality possible, while still preserving the charm of the BBD technology. The module offers a clean and warm analog sound with tons of character and a comfortable user interface with a tap tempo button, signal level indicators, sync and CV inputs, four signal outputs, and an adjustable feedback filter.


Katowice is a stereo variable–band isolator that allows the user to manipulate a selected range of frequencies. It is the first module in a series of upcoming Xaoc Devices products designed specifically for processing stereo signals. Katowice splits the stereo input signal into three bands: low, middle, and high.

While the knobs and CV inputs define the centre frequency and bandwidth of the mid band, the low and high bands are automatically adjusted so that the sum of all three is a complete signal. All three bands are passed through high quality VCAs and their stereo outputs are available separately for further processing.

A stereo mixdown signal is also available. Katowice may be used as a crossover network, a parametric EQ, DJ-style kill filter, or other band-selective applications, including multiband compression and stereo enhancement.

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Expert Sleepers restock, including: DISTING mk4, MIDI Breakout, ES-3, ES-8 and ES-9. Get in!

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 03.06.19-min

Another Expert Sleepers motherload has docked, including the runaway success that is the DISTING mk4….along with its MIDI BREAKOUT MODULE, which can also be used with the DISTING EX, GENERAL CV and FH-2 – basically any Expert Sleepers modules with MIDI headers on the PCB.

In addition, we have stock of the whole range of “ES” interfacing modules – including both the ES-8 and the ES-9 multichannel USB CV/Audio interfaces  ….for all the modular ins & outs you can handle! Joining them are the ES-3 lightpipe/ADAT interface, plus its ES-5, ES-6 and ESX-8GT expanders.

We also have the FH-2 FHX-8GT and FHX-8CV, both of which can be used to expand both the FH-2 and DISTING EX even further! (very limited units only)

…and if you need a mic preamp to go with your other ins & outs, we have the LITTLE MIKEY


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Huuuge Mutable Instruments delivery just in: PLAITS, MARBLES, STAGES, RINGS, RIPPLES, TIDES & most other modules all back in stock…

Mutable Instruments Matttech Modular 08.08.18

We’ve just received a timely restock (well, several actually) of the wonderful Mutable Instruments range – just before Brexit kicks in, and in anticipation of any subsequent price rises. Restocks include the PLAITS Macro Oscillator,  RINGS physical modelling resonator, and MARBLES ultra-comprehensive random module …along with pretty much every module from the range!

In stock now:



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Klavis Matttech Modular 30.12.20

Some tidy Klavis goodies have landed back at Matttech Modular, including batch 2 of their brand new, updated TWIN  WAVES mkII – a voltage-controlled Dual VCO/LFO with 20 Synthesis Algorithms, Thru Zero FM, Quantizer, Suboctave, Integrated VCA & more..

Also back in: FLEXSHAPER CV-controlled voltage mapper / waveshaper, QUADIGY Quad Envelope Generator, MIXWITCH Mixer & Switcher & LOGICA XT Voltage-controlled Logic and Gate Processor.

Update: We just received a batch of the CALTRANS Programmable V/oct CV calibrator and transposer, with additional semitone quantizer, portamento & glissando features.



  • Same width as original
  • All capabilities and features of the original have been retained.
  • Three dedicated modulation gain pots have been added.
  • Semi-modular cross-section patching is now possible.
  • Additional tweaks & improvements implemented.
  • Whereas the original Twin Waves required +/-5V signals to benefit from full scale modulation, the new version requires less and has gain knobs for all 3 modulation inputs.

These new gain knobs are even more beneficial, given that normalling of their outputs to the other section’s modulation input(s) allows creative results without requiring extra patching. This offers an easy and creative access to “complex oscillator” fun and cross modulation craziness..

Using the outputs does not break their normalling; this avoids using a “multiple” when the output signal should go both inside and outside the module. Of course, if you would rather use an external modulation source, simply connect it to the relevant CV input and this will override the internal normalling.

The dedicated Square1 output of the first oscillator is normalled to the global sync/clock input. This allows synchronizing the second oscillator both for audio and LFO/random purposes.

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Exclusive FoMu cable bundles back in stock! MOODY & CHEERY colour sets, plus BRAIDED BUNDLES, SPLITTERS/MULTIPLES & ADAPTER CABLES

FoMu Matttech Modular 07.06.18

Our exclusive sets of FoMu cables are all back in stock at Matttech Modular. We put together two themed colour bundles – MOODY & CHEERY – with 5 different colours in each 5 cable set…along with a bumper BRAIDED BUNDLE, featuring 4 different colours of braided cables, in 3 different lengths. We hope you like them!

Also in stock: PATCH CABLE SPLITTERS / MULTIPLES in Black & White, along with 60cm, 90cm and 120cm 3.5mm to 6.35mm (minijack to big jack) ADAPTER CABLES

Full details below:

  • FoMu MOODY Eurorack Patch Cables: Each set of 5 cables contains 1x BLACK, 1x PURPLE, 1x WHITE, 1x BLUE, 1x GREEN – Available in 25, 50, 80 & 150m lengths.
  • FoMu CHEERY Eurorack Patch Cables: Each set of 5 cables contains 1x PINK, 1x YELLOW, 1x PEACH, 1x RED, 1x ORANGE – Available in 25, 50, 80 & 150m lengths.
  • FoMu BRAIDED BUNDLE: Each set of 20 cables contains 5x 25cm braided silver, 5x 50cm braided silver/gold, 5x 50cm braided black/gold x 5, 5x80cm braided gold
  • FoMu Patch Cable Splitter / Multiple: Passive Patch Cable Splitter / Multiple for distributing a single CV or audio signal to 5 different destinations
  • FoMu 3.5mm to 6.35mm Cable:High quality single 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter cable (minijack to big jack) – suitable for connecting Eurorack to effects pedals, patchbays and other external equipment


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Expert Sleepers restock, including: DISTING EX, FH-2, DITING mk4, ES-3, ES-8 and ES-9. Get in!

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 06.12.20

Another Expert Sleepers motherload has docked, including the runaway success that is the DISTING EX (full name “Super Disting EX Plus a”). If you want its hugely-popular smaller sibling we also have the the smaller – yet equally essential – 4hp version, the DISTING mk4.

Also joining the gang is the long-out-of-stock FH-2 – a fully featured bi-directional USB MIDI interface, with clock generation / sync, LFOs, Arpeggiators, Euclidian pattern generators & more..

We also have the FH-2 FHX-8GT and FHX-8CV, both of which can be used to expand both the FH-2 and DISTING EX even further! (very limited units only)

In addition, we have stock of the whole range of “ES” interfacing modules – including both the ES-8 and the ES-9 multichannel USB CV/Audio interfaces  ….for all the modular ins & outs you can handle! Joining them are the ES-3 lightpipe/ADAT interface, plus its ES-5, ES-6 and ESX-8GT expanders.

…and if you need a mic preamp to go with your other ins & outs, we have the LITTLE MIKEY


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Eowave CLASSIC & PARTY multicoloured patch cable sets back in stock!

We have just restocked the lovely Eowave patch cable sets. They come in sets of 10, with 5 different colours (2 of each) in each set

….and in two different “flavours”


CLASSIC COLOURS in stock in 15cm, 30cm, 50cm and 80cm lengths
PARTY COLOURS only in stock in 15cm and 30cm lengths at present (more soon!)


  • Narrow 8mm cable end (around jack plug) – ideal for tight spaces
  • Only 25mm height from module faceplate to rear of strain relief – handy for transporting patched systems
  • Sold coiled in bags, as opposed to folded – which can produce permanent kinks in cables
  • Appealingly pliable cables – neither too flimsy, nor too stiff






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More Instruo restocks just in: Ts-L rev2 Oscillator, DivKid OCHD 8xLFO, the mighty Cs-L Dual Complex Oscillator & TANH[3] Waveshaper

Instruo Matttech Modular 22.12.20

More Instruo restocks just in: the updated version of the Ts-L waveshaping VCO, along with the Instruo/DivKid OCHD 8 x LFO – now officially our 2nd highest-selling module, behind only the DISTING mk4…no mean feat!!

We also have the return of the mighty Cs-L Dual Complex Oscillator! This is a lot of folk’s favourite complex VCO, and offers pretty much every single feature you could think of -and often TWO of them! 🙂

TANH[3} is also back in stock, for all your waveshaper/ saturator/ limiter needs


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Noise Engineering restock: lots of RUINA distortions, plus MIMETIC DIGITALIS, VOX DIGITALIS, BASIMILUS & more…in Black & Silver versions

Noise Engineering Matttech Modular 11.07.19

Usually known for their digital modules – especially the LOQUELIC ITERITAS vco & BASIMILUS ITERITAS ALTER drum voice – Noise Engineering decided to focus on some analogue processing in 2019….and distortion was the theme!

We now have most of the RUINAs back in stock, including the VIOL RUINA – an all-analog distortion and lowpass filter with an internal envelope follower and self-modulating cutoff. This is Noise Engineering’s very first filter, and has proved very popular.

We have also procured stock of the SINC BUCINA (Noise Engineering’s take on a flexible lowpass gate design), MIMETIC DIGITALIS (a mash-up of the Voltage Block & Rene sequencers) and the VOX DIGITALIS (space-saving, no fuss sequencer)

Many of these are in stock in both BLACK & SILVER panels, but limited units of each…so, as always, you know what to do… 😉


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Steady State Fate STEREO DIPOLE, ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO) & AUTODYNE all back in stock, in their lovely black faceplates

Steady State Fate Matttech Modular 06.12.20

A tidy restock from Steady State Fate just landed – including the wonderful STEREO DIPOLE, ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO) & AUTODYNE – all ready to go out for the night in their glamorous Black faceplates 🙂

We also have ONE unit left of the Black & Gold version of the now discontinued ENTITY BASS DRUM SYNTHESIZER, along with limited stock of the DETECT-RX (Aluminium panel version)


All SSF products currently in stock:

  • ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR – Thru-Zero Analogue VCO with unique waveforms, Wave Shaping, Wave Morphing, Ring Modulation & many more features
  • STEREO DIPOLE – Quad Multi-Mode VCF featuring single, dual and quad peak filter outputs. Can also function as a Single, Dual and Quad Sine Wave VCO/LFO.
  • AUTODYNE – Clean/Character Auto compressor and Distortion
  • DETECT-RX – Versatile envelope follower, voltage controlled comparator (gate extractor) and rectifier providing many useful prescriptions to fill in your modular needs.
  • ENTITY BASS DRUM – Complete and versatile synthesizer voice geared for designing a huge array of bass drum, percussive and synth sounds

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Just landed: Batch 2 of the TakTakTak DRUMBO Expanded Syncussion-based Drum Synth module. Exclusive to Matttech Modular!

TakTakTak Matttech Modular 03.12.20

Just in time for Xmas/ Brexit, or whatever takes your fancy, the TakTakTak DRUMBO is back in stock! LOTS of folk on the waitlist, so we’re expecting this one to sell out pretty fast 😉

Well we caught a glimpse of this beauty in some rough & ready footage from the Superbooth2020 live stream earlier this year, and immediately our ears pricked up. The DRUMBO from TakTakTak offers an expanded take on a Syncussion-style drum synthesizer, but with a ton of extra modes and features – including full CV control and tidy-looking sliders.

The initial run of these was extremely limited, and many people were waiting months to get their hands on these. We are very lucky to have the only retail units in existence right now, and there are only a handful available – so if you want one……



  • 10 percussion modes
  • Analog signal generation
  • Two VCOs
  • Sample and hold
  • Invertable curve envelope
  • Overdrive
  • LFO with selectable square or triangle wave


  • Trigger input. 0.1-20ms +5V pulse trigger recommended.
  • Force CV input (dynamic accentuation). CV range: 0V to +5V.
  • Mode change CV input. CV range: 0V to +5V.
  • VCO CV input. 1V/Oct.
  • Decay CV input. CV range: -5V to +5V.
  • VCF CV input (LPF cut off). -5V to +5V.
  • Drum(bo) output.

Drumbo Modes Graphic 1

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We now have the full Future Sound Systems GRISTLEIZER module range back in stock! TG2, TG3, TG4 & TG5

Future Sound Systems Matttech Modular 26.01.18

We are super-excited to announce that we again have stock of the TG2 GENERATOR, TG3 FILTER, TG4 MODULATOR & TG5 PRE-AMPLIFIER modules from Future Sound Systems.

Developed from the Gristleizer – an eccentric sound mangling device used by Throbbing Gristle to devastating effect back the 70’s – this unit has given birth t o a whole range of separate Eurorack modules. These have been designed in collaboration with – and with the full blessing of – Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle, and Roy Gwinn who developed the original unit.

Total sonic devastation is now at your fingertips!


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All Dreadbox CHROMATIC modules back in stock – affordable, space-efficient and feature packed!


The entire initial range of Dreadbox CHROMATIC Eurorack modules are back in stock! …along with the 2 new modules – EUPHORIA Analogue Phaser and ANTIDOTE Karplus-Strong (not pictured)

Ranging from £69 to £89, these absolutely CRAM in the features, making them no-brainers for those starting out on a budget – or even for veterans looking to add a bunch of handy features for relatively little outlay. They are all 10hp in size, so you don’t need a huge case to take advantage of them.


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Yet more DivKid & Instruo OCHD 8xLFOs just landed! (just in time for Xmas….)

DivKid Matttech Modular 18.12.19-min

The highly sought-after DivKid OCHD is back in stock again! 8 all-analogue LFOs in a convenient 4HP package, and one of the most popular modules we’ve ever stocked!



Well Ben “DivKid” Wilson has done it again! After the HUGE success of his MUTES module – developed with Befaco – he has teamed up with Scottish brand Instruo this time round to produce the OCHD. This nifty unit packs 8 all-analogue LFOs into a convenient 4HP package.

Richard Devine described it as “the most organic little modulator ever”….and that is the idea: add a ton of natural, free-flowing modulation to your system in one go – all with a master Rate control that can itself be CV-controlled. Nice

(First few batches FLEW out so grab ’em while you can)


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BIG Noise Engineering shipment just landed, including new IMITOR VERSIO experimental delay restocks of DESMODUS VERSIO, MIMETIC DIGITALIS, BASIMILUS, LOQUELIC, RUINA range & much more…

Noise Engineering Matttech Modular 20.11.20

The new releases over the last few weeks have been relentless, and one of the more exciting announcements has been the new IMITOR VERSIO experimental multitap delay from Noise Engineering. Having turned heads recently with their DESMODUS VERSIO reverb/ “synthetic tail generator”, they have been beavering away on its delay equivalent. With 12 (yes, twelve!) delay taps and a load of parameters designed to make the delay perform in unfathomable ways, IMITOR VERSIO is perfect for creating unusual echoes, experimenting with different delay shapes and patterns, adding vintage flare to an atmosphere, and more..

You can also swap firmwares on the “VERSIO” series, so you can turn a delay into a reverb, and vice versa. Noise Engineering plan on releasing a whole host of additional firmwares, and have already put out the AMPLA VERSIO, which turns your module into an ADSR-controlled VCA and resonant multimode-filter gate, with a stereo bypassable chorus on top!

Find out more about the VERSIO range HERE


NOTE: IMITOR VERSIO (Silver) in stock, Black version just sold out. More soon!

In addition, we have the new SONO ABITUS high-quality output & headphones module, and the re-release of their popular HOROLOGIC SOLUM clock/ divider module.

We have also restocked the following (almost all in both Black & Silver faceplates):