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Huuuge Mutable Instruments delivery just in: PLAITS, MARBLES, RINGS, RIPPLES, TIDES & most other modules all back in stock…

Mutable Instruments Matttech Modular 05.06.20-min

Another tidy Mutable Instruments restock just landed, including the recent updated RIPPLES (2020) VCF/VCA, MARBLES ultra-comprehensive random module and RINGS – everybody’s favourite physical modelling resonator.

We have also grabbed a few old favourites that haven’t been around for a while:

  • FRAMES – super flexible modulation hub/mixer/crossfader/lfo/sequencer/vca…
  • SHELVES – fully voltage-controlled parametric EQ, with dual multimode filter outputs)
  • ELEMENTS – Full-blown synthesis voice based on modal synthesis – an under-appreciated flavour of physical modelling synthesis with a strange and abstract feel.

There are production difficulties across the globe this year, due to supply chain problems and component shortages…but we have stock of other missing modules on backorder now (VEILS, PLAITS etc..) and hope to see some more stock soon. As ever, join the waitlists if there’s anything you’re after.

We also get the feeling that some of the older modules may be bearing their end of life, so it might be wise to grab them while you still can!

In stock now:



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Bastl Instruments standalone restock: KASTLE DRUM & KASTLE v1.5 both back in ….plus DUDE, MIDI LOOPER, BITRANGER & MICROGRANNY!

Bastl Instruments Matttech Modular 14.04.21

Although we initially started stocking Bastl Instruments for their range of intriguing Eurorack modules, we couldn’t overlook their eccentric standalone units for long, and the KASTLE Synth and MICROGRANNY Granular Sampler have become firm favourites with our customers …and now they have been joined by the KASTLE DRUM – a uniquely tweakable, patchable drum machine/ groovebox. Once you start messing with this little thing, hours disappear! The last 2 batches flew out, so grab ’em while you can….



  • KASTLE v1.5
  • MICROGRANNY (Red/ “Distant Raver”)
  • DUDE

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New brand alert! We now stock New Systems Instruments – HARMONIC SHIFT OSCILLATOR, VCA, BABEL & EXPANDER all in stock

New Systems Instruments Matttech Modular 12.04.21

It’s been a bit quiet round here since the New Year, but we’re getting stuck back in with a raft of new brands and modules – this time round it’s New Systems Instruments. Hailing from the SF Bay Area, they have kicked off with some intriguing offerings:

  • HARMONIC SHIFT OSCILLATOR (HSO) – A novel VCO which produces harmonic and inharmonic spectra through all-analog electronics.
  • LOW DISTORTION VCA – Four well-calibrated neutral, open sounding OTA-based VCAs in 6HP
  • BABEL – A tool for creating massive intermodulation, and a workhorse for analog logic, depending on your use and interpretation of its function.
  • BX (BABEL EXPANDER) – an optional expander for Babel, which gives you 7 more inputs for Babel. The expanders are chainable, so you could get 17 inputs, 24 inputs, 31 inputs, etc…


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Steady State Fate STEREO DIPOLE, ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO) & AUTODYNE all back in stock, in their lovely black faceplates

Steady State Fate Matttech Modular 06.12.20

A tidy restock from Steady State Fate just landed – including the wonderful STEREO DIPOLE, ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO) & AUTODYNE – all ready to go out for the night in their glamorous Black faceplates 🙂

We also have ONE unit left of the Black & Gold version of the now discontinued ENTITY BASS DRUM SYNTHESIZER, along with limited stock of the DETECT-RX (Aluminium panel version)


All SSF products currently in stock:

  • ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR – Thru-Zero Analogue VCO with unique waveforms, Wave Shaping, Wave Morphing, Ring Modulation & many more features
  • STEREO DIPOLE – Quad Multi-Mode VCF featuring single, dual and quad peak filter outputs. Can also function as a Single, Dual and Quad Sine Wave VCO/LFO.
  • AUTODYNE – Clean/Character Auto compressor and Distortion
  • DETECT-RX – Versatile envelope follower, voltage controlled comparator (gate extractor) and rectifier providing many useful prescriptions to fill in your modular needs.
  • ENTITY BASS DRUM – Complete and versatile synthesizer voice geared for designing a huge array of bass drum, percussive and synth sounds

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We now stock slimline TENDRILS cables – in both RIGHT-ANGLED & new STRAIGHT versions. Lots of lengths & colours..

Matttech Modular Tendrils 30.03.21

The right-angled cables from TENDRILS have often been spotted in photos of high-profile artists over the last year or two – especially those who play live, or leave specific cables semi-permanently patched up – and now that we’ve had these in our hands, we can see why! They are extremely slimline – which makes them very flexible for weaving around tight spaces, in addition to making them very lightweight (useful if you are carrying your case around pre-patched).

They now come in the original RIGHT-ANGLED design, and also in a new STRAIGHT version – if you want slim, flexible cables but don’t need the angles.

We currently offer these in WHITE, MAGENTA, CYAN & BLACK.
*  RIGHT-ANGLED in 20cm & 30cm lengths
*  STRAIGHT in 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 60cm, 90cm & 120cm lengths


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Instruo restock: ARBHAR, LUBADH, Cs-L, Ts-L, TANH[3] all back in!

Instruo Matttech Modular 15.11.19-min

Another batch of the extremely intriguing “big hitters” from Scottish brand Instruo has landed, including: ARBHAR Granular Processor, Cs-L Dual voltage controlled complex oscillator & the LUBADH Dual Looper

We also have restocks of the following:

  • Ts-L rev.2 – Feature-packed small form Triangle Core VCO, with integrated Wavefolder, Sub, Lin/Exp FM & more…
  • TANH[3] – Three channel, all analogue, wave shaper. Can also function as a limiter & distortion.


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Noise Engineering restock: clocking from FRACTIO SOLUM & HOROLOGIC SOLUM, lots of RUINA distortions, plus MIMETIC DIGITALIS, VOX DIGITALIS, BASIMILUS, LOQUELIC & more…

Noise Engineering Matttech Modular 12.03.21

Another tidy box of Noise Engineering has landed – including 2 recent clock-based modules: FRACTIO SOLUM & HOROLOGIC SOLUM. Both have really unique features for generating all sorts fo rhythmic madness, so check out the relevant product pages for the full scoop. We also have both of their sequencers to run alongside them: MIMETIC DIGITALIS & VOX DIGITALIS. You could do a lot worse than building an interactive sequencing rig out of this little lot.

Usually known for their digital modules – especially the LOQUELIC ITERITAS vco & BASIMILUS ITERITAS ALTER drum voice (both of which are back in stock too) – in 2019 Noise Engineering decided to focus on some analogue processing….and distortion was the theme! We now have most of the RUINAs back in stock, including the VIOL RUINA – an all-analog distortion and lowpass filter with an internal envelope follower and self-modulating cutoff. This is Noise Engineering’s very first filter, and has proved very popular.

We have also procured stock of the SINC BUCINA (Noise Engineering’s take on a flexible lowpass gate design) and the recent SONO ABITUS (High-quality output module)

Many of these are in stock in both BLACK & SILVER panels, but limited units of each…so, as always, you know what to do… 😉


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New Brand alert! The RYK Modular M185 Eurorack Sequencer is now in stock.

RYK Modular Matttech Modular 05.03.21

It’s always exciting when we can add another UK-based brand to our store, and this time round we welcome RYK Modular, with their wonderful M185 Sequencer. This is an extremely intuitive and playable pitch & gate sequencer, with 8 unique gate modes for creative rhythmic possibilities, A/B split mode for two separate sequences, 2 channels of CV/GATE and MIDI I/O, plus 15 Quantise scales OR pure analogue microtonal CV output.

It appeals as a hands-on performance orientated module for easy creation of complex melodic sequences. It is the original multi-step-per-stage sequencer that inspired the Metropolis and Metropolix modules. As seen in recent videos from Molten Modular and Mylar Melodies!


RYK Modular Playlist:

M185 also featured heavily in this demo for the Soundforce VCF/VCA 6:

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Expert Sleepers restock, including: DISTING EX, FH-2, DITING mk4, ES-3, ES-8 and ES-9. Get in!

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 06.12.20

Another Expert Sleepers motherload has docked, including the runaway success that is the DISTING EX (full name “Super Disting EX Plus a”). If you want its hugely-popular smaller sibling we also have the the smaller – yet equally essential – 4hp version, the DISTING mk4.

Also joining the gang is the long-out-of-stock FH-2 – a fully featured bi-directional USB MIDI interface, with clock generation / sync, LFOs, Arpeggiators, Euclidian pattern generators & more..

We also have the FH-2 FHX-8GT and FHX-8CV, both of which can be used to expand both the FH-2 and DISTING EX even further! (very limited units only)

In addition, we have stock of the whole range of “ES” interfacing modules – including both the ES-8 and the ES-9 multichannel USB CV/Audio interfaces  ….for all the modular ins & outs you can handle! Joining them are the ES-3 lightpipe/ADAT interface, plus its ES-5, ES-6 and ESX-8GT expanders.

…and if you need a mic preamp to go with your other ins & outs, we have the LITTLE MIKEY


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Expert Sleepers restock, including: FH-2, LITTLE MIKEY, GENERAL CV, DISTING mk4, ES-8 and ES-9. Get in!

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 21.02.21

Another Expert Sleepers motherload has docked, this time containing the FH-2 – a fully featured bi-directional USB MIDI interface, with clock generation / sync, LFOs, Arpeggiators, Euclidian pattern generators & more….along with the FHX-8GT and FHX-8CV, both of which can be used to expand both the FH-2 and DISTING EX even further! (very limited units only)

We also have top-ups of the DISTING mk4….along with a range of “ES” interfacing modules – including both the ES-8 and the ES-9 multichannel USB CV/Audio interfaces  ….for all the modular ins & outs you can handle! We also have the ES-5 & ESX-8GT expanders (more ES-3 & ES-6 soooon)

…and if you need a mic preamp to go with your other ins & outs, we have the LITTLE MIKEY, and the uniquely eccentric GENERAL MIDI – A General MIDI Synthesizer Module, featuring a Multi-Channel CV-to-MIDI converter, SD Card, and a Host Processor Capable of Generating Huge Amounts of MIDI data. Compatible with DISTING mk.4 MIDI BREAKOUT


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New Steady State Fate VORTICES Character Mixer now in stock

Steady State Fate Matttech Modular 07.01.20

Steady State Fate (SSF) have always been a fan of high-quality analogue saturation, and this time round they have applied this design philosophy to the mixer realm. VORTICES is a character mixer modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. It includes the V-CV Expander, which adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels. In stock now!



  • STEREO DIPOLE – Quad Multi-Mode VCF featuring single, dual and quad peak filter outputs. Can also function as a Single, Dual and Quad Sine Wave VCO/LFO.
  • ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO) – Thru-Zero Analogue VCO with unique waveforms, Wave Shaping, Wave Morphing, Ring Modulation & many more features
  • AUTODYNE – Clean/Character Auto compressor and Distortion, with sidechain
  • DETECT-RX – Versatile envelope follower, voltage controlled comparator (gate extractor) and rectifier providing many useful prescriptions to fill in your modular needs.

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It’s finally here! Mutable Instruments BEADS – the successor to CLOUDS – a big pile in stock right now

Mutable Instruments Matttech Modular 15.02.21

Wellllll… it’s been VERY tricky keeping this one under our hat. We’ve had a big box of these sitting on the office floor for about 10 days now, and finally we can announce that BEADS – the successor to probably the most popular Eurorack module ever, Mutable Instruments’ CLOUDS, is here and ready to ship!

The concept is the same, live granular processing of an incoming audio signal, and the labels on the panel remain familiar…..but the similarities stop here. The hardware and software have been redesigned from the ground up, with several goals in mind: a crisper and broader sound palette, more control, better playability, and direct access to exciting new features.


Beads’ vastly improved specifications allow a higher audio quality, a longer buffer, the use of better interpolation and anti-aliasing algorithms, and key DSP blocks to run at a faster rate. Granulation can now get into new territories, such as formants, wavetables, hard-sync-like sounds, or crispy noise.

The range of parameters, their response to knob turns or modulations have all been refined, for new possibilities such as reverse playback or percussive envelopes.

Control. To trigger or schedule grains, Beads provides new features to divide or randomize an external clock or trigger stream, spray bursts of grains in response to a gate, or get the grain rate to track a V/O CV or the frequency of an external oscillator.

Chaos. Each key parameter of a grain comes with its own attenurandomizer. They allow direct CV control of a parameter, CV control of the random spread of this parameter, or internal randomization using some of Marbles’ algorithms.

Character. Beads provides four audio quality settings, which go well beyond buffer sample rate and bit-depth: they affect the clock of the converters, the amplitude limiting and saturation of the signal path, the tone of the reverb, and additional media-emulation effects. From a pristine digital device to a dirty cassette, through a mode reproducing some of Clouds’ characteristics.

Beads can operate as a delay without the need to switch to a different mode: just ask it to play a never-ending grain. Its DENSITY, TIME and SEED controls are repurposed to allow various features such as tap-tempo, beat slicing, time-stretching, or comb-filtering at rates tracking V/O.

Without any audio input, Beads will granularize 8 internal banks of wavetables.

All parameters have a dedicated knob.

Audio acquisition:

  • Stereo I/O with automatic level detection.
  • Manual override of the level detection.
  • Automatic mono/stereo switching through patch cable detection.
  • Recording time: 4s (48kHz 16-bit, stereo) to 32s (24kHz µ-law, mono).
  • Four quality modes, with different tone and reverb characters: 48kHz 16-bit, 32kHz 12-bit with Clouds emulation, 24kHz 12-bit with a hi-fi dry signal path, 24kHz µ-law with cassette emulation
  • The FREEZE button and the gate input freezes the content of the recording buffer, allowing you to dive into its sonic details.
  • Auto-saving of the FREEZE buffer.

Granular synthesis:

Three grain generation modes:

  • Latched (continuous), with a periodic or randomized rate, tracking V/O.
  • Gated, with bursts of grains triggered by the press of the SEED button or an external gate.
  • Clocked, with randomization or division of an external clock or trigger signal.

Four grain parameters:

  • TIME. Temporal position within the buffer.
  • SIZE. Grain duration from 0.03 to 4 seconds, forward or backward playback.
  • SHAPE. Morphing between four key shapes of the grain envelope: solid rectangular, snappy decay, smooth bell, or reversed.
  • PITCH. With V/O tracking.


Available for each of the four parameters of a grain, sampled each time a grain is started:

  • Direct CV control.
  • CV control of the amount of gaussian randomization.
  • Internal randomization with an independent, uniform or peaky, random source.


  • Control of both the base delay clock rate (DENSITY), and its multiplication (TIME), with optional random taps.
  • Tap tempo with the SEED button or an external signal.
  • Enveloping of delay repeats, with the SHAPE setting.
  • Pitch shifting of the delayed signal, controlled by PITCH.

Signal flow:

  • Feedback path delay: 1 sample.
  • Independent knobs for feedback, dry/wet amount, and reverb amount.
  • CV input assignable to each of these three parameters, or to variable combinations of them.
  • When unpatched, the R output jack is summed to the L output.
  • Optional generation of a gate signal on the R output.


  • All inputs: 100k impedance.
  • Audio codec: 24kHz, 32kHz or 48kHz, 24-bit.
  • 16-bit CV capture.
  • Processing rate: audio-rate for the SEED and FREEZE inputs, 4kHz for the CV inputs.
  • Latency: 0.25ms.
  • CV input range: +/- 8V for grain parameters, +/- 5V for density (with V/O tracking).
  • Internal processing: 32-bit floating point.
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Future Sound Systems modules back in stock, including OSC2 Recombination Engine, MTX9 Pin Matrix, FIL3 Spectral Devastator, MX1 Mixer, POCA VAC1 & MAKROW… more soon!

Future Sound Systems Matttech Modular 13.11.20

It’s hard to keep on top of the myriad of products available these days, but some of the more interesting designs emit from the darkened rooms of Bristol’s Future Sound Systems.

We have – somewhat belatedly – procured stock of the intensely patchable OSC2 “Recombination Engine” – a triple analogue voltage-controlled oscillator Eurorack module with a focus on a novel wave-splicing technique.

We have also obtained restocks of their affordable – and completely passive (no power required!) pin matrix MTX9, along with the gnarly, eccentric dual VCF/ sound mangler, the FIL3 SPECTRAL DEVASTATOR! This is an updated version of the original “FIL2” design, and offers a whole host of new features. Whilst the FIL2 always imparted its brutality on to input signals, the FIL3 gives more control over the behaviour of both filter sections.

MAKROW – developed with Daniel Miller of MUTE Records – is a modular patch macro-controller, designed with live performance in mind. It allows for dramatic control sweeps & massive sounding patch changes, all at the turn of a single knob.

…and if it’s a space-efficient, low cost 4 channel mixer in 4hp you’re after…the MX1 has you covered!

We are also aiming to keep many of their other designs in stock again, especially the popular GRISTLEIZER modules – a range designed in collaboration with Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle, and based on a unit they used extensively on both their live and recorded output.


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Back in: Updated 2020 version of Mutable Instruments VEILS quad VCA & cascading mixer

Mutable Instruments Matttech Modular 08.10.20

VEILS 2020 is back in stock!

It’s always an exciting moment when a new Mutable Instruments module drops, and this time it’s the turn of their trusty VEILS quad VCA & cascading mixer to get a makeover. The 2020 version now offers the following tweaks & improvements:

  • More compact footprint (10-HP)
  • Sliders instead of knobs for the main gain/CV control.
  • When CV not used, that channel’s slider becomes a mixer-style level fader.
  • Gain indicator LEDs on sliders (plus output LEDs as before)
  • Positive offset control (0 to 8V) for direct use of bipolar modulation sources.
  • …. and best of all, it’s still super-affordable at only £159!



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New brand alert! We now stock Transient Modules – 4R (Quad Random), 8S (Sequencer) & 1F (VC-Switch)

Transient Modules Matttech Modular 19.06.20-min

We are happy to welcome Spanish brand Transient Modules into our fold, kicking off with 3 of their modules which all offer something quite unique, and also extremely useful – 4R (Quad Random Voltage), 8S (8-Step Sequencer) & 1F (Voltage Controlled Switch). At first glance they might seem simple & utilitarian, but dig a little deeper and some excellent finishing touches give these the edge over many competitors. Full details on the relevant product pages.


  • 4R – Space-saving quad random voltage generator, featuring: 2 independent trigger inputs; normalising between trigger inputs; 2 pairs of random voltage outputs; each pair can be set to be either unipolar or bipolar (via jumpers)
  • 8S – Deceptively powerful 8 step sequencer with voltage control over reset, hold, random step & direction. Output can be set to unipolar or bipolar via a jumper.
  • 1F – Voltage controlled switch, designed with a focus on working with sequences – by giving them some randomness, applying transpositions or constant variation over time. You can take 2 input signals and switch between them upon receipt of a gate. You can also switch between one signal and the SUM of both signals …and you can also manually bypass the switching completely.
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Shakmat Modular range restock: FOUR BRICKS ROOK quad trigger sequencer & TIME WIZARD 6-channel clock divider/multiplier with logic.

Shakmat Modular Matttech Modular 06.09.17

We have just restocked some selected Shakmat Modular products, in factory assembled format. This includes the popular FOUR BRICKS ROOK – a Quad Trigger Sequencer, with Input Pads, Fill Randomizer, Pattern Store/Recall, CV-Addressable Memory, Quantized or Non-Quantized Operation.

We also have the TIME WIZARD, a Six Channel Clock Divider/ Multiplier, in Two Sections, with Additional Logic Functions.

NOTE: we only have very limited units of these for now. More soon!


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Yet more DivKid & Instruo OCHD 8xLFOs just landed!

DivKid Matttech Modular 18.12.19-min

The hugely-popular DivKid OCHD is back in stock again! 8 all-analogue LFOs in a convenient 4HP package, and in terms of popularity it is only beaten by the Expert Sleepers DISTING mk4…and that really IS saying something.



Well Ben “DivKid” Wilson has done it again! After the HUGE success of his MUTES module – developed with Befaco – he has teamed up with Scottish brand Instruo this time round to produce the OCHD. This nifty unit packs 8 all-analogue LFOs into a convenient 4HP package.

Richard Devine described it as “the most organic little modulator ever”….and that is the idea: add a ton of natural, free-flowing modulation to your system in one go – all with a master Rate control that can itself be CV-controlled. Nice

(First few batches FLEW out so grab ’em while you can)

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WMDevices restock, including CRATER Hybrid Bass Drum, C4RBN Saturating/ Wavefolding VCF, JAVELIN VCA/ADSR, TRSHMSTR Signal Smasher & more…

WMD Matttech Modulat 26.01.21

How about a delivery of some lovely WMD products then? – including restocks of some of their recent offerings, such as the wonderful CRATER, which finally combines the oomph of analogue synthesized kicks with the gritty sampled transients and noise textures  you’d expect from contemporary drum sound. We also have their recent C4RBN VCF, which crams multimode filtering, inout saturation, wavefolding, a “ping” input for easily producing resonant percussive sounds & more into 4hp. niiiice

We have also restocked various other WMD wares in their sexy new engraved BLACK faceplates!

PRO OUTPUT in black? Yes please!
TRSHMSTR in black – you what??? yup.

….and we also have the PROTOSTAR pedal back in – a Multimode Envelope Filter Pedal with a full modular synth patchbay built in!

Videos for all the new modules are now linked on the relevant product pages.


Back in stock:


Please note that at present we are only restocking many older products in very low quantities – often only 1 or 2 of each – so if you want something, don’t hang about. As a small shop, dealing with an ever-growing array of brands and products, it is impossible to offer a decent range without restricting the number of units we buy in “on spec”. Feel free to hit us up if there’s something you’re after though, as we may be able to get it in for you next time round 🙂

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It’s all gone Worng!!! We now stock Aussie brand Worng Electronics, including new stereo PARALLAX VCF, VERTEX VCA & LRMSMSLR Mid/Side

Worng Electronics Matttech Modular 19.06.20-min

Even spelling the brand name is a challenge, as it’s always WORNG – let alone spelling their mid/side module, LRMSMSLR …but don’t let that put you off, as they offer some excellent products, especially when it comes to stereo processing.

In addition to the aforementioned LRMSRLMRSMLRMSMRSLSRM – which brings mid/side processing into Eurorack, and can also be used to produce sum/difference of audio or cv signals – we now have the new PARALLAX Stereo Filter and VERTEX Stereo VCA – each of which offer controls specifically aimed at stereo use (common controls for Left & Right sides, with options to “skew” the relationship between them if desired, in order to create stereo effects)

We’re hoping to have SOUNDSTAGE in stock too, so join the waitlist if you’re after one.


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Create your own Eurorack Drum Machine with, Shakmat Modular, Erica Synths, SSF & more!

Euro Drums Modular Matttech 15.01.21

We’ve just received another restock of the wonderful QUAD DRUM VOICE drum synth/sampler module….which got us thinking about Eurorack drums, and associated modules.

Imagine the QUAD DRUM paired with, say, the funky FOUR BRICKS ROOK from Shakmat Modular (also in stock)  – basically, you’d have you own little – supremely flexible – drum machine at your fingertips, all within your Eurorack case. Tap in rhythms in real time, quantize them on the fly, add fills, and choose from an array of different drum sound options and algorithms. Get ON it! 😉

Also – the Shakmat TIME WIZARD could also make a great rhythmic companion for your QUAD DRUM – allowing for complex clock divisions/ multiplications and logic functions which you could either employ when using a steady clock – or try inputting more complex rhythms for some SERIOUS madness!

Too “digital” for you eh? …well try slamming it through the new Steady State Fate VORTICES character mixer  – modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. How do you think top producers used to get that massive drum sound? …by hitting the red on the meters when recording to analogue tape, that’s what!

Still not enough drums for your kit? Add a couple of other cheeky little fellas, such as the 3hp Erica Synths PICO DRUMS or PICO DRUM 2 – the former offering a ton of classic high-quality sampled drums (with the optional PICO DRUM PROGRAMMER if you want to upload your own samples) – and the latter offering full digital drum synthesis (similar to the Korg Volca Drum), but with voltage control.

Fancy some FX? Lots of options to choose from, including the Erica Synths PICO DSP, BLACK HOLE DSP, DUAL FX (aimed specifically at drums) …or the more experimental Noise Engineering DESMODUS VERSIO, IMITOR VERSIO, QuBit PRISM, 2hp FREEZ, Tiptop Audio zDSP and many more – all shown by following this LINK

Think outside the box and get creative with your own personalised drum machine setup! 🙂 available HERE

  • QUAD DRUM VOICE – 4 independent digital drum voices in 22hp, each of which can be either a digitally modelled drum, a sample from a sample set, or a wavetable vco from a wavetable bank.
  • FOUR BRICKS ROOK – Quad Trigger Sequencer, with Input Pads, Fill Randomizer, Pattern Store/Recall, CV-Addressable Memory, Quantized or Non-Quantized Operation
  • TIME WIZARD – Six Channel Clock Divider/ Multiplier, in Two Sections, with Additional Logic Functions
  • VORTICES – Character mixer modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. Includes V-CV Expander, which adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels.
  • PICO DRUMS – Dual Drum/Sampler Module with 64 Samples, Pitch, Decay & Volume Control
  • PICO DRUM PROGRAMMER – If you wish to upload your own drum samples to the Erica Synths Pico DRUM module, you’ll need Pico DRUM programmer.
  • PICO DRUMS 2 – Percussion synthesizer in a 3 HP eurorack module, featuring 8 drum synthesis algorithms, 1v/oct tracking, 3 parameters per algorithm & extensive CV control