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The RYK Modular M185 Sequencer is finally back in stock! The original inspiration for the Metropolis & Metropolix sequencers, and a great choice for interactive “playable” sequencing that won’t break the bank!

RYK Modular Matttech Modular 05.03.21

It’s always exciting when we can support UK-based brands in our store, and we’re pleased to have RYK Modular back in stock, with their wonderful M185 Sequencer. This is an extremely intuitive and playable pitch & gate sequencer, with 8 unique gate modes for creative rhythmic possibilities, A/B split mode for two separate sequences, 2 channels of CV/GATE and MIDI I/O, plus 15 Quantise scales OR pure analogue microtonal CV output.

It appeals as a hands-on performance orientated module for easy creation of complex melodic sequences. It is the original multi-step-per-stage sequencer that inspired the Intellijel Metropolis and Metropolix modules. As seen in YouTube videos from Molten Modular and Mylar Melodies!

If you like the idea of this type of sequencer – but can’t quite stretch to the cost of the Metropolix – this makes an incredibly affordable alternative at our new price of just £


RYK Modular Playlist:

M185 also featured heavily in this demo for the Soundforce VCF/VCA 6:

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DEAL ALERT!! 10% OFF all Bastl Instruments modules & standalone devices! Use the code: bastl10 at checkout. Offer lasts until target amount of stock sold….

bastl 10 off 3

Well there’s a bunch of new products coming up that we’d like to offer you all…and being a very small independent store our pockets are only so deep – so it’s time to clear the decks a little!

Sooooo… we’re offering 10% off ALL* current Bastl Instruments products with the code: bastl10
(*excludes SOFT POP II preorders)

This covers both their weird & wonderful modules, and also their standalone devices such as the wacky KASTLE DRUM, the crunchy granular sampler MICROGRANNY and the super-handy DUDE portable mixer.

NOTE: this offer only lasts until a target amount of stock has been sold…so it could be days, could be weeks (hopefully not years!). So if there’s something you’re after, grab it quick!


Their Eurorack range features many highlights – some of which are geared up to hands-on manipulation & experimentation: such madness as the DARK MATTER feedback unit, the various degrees of wavefolding to be found in TIMBER & WAVER and the highly-tweakable IKARIE stereo filter. But it doesn’t stop there!

There are obviously the most popular products, like the evergreen CINNAMON multimode filter which offers a huuuuge variety of tones for the price (and can also function as a VCO with a variety of waveshapes) ….but also some true “hidden gems”, such as SKIS II – which is impressively feature-packed with its dual DC-coupled VCAs normalled to two voltage-controlled decay envelopes. Perfect for creating drums & percussion from any sound source!

Add to that some impressive utility & interfacing modules – the CIAO! quad line output & headphone amp, the versatile ABC 6-channel mixer (which can also be used as two 3-channel mixers), and the recent BUDDY – which is a stereo mixer aimed at hybrid setups combining Eurorack and line level sources

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Erica Synths PICO range restocked – including DRUMS, DSP, RND, LFO/S&H, INPUT, OUTPUT & many more…

Erica Synths Matttech Modular 03.12.21

in the midst of the Black Friday chaos, our lovely Latvians Erica Synths somehow managed to get us a nice restock of their PICO modules, along with a few other bits & pieces – see further down for details

Alongside such faves as the PICO DSP, PICO RND & PICO DRUMS (plus its DRUM PROGRAMMER), we have the endlessly-popular PICO INPUT & OUTPUT modules for interfacing external gear (in stereo), plus a bunch of other top-ups of non-PICO products such as the BLACK STEREO MIXER V3 and BLACK VC EG (Discounted Stock) – plus the Eurorack Cable Holders in both lengths (could make a great Xmas gift?)

Tons of other Erica BLACK RANGE and BASIC RANGE modules also in stock


We have the following PICO modules in stock now:

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Restock of TENDRILS super-slimline Eurorack cables just landed – in both RIGHT-ANGLED & new STRAIGHT versions. Lots of lengths & colours..

Matttech Modular Tendrils 30.03.21

The right-angled cables from TENDRILS have often been spotted in photos of high-profile artists over the last year or two – especially those who play live, or leave specific cables semi-permanently patched up – and now that we’ve had these in our hands, we can see why! They are extremely slimline – which makes them very flexible for weaving around tight spaces, in addition to making them very lightweight (useful if you are carrying your case around pre-patched). It’s especially important to have very slim cables and plugs when using right-angled designs, as otherwise it becomes very tricky to weave them around various inputs and knobs on your modules’ faceplates. It also becomes hard to have several of them running away from adjacent sockets when those sockets are close together. So….TENDRILS are what you want!

They now come in the original RIGHT-ANGLED design, and also in a newer STRAIGHT version – if you want slim, flexible cables but don’t need the right-angles.

We currently offer the following colours & lengths:

  • RIGHT-ANGLED in 20cm, 30cm & 45cm lengths (EMERALD, WHITE, MAGENTA, CYAN & BLACK)
  • STRAIGHT in 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 60cm, 90cm & 120cm lengths (WHITE, MAGENTA, CYAN & BLACK)


Another customer – Molten Modular’s Robin Vincent – found the photos below helpful when it came to comparing TENDRILS against the most “standard” cable size/shape used by Eurorack patch cable brands – such as Erica Synths, Eowave, FoMu, Black Market Modular etc…. These “standard” cables are actually already slimmer than many other competing designs, and are probably our favourite for usual day-to-day use…but if you require a right-angled design, or when weight and flexibility are key concerns you can clearly see that TENDRILS win out.

The “standard” Eurorack cable design is in Green, and the TENDRILS are in pink (“Magenta”, to use it’s official name)



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Mutable Instruments BEADS is back in stock! – the successor to probably the most popular Eurorack module ever, CLOUDS – plus other restocks including VEILS, RINGS, PLAITS & more..

Mutable Instruments Matttech Modular 15.02.21

BEADS is back in stock! – the successor to probably the most popular Eurorack module ever, Mutable Instruments’ CLOUDS. The ultimate in flexible, mult-f granular processing for your rig is here and ready to ship.

We also have stock of tons of other Mutable Instruments modules: RINGS, RIPPLES (2020), VEILS (2020), PLAITS, TIDES, ELEMENTS, SHADES (2020), BRANCHES, LINKS, EARS, SHELVES & WARPS



The concept is the same, live granular processing of an incoming audio signal, and the labels on the panel remain familiar…..but the similarities stop here. The hardware and software have been redesigned from the ground up, with several goals in mind: a crisper and broader sound palette, more control, better playability, and direct access to exciting new features.

Beads’ vastly improved specifications allow a higher audio quality, a longer buffer, the use of better interpolation and anti-aliasing algorithms, and key DSP blocks to run at a faster rate. Granulation can now get into new territories, such as formants, wavetables, hard-sync-like sounds, or crispy noise.

The range of parameters, their response to knob turns or modulations have all been refined, for new possibilities such as reverse playback or percussive envelopes.

Control. To trigger or schedule grains, Beads provides new features to divide or randomize an external clock or trigger stream, spray bursts of grains in response to a gate, or get the grain rate to track a V/O CV or the frequency of an external oscillator.

Chaos. Each key parameter of a grain comes with its own attenurandomizer. They allow direct CV control of a parameter, CV control of the random spread of this parameter, or internal randomization using some of Marbles’ algorithms.

Character. Beads provides four audio quality settings, which go well beyond buffer sample rate and bit-depth: they affect the clock of the converters, the amplitude limiting and saturation of the signal path, the tone of the reverb, and additional media-emulation effects. From a pristine digital device to a dirty cassette, through a mode reproducing some of Clouds’ characteristics.

Beads can operate as a delay without the need to switch to a different mode: just ask it to play a never-ending grain. Its DENSITY, TIME and SEED controls are repurposed to allow various features such as tap-tempo, beat slicing, time-stretching, or comb-filtering at rates tracking V/O.

Without any audio input, Beads will granularize 8 internal banks of wavetables.

All parameters have a dedicated knob.

Audio acquisition:

  • Stereo I/O with automatic level detection.
  • Manual override of the level detection.
  • Automatic mono/stereo switching through patch cable detection.
  • Recording time: 4s (48kHz 16-bit, stereo) to 32s (24kHz µ-law, mono).
  • Four quality modes, with different tone and reverb characters: 48kHz 16-bit, 32kHz 12-bit with Clouds emulation, 24kHz 12-bit with a hi-fi dry signal path, 24kHz µ-law with cassette emulation
  • The FREEZE button and the gate input freezes the content of the recording buffer, allowing you to dive into its sonic details.
  • Auto-saving of the FREEZE buffer.

Granular synthesis:

Three grain generation modes:

  • Latched (continuous), with a periodic or randomized rate, tracking V/O.
  • Gated, with bursts of grains triggered by the press of the SEED button or an external gate.
  • Clocked, with randomization or division of an external clock or trigger signal.

Four grain parameters:

  • TIME. Temporal position within the buffer.
  • SIZE. Grain duration from 0.03 to 4 seconds, forward or backward playback.
  • SHAPE. Morphing between four key shapes of the grain envelope: solid rectangular, snappy decay, smooth bell, or reversed.
  • PITCH. With V/O tracking.


Available for each of the four parameters of a grain, sampled each time a grain is started:

  • Direct CV control.
  • CV control of the amount of gaussian randomization.
  • Internal randomization with an independent, uniform or peaky, random source.


  • Control of both the base delay clock rate (DENSITY), and its multiplication (TIME), with optional random taps.
  • Tap tempo with the SEED button or an external signal.
  • Enveloping of delay repeats, with the SHAPE setting.
  • Pitch shifting of the delayed signal, controlled by PITCH.

Signal flow:

  • Feedback path delay: 1 sample.
  • Independent knobs for feedback, dry/wet amount, and reverb amount.
  • CV input assignable to each of these three parameters, or to variable combinations of them.
  • When unpatched, the R output jack is summed to the L output.
  • Optional generation of a gate signal on the R output.


  • All inputs: 100k impedance.
  • Audio codec: 24kHz, 32kHz or 48kHz, 24-bit.
  • 16-bit CV capture.
  • Processing rate: audio-rate for the SEED and FREEZE inputs, 4kHz for the CV inputs.
  • Latency: 0.25ms.
  • CV input range: +/- 8V for grain parameters, +/- 5V for density (with V/O tracking).
  • Internal processing: 32-bit floating point.

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New in from Noise Engineering: MELOTUS VERSIO granular processor, VICE VIRGA super-flexible switch. QUANTUS AMPLA duckable quad vca restocks including DESMODUS VERSIO, MIMETIC DIGITALIS, SINC BUCINA & more…

Noise Engineering Matttech Modular 13.12.21

Yet another new VERSIO has joined the gang! This time round Noise Engineering have applied the Versio concept to granular processing, and we have the MELOTUS VERSIO – a stereo texturizer that uses granular processing to transform and reshape sound. Designed to be played by hand or manipulated within a patch, Melotus is everything from a grain delay to a completely transformative texturizer with grain control and manipulation of triggering, direction, and randomness.

As with all VERSIOs, you can swap your firmware to be any of the other releases if you want! Find out more about the VERSIO range HERE

We have a small batch of the recent VICE VIRGA switch module – an 8-input, 8-output sequential/addressable switch with manual, trigger, and CV control, plus three grouping options, multiple switching directions, and randomization – plus the QUANTUS AMPLA – which offers four channels of linear DC-coupled goodness in 6hp for all your VCA needs: ducking, mixing, CV-controlled leveling, and more! Both in Black only right now

We also have restocks of the popular DESMODUS VERSIO reverb/ “synthetic tail generator” – and many other NE products – such as: their uber-controllable take on the Lowpass Gate, SINC BUCINA; the cheeky little modulation monster, CLEP DIAZ; the complex multi-channel CV sequencer MIMETIC DIGITALIS, which features manual recording, Cartesian step playback, randomness and more …think VOLTAGE BLOCK meets RENE!

Lots of the RUINA range of distortions are also back in..

Some restocks are in both Black & Silver, and some only in one colour at present.


In addition, we have the new SONO ABITUS high-quality output & headphones module, and the re-release of their popular HOROLOGIC SOLUM clock/ divider module.

This is the full stocklist right now:


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In stock now: NEW Joranalogue Audio Design ORBIT 3 Chaos Oscillator & ENHANCE 2 Stereophonic Enhancer …plus restocks including MORPH 4 & CONTOUR 1

Joranalogue Matttech Modular 19.11.21

New releases from Belgian Eurorack designer Joranalogue mean just one thing – supremely well-engineered modules which take existing synthesis concepts and wring every last drop of functionality, flexibility and musicality from their screaming circuits! This time round we have the ORBIT 3 “Double-Scroll Chaos Oscillator” which takes the humble random voltage generator and turns it inside out – creating a wide ranging yet controllable random signal generator which is equally at home as both a CV and audio source

We also have ENHANCE 2, a Stereophonic Enhancer that forces the esoteric techniques of Mid-Side processing onto the wishlist of the Euroracker by having some musically-useful tricks up its sleeve. It utilises Mid-Side processing, Tilt Filtering and full voltage control to allow for the creation of signals which are dynamically shifting within the stereo field – not only in terms in terms of balance/ panning and frequency content – but also in stereo width. It even features an LED phase meter to ensure that phase correlation can be easily maintained.

Also back in stock are:

  • MORPH 4 – Dimensional Modulation Array
  • GENERATE 3 – Thru-Zero Multiphonic Signal Generator
  • CONTOUR 1 – Slew Limiter / Function Generator
  • SWITCH 4 – Hands-on signal switching and routing solution for your Eurorack modular synthesiser.
  • MIX 3 – Three channel DC-coupled voltage-controlled mixer, with signal boost, optional line out setting & more..






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Steady State Fate VORTICES Character Mixer is now joined by 2 companion modules: V-MUTES Expander and the AUTODUB Performance VCA/ FX Send

Stead State Fate Matttech Modular 13.12.21

Steady State Fate (SSF) have always been a fan of high-quality analogue saturation, and this time round they have applied this design philosophy to the mixer realm. VORTICES is a character mixer modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. It features a total of 14 inputs and 7 outputs in a relatively compact form factor. There are actually TWO mixers in it – one mono, and one stereo – with a myriad of options for tonal, spectral and amplitude control…whether by hand or via voltage control.

As standard it ships with the bonus free expander – V-CV – which adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels in 2hp. However, SSF have now released an alternative “super-expander” – V-MUTES – which retains the full functionality of  V-CV expander, and adds click-less muting on all 7 of the VCA controlled inputs as well as a MASTER mute function that can mute all 7 channels simultaneously. So you now have THREE options, which can be swapped around depending on usage requirements, case space etc..

Last but not least, there is also the AUTODUB DC-coupled stereo VCA – which is a module in its own right, and not limited to use with VORTICES ….but is obviously aimed squarely at partnering up with it. AUTODUB can be patched to any mixer’s main, subgroup or individual outputs to add interactive dub-style effects and event generation. This is achieved via a live performance-friendly effect send activation button, but can also be controlled via CV. The button simultaneously generates a GATE output whenever it is active – so you can control further devices with one touch!



  • STEREO DIPOLE – Quad Multi-Mode VCF featuring single, dual and quad peak filter outputs. Can also function as a Single, Dual and Quad Sine Wave VCO/LFO.
  • ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO) – Thru-Zero Analogue VCO with unique waveforms, Wave Shaping, Wave Morphing, Ring Modulation & many more features
  • TRIPTYCH (Boys Noize/ Baseck collaboration) – Multi-tiered module consisting of a trio of effects with the addition of input and output voltage-controlled amplifiers: Distortion (3x), Flange/Comb, and Filter, with all paths internally re-routable. From distortion to Karplus-Strong and polyphonic resonance, Triptych is designed to be a unique sound shaping and transformation tool.
  • RND STEP (DivKid collaboration) – High performance, 3-channel sample & hold module, comprised of 6 separate Noise / S&H circuits in just 4HP. Features: internal normalising between trigger inputs; extended hold times with high sustained-voltage precision; creative analogue downsampling effects; plus downsampled and clocked noise tones.

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DivKid restock in da house! OCHD 8-channel LFO & RND STEP 3-channel dual sample & hold both back in stock …plus new DivKid Blanking Panels!

DivKid Matttech Modular 25.08.20-min

The super-popular DivKid OCHD is back in stock again! 8 all-analogue LFOs in a convenient 4HP package, designed & manufactured by Instruo. Superb value for money, and extremely spcae-efficient.

We also finally have another limited restock of another offspring from the mind of our man DivKid – the RND STEP, designed in collaboration with Steady State Fate. This is a 3-channel dual sample & hold which can be employed in a whole host of ways (see the excellent video below)

Not only that…but with 2021 coming to an end, what better way to celebrate than with a Double-Sided DivKid Eurorack Blanking Panel? You could even hang it from your Xmas tree, should you feel the urge…

  • Side 1: Large swarm of WHITE DivKid logo heads
  • Side 2: Single GOLD DivKid logo on one side, shadowed by multiple embossed black versions

“Let’s get stuck in”



Well Ben “DivKid” Wilson has done it again! After the HUGE success of his MUTES module – developed with Befaco – he has teamed up with Scottish brand Instruo this time round to produce the OCHD. This nifty unit packs 8 all-analogue LFOs into a convenient 4HP package.

Richard Devine described it as “the most organic little modulator ever”….and that is the idea: add a ton of natural, free-flowing modulation to your system in one go – all with a master Rate control that can itself be CV-controlled. Nice


RND STEP is a high performance, 3-channel sample & hold module, comprised of 6 separate Noise / S&H circuits in just 4HP. It features internal normalising between trigger inputs; extended hold times with high sustained-voltage precision; audio processing for creative analogue downsampling effects; plus audio rate-triggered downsampled / clocked noise tones.

There have never been more challenging times to be bringing out new products than right now, and DivKid has played a major part of the growth in modular over the last decade, so I hope you’ll join me in supporting his latest venture! Big-ups to SSF and the distributors for getting plenty of these into our hands.

DivKid MarkT Blank Panel both sides

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Batch 2 of the new Sputnik Modular SPECTRAL PROCESSOR has landed …limited units available

Sputnik Modular Matttech Modular 05.07.21

Sputnik Modular are BACK! …with the SPECTRAL PROCESSOR – a set of 16 bandpass filters with CV inputs and audio & envelope follower outputs for each band, plus various other special functions and dedicated outputs. This allows for many different techniques such as vocoding, spectral morphing, EQ, pinged percussive sounds & more…. Take one simple sound source and use the 16 filters to bring specific “slices” of the frequency spectrum in and out with CV – it’s truly impressive what can be achieved with even a simple waveform!

These feature excellent build quality with solid bolted pots and a circuit design by Andrew Morelli of Steady State Fate (SSF).

We only have limited units in stock right now, and more arriving on Wednesday 7th July. Grab ’em soon to avoid disappointment…


A few new features separate the Sputnik Spectral Processor from the 296r Buchla format version.

  • Bandpass program control now features discrete transistor vcas on all channels.
  • Odd and even amp control can now be fully attenuated and additional soft saturation can be applied beyond 60% of travel for the odd/even amp level controls.
  • Bandpass faders now control both eq and program output levels, rather than just eq on the 296r version.
  • Consolidated design on a low profile, single pcb with integrated soft start and reverse power protection as well as significantly reduced current consumption.

Programmed Outputs

The heart of the spectral processor is the programmable control of the 16 filters. The program control section features frequency and width controls for selecting and sweeping through the active bandpass filters. Local program inputs above each band provide direct control over the level of each filter. Spectrum transfer activates the associated odd or even bandpass filter envelope followers to control the other, such as needed in the classic vocoder function. This can be applied to any two inputs in order to ‘analyze’ the spectral density of one of the inputs and impart this dynamic energy onto the other.

16 Band Equalizer

The 16 bandpass filters feature a dedicated attenuator and can provide up to +6db of additional gain per channel. Input signals can be directed to the odd/even numbered filters exclusively or all 16 filters simultaneously via input jack normalization. Dedicated odd and even sum outputs are provided as well as a full summed output for all 16 bands of the EQ feature.

Direct Outputs

Direct outputs are provided for each bandpass filter, as well an envelope follower; offering a dynamic control voltage of a specific band’s energy content.

Pre-fader Outputs

Summed outputs for the odd and even numbered direct outputs.


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A new analogue module from Expert Sleepers is out: PERSEPHONE – a discrete JFET VCA with some unique features! In stock now…along with IVO, BEATRIX & LORELEI

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 18.11.21

Well, we now have another analogue module from the new Expert Sleepers range – PERSEPHONE – a discrete JFET VCA with some unique features. The JFET can be tastefully (or violently) overdriven for saturation/distortion effects.

PERSEPHONE also includes a zero-crossing detector, which can be used to restrict gain changes to zeros in the audio waveform, preventing clicks and pops that can occur with very fast envelopes, especially on lower pitched sounds. In fact, with the zero-crossing circuit engaged, you can use a simple gate as the CV input without clicks. The module also features a CV Output, which passes through the CV input after being shaped by the zero-crossing circuit (when engaged), along with any bias/gain applied – so you can use it to control modules. Neat!

Also in stock, the LORELEI (VCO), BEATRIX (Phaser) and IVO (Filter) modules – all of which break the Expert Sleepers mould and are all 100% analogue, built using discrete transistor OTAs….and sound great – whilst also not breaking the bank! 😉

All back in stock, along with a ton of other Expert Sleepers modules – including the ever-in-demand DISTING EX & DISTING mk.4



  • FH-2
  • FHX-8GT
  • ES-3 MK4
  • ES-5 MK3
  • ES-6 MK2
  • ESX-8GT MK3
  • ESX-8CV MK2
  • ES-8

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THREE new Instruo modules all now in stock: NEONI Thru-Zero VCO, EAS Logic module & 1[f] Crossfader/Attenuverter/Offset.

Instruo Matttech Modular 19.11.21

Well, Instruo have been beavering away up in Scotland and have put together a tidy trio of tempting toys for you all: NEONI, EAS and 1[f] – all are currently in stock and ready for immediate despatch. We also have the long-awaited return of demo king Divkid, with a lengthy look at the EAS Logic module – including a general overview of logic and how it might be used in your rig. Well worth a look!

NEONI has its own full-length demo from Instruo, which also delves into the murky world of Thru-Zero FM – and also well worth checking out to get a handle on this oft-misunderstood area of FM synthesis – and you’ll also see much use of the handy 1[f] in the patches presented.

  • NEONI – Analogue Triangle-core VCO/LFO. Features through-Zero FM functionality with AC and DC coupled operation, precision soft sync & directional hard sync modes, nonlinear wavefolding, internal modulation routings & more..
  • EAS – Fully-featured Logic module, sporting all of the classic logic gate functions: it includes AND, NAND, OR, NOR, XOR, XNOR, and NOT.
  • 1[f] – Crossfader, attenuator, attenuverter, and manual DC offset.

Also in stock: ARBHAR Granular Processor, SCION, Cs-L, TANH [3] and (yet) another batch of the super-popular OCHD 8xLFO module produced in conjunction with demo king DivKid


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Tiptop Audio FX Modules back in stock: MODFX, Z5000, ECHOZ & ZVERB, plus MISO, FOLD Processor & tons of STACKCABLES!

Tiptop Audio Matttech Modular 26.11.19-min

Ahoy there! All of the original FX modules from Tiptop Audio are  back in stock, in both Black and White versions!  ….all of which are 8hp, mono in/ stereo out and great value!

  • Z5000 –  a multi effect with voltage controlled parameters, VC analog clock generator driving the DSP chip and 24 of our creme de la creme reverbs, delays, modulation, harmonization and pitch modulated effects.
  • ECHOZ –  a collection of 24 different types of delay effects encompasses a rich variety that spanning some of the most sought after time based effects of all times as well as more experimental options as well.
  • ZVERB – a collection of all new reverb algorithms developed by Tiptop ranging from typical reverbs to more complex effects that combine delay and pitch shifting with reverb.

…plus MISO (Mix/Invert/Scale/Offset), ONE Sample Player and FOLD Processor (Wavefolder/Suboctave Generator with dedicated Mixer)

Plus, we also finally have a big restock of STACKCABLES (including the 40cm CYAN ones)

(NOTE: We did have a bunch of the 2 new FX modules – FSU & MODFX – but they sold out super fast, and we currently only have one white MODFX left)


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Preorders open: New Strymon Eurorack module, STARLAB – offering incredibly lush, ethereal reverbs, gorgeous chorus, flanging & modulated delays…plus Karplus-Strong string synthesis. ETA: End of November

Strymon Matttech Modular 03.11.21

It’s been a while since high-end effects pedal brand Strymon released their first Eurorack module, MAGNETO – and when they do something, they like to do it right! So all that time has been well spent on its successor, STARLAB – a single effects module which offers incredibly lush, ethereal reverbs, gorgeous chorus, flanging and modulated delays. It can also create uniquely expressive synth voices with Karplus-Strong string synthesis, and can turn simple mono audio signals into vast stereo soundscapes.

We placed an order immediately it was announced, and the ETA for stock is the end of November. Preorders are now open!



Expand the sound of your modular rack with incredibly lush, ethereal reverbs. Enhance signals with gorgeous chorus, flanging, and modulated delays. Create uniquely expressive synth voices with Karplus-Strong string synthesis. Turn simple mono audio signals into vast stereo soundscapes. StarLab is a single module that will completely transform your modular rack.

Development for StarLab began with one goal in mind: to provide the highest quality reverb possible for modular systems, perfectly tuned for immersive electronic soundscapes with a high degree of flexibility and creative control.

The seemingly simple idea of allowing the pre-delay signal to be fed directly to the module’s output led to the development of rich sounding delay, chorus, and flanger effects, all of which can be used together with or independent of the reverb.

While experimenting with short delay times using feedback and filtering, we began finding very musical and expressive Karplus-Strong string synthesis sounds, and realized that StarLab could move beyond signal processing and become a truly unique voice module as well.
All this ultimately resulted in the creation of a module that is equal parts reverb, delay/modulation, and playable instrument.

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Another batch of the DISTING EX has landed, along with the ever-popular Expert Sleepers DISTING mk.4 & FH-2 ES-3, ES-8, ES-9 & all expanders!

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 24.08.20

We start to get an itchy feeling once we run out of the Expert Sleepers DISTING mk4, as it’s far & away our best selling module….so it’s only fitting that a big pile of them just landed! 🙂

Not only that, but we’ve also managed to snag another small batch of the DISTING EX as well!

Oh…and virtually every other Expert Sleepers module is in stock…including the FH-2 bidirectional USB midi interface and the “ES” range: ES-3, ES-8, ES-9 (and virtually all of their expanders)



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Shakmat Modular Matttech Modular 20.07.21

Shakmat Modular are one of those brands who never fail to come up with designs that offer something pretty unique, or take established concepts and push them into new territories ..and these latest releases are no exception! We’ve been especially excited about the HARLEQUIN’S CONTEXT, as it will allow for all manner of preset voltage and modulation shape generation in response to manual input, CV or gates …while the DUAL DAGGER manages to cram a shedload of features into the stereo filter concept – including independent control over low-pass and high-pass cutoff frequencies, an assignable resonance, and voltage-controlled “Pan” feature for creating interesting directional effects.


We’ve also topped up the following:

  • TIME WIZARD – Six Channel Clock Divider/ Multiplier, in Two Sections, with Additional Logic Functions. Based on 6 dividers with selectable division factors and 4 switches providing 81 routing variations. Can easily clock and reset other sequencers with odd time signatures, provide weird clock division/multiplication ratios, and create complex poly-rhythms.
  • CLOCK ‘O PAWN – Dual output clock generator, with 4 different clock sources, Reset output, Swing, ergonomic transport buttons & more..
  • GEMINI’S PATH – Stereo or dual mono dynamic processor and panner. Based on a pair of high-end VCAs, an audio to trigger converter and a smart modulation source, the Gemini’s Path allows numerous operations such as decay/gate on amplitude, auto accentuation, sidechain compression, auto pan and more !
  • SUMDIF – Dual adder / differentiator module capable of handling both CV and audio signals. Use it for mid/side processing, precision adding with 1v/oct signals & more…
  • HIPASS – Quad fixed frequency high pass filter. The two first sections are 3-pole filters (-18dB/oct) cutting at 30Hz. This removes low frequencies generated by resonant filters, FM synthesis and DC offsets from your audio signals.


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Lots of Tenderfoot Electronics modules back in stock …including the uber-useful QUAD QUANTIZER!

Tenderfoot Electronics Matttech Modular 17.05.21

We have just restocked a number of modules from Taiwanese brand Tenderfoot Electronics. These glamorous-looking designs offer a range of unique takes on everything from filtering to sequencing, with some tidy little utilities along the way. Our personal fave is the QUAD QUANTIZER – an essential addition for those of you struggling to tame all your patches and turn them into something a little more, ahem, “musical” 🙂 Back in stock, but usually sells out fast

Other highlights include the LATTICE 12-step sequencer, HIKE 2-channel envelope generator with multiple modes & random voltage generator, PINHL 3 channel lowpass gate, and SVF-1 state-variable filter with a choice of characters. Some of these designs are even in our *SALE*, but possibly not for too much longer…

Full module list further down.


TENDERFOOT RANGE : (all in stock except CELLS & EASE)

  • HIKE – 2-channel envelope generator, with multiple modes: Looping envelope, One-shot triggered A/D envelope, ASR envelope for use with longer gate signals. Also offers random voltage mode.
  • LATTICE – 16HP 12-step sequencer composed of a 4×3 grid of steps that can be navigated horizontally, vertically or sequentially from step 1 to step 12.
  • CELLS (Lattice Expander) – adds a number of additional features to the Tenderfoot Electronics Lattice sequencer: 3×4 grid of keys, Forward / Reverse mode, Random step selection, CV selection of the current step & Gate output
  • uCLS (Micro Latice Expander) – adds the same functions to the Tenderfoot Electronics Lattice sequencer as Cells – minus the keypad – and with the addition of an attenuator dial for the envelope/CV input, all nicely packaged in a 4HP module!
  • PINHL – Vactrol-based 3 channel passive low-pass gate. Each channel features 3 different tones selectable with the switches on the front of the panel.
  • SVF-1 – Great sounding state variable filter with drive control, 2 different resonance characters, voltage controlled cutoff and resonance, plus 1v/octave input.
  • VCA – 3-Channel VCA with mixing and offers the ability to chain multiple modules together into a larger VCA mixer.
  • DUPE – Buffered multiple with normalled outputs.
  • EASE – 3-channel attenuverter that can also be used as a CV or audio mixer
  • SAP – 4 channels of passive attenuation in 4HP

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New Transient Modules products available – 7J Joystick Controller and 2M Mixer, plus the return of the 8S Sequencer and a price slash on the 1F VC-Switch!

Transient Modules Matttech Modular 13.09.21

We have added a couple of new modules from Spanish brand Transient Modules to our range – the 7J Joystick Controller and 2M Mixer. The 7J can either output constant voltages, depending on where the joystick is set …or you can feed signals INTO its inputs, and use the joystick to control their levels and/or polarities.

The 2M is a dual 3-channel mixer in 6 HP with volume controls on all the inputs as well as the final output. Low distortion / high quality audio operational amplifiers have been selected in order to achieve clean audio mixing, but is also DC-coupled, so it can perform CV signal mixing as well.

We’ve also restocked the super-useful 4R (Quad Random Voltage), a space-saving quad random voltage generator, featuring: 2 independent trigger inputs; normalising between trigger inputs; 2 pairs of random voltage outputs; each pair can be set to be either unipolar or bipolar (via jumpers)

The 8S (8-Step Sequencer) is also available to order again. It is a deceptively powerful 8 step sequencer with voltage control over reset, hold, random step & direction. Output can be set to unipolar or bipolar via a jumper.

Last but not least, as part of our *SALE*, we’ve slashed the price of the 1F (Voltage Controlled Switch) – previously £82, now only £65! 



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Big hitters from Steady State Fate back in: ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR, STEREO DIPOLE & the Boys Noize/ Baseck collaboration, TRIPTYCH

Steady State Fate Matttech Modular 12.12.21

A tidy restock from Steady State Fate just landed – including a top-up of the ever-popular STEREO DIPOLE Quad VCF, the ZPO (ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR) – an uber-comprehensive analogue vco  …along with their recent collaboration with Boys Noize and Baseck: TRYPTICH – a Triple-Reroutable-FX module capable of BBD Flanging, Comb Filtering, Saturation, Distortion, Multimode Filter & all-round aggro!

All ready to go out for the night in their glamorous Black faceplates 🙂

(lots more SSF in stock – see further down for current stocklist)


All SSF products currently in stock:

  • AUTODUB – DC-coupled stereo VCA tailored for interactive dub style effects and event generation via a live performance friendly effect send activation button.
  • ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO) – Thru-Zero Analogue VCO with unique waveforms, Wave Shaping, Wave Morphing, Ring Modulation & many more features
  • STEREO DIPOLE – Quad Multi-Mode VCF featuring single, dual and quad peak filter outputs. Can also function as a Single, Dual and Quad Sine Wave VCO/LFO.
  • TRIPTYCH – Multi-tiered module consisting of a trio of effects with the addition of input and output voltage-controlled amplifiers: Distortion (3x), Flange/Comb, and Filter, with all paths internally re-routable. From distortion to Karplus-Strong and polyphonic resonance, Triptych is designed to be a unique sound shaping and transformation tool.
  • VORTICES – Character mixer modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. It includes the V-CV Expander, which adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels.
  • V-MUTES – Expander for the Steady State Fate VORTICES character mixer. This module retains the full functionality of the V-CV expander (included with VORTICES), but adds click-less muting on all 7 of the VCA controlled inputs as well as a MASTER mute function that can mute all 7 channels simultaneously.
  • RND STEP – High performance, 3-channel sample & hold module, comprised of 6 separate Noise / S&H circuits in just 4HP. Features: internal normalising between trigger inputs; extended hold times with high sustained-voltage precision; creative analogue downsampling effects; plus downsampled and clocked noise tones



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Tons of Bastl Instruments in stock, including the BUDDY Stereo Mixer/Preamp, plus restocks of IKARIE, CINNAMON, TIMBER, DARK MATTER, WAVER & all other black panel modules

Bastl Instruments Matttech Modular 06.10.21

Bastl Instruments have been at it again, this time coming up with another handy take on the Eurorack mixer – BUDDY – combining mixing duties with preamplification for external devices, chainability, and offering stereo operation and other tidy features. In stock now!

We’ve also managed to finally grab another small batch of the IKARIE Stereo Filter with integrated VCA & optional overdrive – designed in collaboration with Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics (see also: WAVER & DARK MATTER for previous fruits of this partnership)

We’ve got black panel versions of the wonderful TIMBER Serge-based Wavefolder & SKIS II Dual VC-Decay/Linear VCA and have played with both of these modules ourselves, so we can heartily recommend them!

Also in stock in the new black panel design: CIAO!, DARK MATTER, CINNAMON, ABC MIXER & KOMPAS


  • BUDDY – Four-channel eurorack stereo mixer optimized for hybrid setups. Channels A and B are optimized for eurorack sources (either mono or stereo) with a slight boost (×2 / +6dB). Channels C and D are line-level pre-amps that can boost the signal up to ×10 / +20dB and feature stereo TRS jack inputs for directly connecting desktop units without further adaptors.
  • IKARIE – Uniquely sculpted, flexible stereo or dual peak filter module. Also features an internal VCA, CV control over panning and resonance, plus optional overdrive of the input.

We are now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Bastl Instruments now, and have lots of other products either in stock, or listed as “stock available at our supplier”, who are UK-based and ship to us the same day your order is placed – meaning you’ll receive your item within 2-3 working days.
If they don’t have an item in stock, we don’t take orders for it, and show it as “out of stock”. Simple! 🙂