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All TENDRILS super-slimline Eurorack patch cables now 20-25% OFF! ….both RIGHT-ANGLED & STRAIGHT versions

** As part of our current MEGA SALE, all TENDRILS super-slimline Eurorack patch cables now 20-25% OFF! ….both RIGHT-ANGLED & STRAIGHT versions, in all colours **

NOTE! Many variations now sold out, or very low on stock…but we still have a decent amount of different colours & lengths left…

The right-angled cables from TENDRILS have often been spotted in photos of high-profile artists over the last year or two – especially those who play live, or leave specific cables semi-permanently patched up – and now that we’ve had these in our hands, we can see why! They are extremely slimline – which makes them very flexible for weaving around tight spaces, in addition to making them very lightweight (useful if you are carrying your case around pre-patched). It’s especially important to have very slim cables and plugs when using right-angled designs, as otherwise it becomes very tricky to weave them around various inputs and knobs on your modules’ faceplates. It also becomes hard to have several of them running away from adjacent sockets when those sockets are close together. So….TENDRILS are what you want!

They come in the original RIGHT-ANGLED design, and also in a newer STRAIGHT version – if you want slim, flexible cables but don’t need the right-angles.


Another customer – Molten Modular’s Robin Vincent – found the photos below helpful when it came to comparing TENDRILS against the most “standard” cable size/shape used by Eurorack patch cable brands – such as Erica Synths, Eowave, FoMu, Black Market Modular etc…. These “standard” cables are actually already slimmer than many other competing designs, and are probably our favourite for usual day-to-day use…but if you require a right-angled design, or when weight and flexibility are key concerns you can clearly see that TENDRILS win out.

The “standard” Eurorack cable design is in Green, and the TENDRILS are in pink (“Magenta”, to use it’s official name)



Tendrils Right-Angled Eurorack Patch Cables

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Restock just landed of the new Steady State Fate ENTITY ULTRA KICK – Super-precise control over all crucial parameters for creating the perfect analogue kick sound.

Steady State Fate Matttech Modular 16.02.22

The new ENTITY ULTRA KICK from Steady State Fate (SSF) offer super-precise control over all crucial parameters for creating the perfect analogue kick sound. YouTube Demos are already up, showing off a range of extremely usable kick sounds, from soft to hard, clean to distorted, crisp & transient-rich to deep & boomy!

Already on our FIFTH batch of these beauties – lots of satisfied customers!



  • ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO) – Thru-Zero Analogue VCO with unique waveforms, Wave Shaping, Wave Morphing, Ring Modulation & many more features
  • AUTODUB – DC-coupled stereo VCA tailored for interactive dub style effects and event generation via a live performance friendly effect send activation button.


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Erica Synths PICO range restocked – including DRUMS, DSP, RND, LFO/S&H, INPUT, OUTPUT & many more…

Erica Synths Matttech Modular 03.12.21

in the midst of the Black Friday chaos, our lovely Latvians Erica Synths somehow managed to get us a nice restock of their PICO modules, along with a few other bits & pieces – see further down for details

Alongside such faves as the PICO DSP, PICO RND & PICO DRUMS (plus its DRUM PROGRAMMER), we have the endlessly-popular PICO INPUT & OUTPUT modules for interfacing external gear (in stereo), plus a bunch of other top-ups of non-PICO products such as the BLACK STEREO MIXER V3 and BLACK VC EG (Discounted Stock) – plus the Eurorack Cable Holders in both lengths (could make a great Xmas gift?)

Tons of other Erica BLACK RANGE and BASIC RANGE modules also in stock


We have the following PICO modules in stock now:

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New Sputnik Modular VARIABLE WAVEFORM GENERATOR in stock: Buchla-style discrete analogue oscillator with ergonomic fader-based interface and circuit design by Andrew Morelli of Steady State Fate (SSF)

Sputnik Modular Matttech Modular 24.03.22

Sputnik Modular are back again! …this time with the VARIABLE WAVEFORM GENERATOR – a brand new, Buchla-style discrete analogue oscillator with an ergonomic interface featuring faders for the most important sound-sculpting functions. In stock now!

It offers 4 simultaneous waveform outputs – each of which has its own independent waveform processing (see further down for more details) – along with a pulse wave sub-oscillator which can be set to -1 or -2 octaves below the VCO’s fundamental pitch. There is an LFO switch for easily turning it into a complex modulation source, along with Coarse/ Fine Pitch controls, both Linear and Exponential FM (simultaneously) and a Hard Sync with a particularly “tearing” character.

As with the previous SPECTRAL PROCESSOR, this offers excellent build quality with solid bolted pots, high quality components and circuit design by Andrew Morelli of Steady State Fate (SSF)….not only that, but our man DivKid has already put together an in-depth video showing off all the timbral tastiness within this module. Enjoy! (video linked below)

This thing looks really special, and right up our alley.


The VARIABLE WAVEFORM GENERATOR features a host of parameters for shaping the sound – available to be tweaked manually from the front panel via sliders and/or modulated via CV. Each of these are applied to the relevant waveform and can be used simultaneously for an extremely complex, layered sound:

  • Pulse output – features PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) with a switch for Edge PWM (more traditional PWM) or Centre (which creates a stepped waveform and a more chorus-like effect.
  • Sine output – processed by a Wavefolder with Asymmetrical or Symmetrical folding, each of which produces a different tonal range.
  • Saw output – this offers a wave animator which morphs from a simple saw to either a Double or Triple peak waveform, for those Livewire AFG-style animations.
  • Triangle output – passses through a gorgeous Drive circuit with selectable Odd or Even harmonics for two different flavours of drive/ saturation which make for some wonderfully woody tones.

The CV inputs for these sound-shaping parameters respond to both positive and negative voltages at their CV inputs, which means that you can modulate the waves to silence and experiment with Amplitude Modulation (AM) for Pseudo-Ring Modulation tones.

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Just landed! New Bastl Instruments SOFTPOP 2 standalone semi-modular experimental synth, sequencer & sound processor

Bastl Instruments Matttech Modular 24.03.22

Although we initially started stocking Bastl Instruments for their range of intriguing Eurorack modules, we couldn’t overlook their eccentric standalone units for long, and the KASTLE Synth and MICROGRANNY Granular Sampler have become firm favourites with our customers.

New from the Bastl stable is the updated SOFTPOP 2 – which adds so much that it’s an understatement to call it a “sequel” really. SP2 is the culmination of a near decade-long creative partnership between Casper Electronics and Bastl Instruments and brings together the strengths and quirky design stylings of lead engineers Peter Edwards and Václav Peloušek. The designers feel it’s their best work to date and a product of pure passion for innovative synthesis, music-making, and experimentation.

It is a radical subtractive synth under the influence of unconventional digital control. SP2’s favorite sounds include bassline bangers, angelic chord progressions, distorted beats, and water droplets. Softpop also has an external input with enough gain and saturation to process any sound thru the filter and VCA. Add to that a powerful & flexible sequencer, MIDI control and a huuuuuge Eurorack-compatible patchbay and you’re good to go… Check the product page or Loopop’s excellent video below for the full scoop…



  • KASTLE v1.5
  • DUDE

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International sales & shipping update: Many non-UK countries now able to order via the site again, and we’re also taking EU orders again via email!

non-UK shipping

We have good news for anyone outside the UK looking to take advantage of our current offers!


Secondly, we are finally accepting orders from the EU again! If you are interested in purchasing from anywhere not in the list above – including Norway and the EU – please EMAIL us your order and we will provide you with all the relevant information to make your purchase. These orders will be processed outside the website via emailed invoice & PayPal payment.

Please note that we are still unable to take orders from the USA or Canada, due to the policy limitations of our business insurance package.

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Final stock of the wonderful WMD & SSF collaboration modules just in: Grab SPECTRUM, TOOL-BOX, BLENDER & AMPLITUDE before they disappear forever!

WMD SSF Matttech Modular 21.02.22

It was a sad day when WMDevices announced that they were discontinuing their range of modules that were designed in collaboration with Andrew Morelli of Steady State Fate (SSF), and we’ve been trying to procure a few of the last remaining units before they disappear into the ether and end up on for about 10 times their original price!

This range is one of our all-time favourites, as it offers a wealth of amazing modules – all with great sound, comprehensive features, in a relatively small size for a great price – all without sacrificing anything in terms of ergonomics or build quality. Honestly, if there was ever a range that we’d have been completely happy with building an entire system out of – especially when you’re talking about more traditional analogue – this was it!

Many of the design features have been developed into newer WMD products, along with features from modules in the WMD range itself (for example, the discontinued WMD/SSF MMF Multimode Filter has morphed into the C4RBN module, and the ADSRVCA has melded with the WMD Multimode Envelope to produce JAVELIN) …but we can’t help having a soft spot for the original range.

We only have 4 of the modules in stock – and limited units at that:

  • SPECTRUM – Analog Saw-core Oscillator with Octave Switch and Sub-Oscillator (excellent pure sine waves, lovely FM…and a SAW sub option very rarely found on VCOs. VERY beefy too!)
  • TOOL-BOX – Multi-purpose Utility Module with 6 Simultaneous Functions (features a bunch of very handy CV utilities in a small footprint. Perfect for portable systems)
  • AMPLITUDE – Discrete Transistor Core VCA with Saturation (the best VCA we’ve come across, and we’re keeping some for ourselves!)
  • BLENDER – Flexible Audio / CV Mixer with Six Inputs, and Voltage Controlled Crossfader (again, one of the best versions of this kind of design we’ve tested, with zero bleed and extremely easy to get great crossfading results from when using standard CV sources)

Now if only we’d grabbed an ULTRAFOLD for our own system. dang…….. 🙁

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Bastl Instruments standalone units restock: KASTLE DRUM & KASTLE v1.5 both back in stock

Bastl Instruments Matttech Modular 14.04.21

Although we initially started stocking Bastl Instruments for their range of intriguing Eurorack modules, we couldn’t overlook their eccentric standalone units for long, and the KASTLE Synth and KASTLE DRUM have become firm favourites with our customers. The KASTLE DRUM is a uniquely tweakable, patchable drum machine/ groovebox. Once you start messing with this little thing, hours disappear! Both back in stock!



  • SOFT POP 2
  • DUDE

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We now have the full Future Sound Systems GRISTLEIZER module range back in stock! TG2, TG3, TG4 & TG5

Future Sound Systems Matttech Modular 06.03.22

We are super-excited to announce that we again have stock of the TG2 GENERATOR, TG3 FILTER, TG4 MODULATOR & TG5 PRE-AMPLIFIER modules from Future Sound Systems.

Developed from the Gristleizer – an eccentric sound mangling device used by Throbbing Gristle to devastating effect back the 70’s – this unit has given birth t o a whole range of separate Eurorack modules. These have been designed in collaboration with – and with the full blessing of – Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle, and Roy Gwinn who developed the original unit.

Total sonic devastation is now at your fingertips!



  • MX1 Mixer
  • MTX9A Pin Matrix (Active Version)
  • MTX9 Pin Matrix (Passive Version)
  • POCA VAC1 Passive lowpass gate
  • MAKROW Macro controller

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FURTHER DISCOUNTS IN OUR SALE! Some huge deals to be had on modules, standalone devices & cables – and the average discount is now 24%. Stock selling out fast now…

Mega Sale Matttech Modular 27.06.22

Items are starting to sell out, but our MEGA SALE continues apace …and it’s worth checking in regularly as we’re continually tweaking the deals on offer, with bagloads of products reduced even further. The average discount in our SALE section is now around 24% OFF, with a number of products discounted by even more!! (and now all discounts are shown both in GBP and percentages, to make your decision easier)

Also, if you go to the SHOP page we have tweaked it so you should see all the biggest discounts first, with the rest of the deals in descending (percentage discount) order from there on.

Some headline offers include:

  • Steady State Fate ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR – now down to £332 (RRP: £399)
  • Future Sound Systems GRISTLEIZER SYSTEM BUNDLE – just £705 (RRP: £882)
  • Sputnik Modular VARIABLE WAVEFORM GENERATOR – now £292 (RRP: £349)
  • All remaining Tiptop FX modules (ZVERB & ECHOZ) – at just £139 (RRP: £169, with many shops selling for around £180 due to recent price increases)
  • Tons of handy VCAs on offer at up to 35% off – many of which also offer additional features such as mixing/ summing, bipolar operation etc..


(and in addition to the items on the SALE page, we’ve increased our discounts on all TENDRILS slimline patchcables to 20-25% OFF , in both Right-angled & Straight versions. Selling fast, but still a decent array of different varieties of length/colour in stock as we speak)

BIG DISCOUNTS on around 100 different products from After Later Audio, Bastl Instruments, Bubblesound Instruments, DivKid, Dreadbox, Electrosmith, Eowave, Erica Synths, Expert Sleepers, FoMu Cables, Future Sound Systems, Malekko, New Systems Instruments, Noise Engineering, Shakmat Modular, Source Audio, Sputnik Modular, Steady State Fate (SSF), Tenderfoot Electronics, Tendrils Cables, Tiptop Audio, Worng Electronics, WMD and WMD/SSF

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The two latest Tiptop Audio FX Modules, FSU & MODFX, are back in stock restocks including Z8000 Matrix Sequencer, all the other FX modules (in Black & White versions) & tons of STACKCABLES!

Tiptop Audio Matttech Modular 19.10.21

We’re pleased to announce that we have the 2 latest effects modules from Tiptop Audio – FSU and MODFX – back in stock, along with all the other effects modules in the line – Z5000, zVERB & ECHOZ. All modules are available in both Black & White versions.

Plus, we also have another big restock of STACKCABLES (GREEN, RED, CYAN, YELLOW, BLUE & BLACK)

Last but not least we have some other tidy restocks:

  • MISO – Multipurpose utility module with four main functions available: Mix, Invert, Scale, and Offset.
  • Z8000 – Matrix Sequencer with 10 Independently-Clocked Outputs
  • FOLD PROCESSOR – Classic Diode Based Wave Folder, Feeding an Integrated Suboctave Generator with Dedicated Mixer


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The RYK Modular M185 Sequencer is available to order again! The original inspiration for the Metropolis & Metropolix sequencers, and a great choice for interactive “playable” sequencing that won’t break the bank!

RYK Modular Matttech Modular 05.03.21

It’s always exciting when we can support UK-based brands in our store, and we’re pleased to have RYK Modular back in stock, with their wonderful M185 Sequencer. This is an extremely intuitive and playable pitch & gate sequencer, with 8 unique gate modes for creative rhythmic possibilities, A/B split mode for two separate sequences, 2 channels of CV/GATE and MIDI I/O, plus 15 Quantise scales OR pure analogue microtonal CV output.

It appeals as a hands-on performance orientated module for easy creation of complex melodic sequences. It is the original multi-step-per-stage sequencer that inspired the Intellijel Metropolis and Metropolix modules. As seen in YouTube videos from Molten Modular and Mylar Melodies!

If you like the idea of this type of sequencer – but can’t quite stretch to the cost of the Metropolix – this makes an incredibly affordable alternative at just £409


RYK Modular Playlist:

M185 also featured heavily in this demo for the Soundforce VCF/VCA 6:

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Tons of Bastl Instruments in stock, including the BUDDY Stereo Mixer/Preamp, plus restocks of IKARIE, CINNAMON, TIMBER, DARK MATTER, WAVER & all other black panel modules

Bastl Instruments Matttech Modular 06.10.21

Bastl Instruments have been at it again, this time coming up with another handy take on the Eurorack mixer – BUDDY – combining mixing duties with preamplification for external devices, chainability, and offering stereo operation and other tidy features. In stock now!

We’ve also managed to finally grab another small batch of the IKARIE Stereo Filter with integrated VCA & optional overdrive – designed in collaboration with Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics (see also: WAVER & DARK MATTER for previous fruits of this partnership)

We’ve got black panel versions of the wonderful TIMBER Serge-based Wavefolder & SKIS II Dual VC-Decay/Linear VCA and have played with both of these modules ourselves, so we can heartily recommend them!

Also in stock in the new black panel design: CIAO!, DARK MATTER, CINNAMON, ABC MIXER & KOMPAS


  • BUDDY – Four-channel eurorack stereo mixer optimized for hybrid setups. Channels A and B are optimized for eurorack sources (either mono or stereo) with a slight boost (×2 / +6dB). Channels C and D are line-level pre-amps that can boost the signal up to ×10 / +20dB and feature stereo TRS jack inputs for directly connecting desktop units without further adaptors.
  • IKARIE – Uniquely sculpted, flexible stereo or dual peak filter module. Also features an internal VCA, CV control over panning and resonance, plus optional overdrive of the input.

We are now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Bastl Instruments now, and have lots of other products either in stock, or listed as “stock available at our supplier”, who are UK-based and ship to us the same day your order is placed – meaning you’ll receive your item within 2-3 working days.
If they don’t have an item in stock, we don’t take orders for it, and show it as “out of stock”. Simple! 🙂

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Future Sound Systems MTX9 now in stock in both PASSIVE and ACTIVE versions… plus lot of other FSS gear including OSC2, VAC1, MAKROW & the entire GRISTLEIZER range

Future Sound Systems Matttech Modular 21.01.22

It’s hard to keep on top of the myriad of products available these days, but some of the more interesting designs emit from the darkened rooms of Bristol’s Future Sound Systems. Their MTX9 PIN MATRIX has proved a popular choice for folk who want to add some Synthi-style pin matrix patching to their systems – and we’ve had so many people asking to purchase the active buffer upgrade board that we’ve decided to stock the pre-assembled active version of the module (the MTX9A) alongside the passive one. This adds unity mixing and buffered splitting for more precise voltage distribution.

We are also aiming to keep many of their other designs in stock again, especially the popular GRISTLEIZER modules – a range designed in collaboration with Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle, and based on a unit they used extensively on both their live and recorded output.

Other highlights from our FSS range include:

  • The intensely patchable OSC2 “Recombination Engine” – a triple analogue voltage-controlled oscillator Eurorack module with a focus on a novel wave-splicing technique.
  • MAKROW – developed with Daniel Miller of MUTE Records – is a modular patch macro-controller, designed with live performance in mind. It allows for dramatic control sweeps & massive sounding patch changes, all at the turn of a single knob.
  • POCA VAC1 – a completely passive quad Lowpass Gate module, with selectable VCA mode
  • …and if it’s a space-efficient, low cost 4 channel mixer in 4hp you’re after…the MX1 has you covered!


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WMDevices restock just in, including the mighty PERFORMANCE MIXER & PM MUTES Expander, plus the stock of C4RBN filter, OVERSEER DJ-style filter, MSCL Compressor, SCLPL VC-EQ & more…

It’s been a looooong time (due to various ongoing production and supply chain issues), but we’ve finally received a shipment of modules from the wonderful folk at WMDevices – including the ultimate Eurorack mixing solution: the PERFORMANCE MIXER! (we also have one PM MUTES module left too). PM is a high-spec Eurorack audio mixer designed specifically for live modular performance & jam sessions. Features include: 12 mono & 2 stereo inputs, CUE mix & PFL, CV over level & pan on all channels, 2 switchable Aux sends & more..

In addition we have the return of the OVERSEER fully stereo DJ-Style filter (choose either Black or Silver panel) and the super-popular C4RBN 4/2-Pole State Variable Filter with input saturation, output wavefolding, and more….

Also in stock when it comes to mixing & interfacing are the following: MSCL (Space-efficient Stereo Analogue Compressor / Limiter, with Vintage Flavour & Sidechain Input), SCLPL (Stereo 5-Band Voltage-Controlled Digital EQ / Morphing Filter module) and AXYS (Two Stereo Voltage-controlled Crossfaders in 6hp – currently on offer for only £179!)


PLEASE NOTE: Most of these are in very limited quantities, and are the last units we purchased before 2021’s price increases (of at least 10%) came into effect – so we’re selling these at the old prices, but any future units will be at the new, higher prices. Just sayin’ 😉


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A huuuuge Mutable Instruments restock just landed: PLAITS, MARBLES, TIDES, BEADS, RIPPLES, VEILS, RINGS & more…

Mutable Instruments Matttech Modular 06.03.22

An evergreen selection of fine, well-designed modules and a masterclass in achieving reliability and exceptional build quality, the Mutable Instruments range is like no other. Still selling well long after release, their modules are indispensable when it comes to planning awesome systems for customers – I mean, just look at the picture above to see one incredible all-Mutable system for one example…I know I’d certainly get a LOT of mileage (and fun) out of that little setup! ….so yet again, we’ve restocked almost the entire range, including the super-popular (and rightly so) PLAITS, MARBLES, VEILS, & RIPPLES.

We’ve also got stock of the ultimate in granular signal processing, BEADS – plus the insanely flexible & inspiring TIDES, should you fancy making wonky modulation shapes…or another full synth voice….or a chord generator,,,or….

In sadder news, BRANCHES, SHELVES and ELEMENTS have now been discontinued (1 of each left on the site!) ..and we get the feeling that some of the other modules may be nearing their end of life, so it might be wise to grab them while you still can!

Also – Please note that this batch of BLADES is the last one that our store will be able to offer before the module is also discontinued.

In stock now:




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All four Instruo VCOs back in stock…including the Ts-L (rev2), offering 5 waveform outs, wavefolder, sub, unique PWM/waveshaper, lin/exp FM, Sync, LFO mode & more!

Fancy an Instruo oscillator but can’t stretch to the bigger beasts of the range? Well, the Ts-L is the one! Finally back in stock after a long absence, this little 6hp beauty offers a wealth of features for the size and price bracket that you rarely find on competing products: 5 waveform outputs, integrated Wavefolder, Sub-oscillator, unique PWM/waveshaper, linear/exponential FM, oscillator sync and more.. The “rev.2” version now features an LFO switch next to the coarse tune pot. This lets you use it as a sub-audio rate modulation source more easily than before. The module also now lets you access the square wave fundamental waveform with the new 3-way toggle switch that replaces the old 2-way switch to toggle between sub 1 and 2.


The other 3 VCOs from Instruo are also back in stock:

  • NEONI – Analogue Triangle-core VCO/LFO. Features through-Zero FM functionality with AC and DC coupled operation, precision soft sync & directional hard sync modes, nonlinear wavefolding, internal modulation routings & more..
  • SAICH – Quad oscillator with super-saw functionality and built in “smart” VCA mixing. At its core are four fully analogue sawtooth waveforms that can be intervallically offset, individually and globally detuned, transformed and transposed, and mixed together in creative and interesting ways.
  • Cs-L – Dual voltage controlled complex oscillator, with both Sawtooth Core and Triangle Core VCOs, 2 Wavefolders, Sub, Soft/Hard Sync, Ring Mod, AM & much more..

Other Instruo modules currently in stock: OCHD (8x LFO), CEIS (VC-ADSR), TANH[3] (3-channel waveshaper/distortion/limiter), 1[f] (Crossfader, attenuator, attenuverter, and manual DC offset) and EAS (Logic)

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Lots of Tenderfoot Electronics modules back in stock …including the uber-useful QUAD QUANTIZER!

Tenderfoot Electronics Matttech Modular 17.05.21

We have just restocked a number of modules from Taiwanese brand Tenderfoot Electronics. These glamorous-looking designs offer a range of unique takes on everything from filtering to sequencing, with some tidy little utilities along the way. Our personal fave is the QUAD QUANTIZER – an essential addition for those of you struggling to tame all your patches and turn them into something a little more, ahem, “musical” 🙂 Back in stock, but usually sells out fast

Other highlights include the LATTICE 12-step sequencer, HIKE 2-channel envelope generator with multiple modes & random voltage generator, PINHL 3 channel lowpass gate, and SVF-1 state-variable filter with a choice of characters. Some of these designs are even in our *SALE*, but possibly not for too much longer…

Full module list further down.


TENDERFOOT RANGE : (all in stock except CELLS & EASE)

  • HIKE – 2-channel envelope generator, with multiple modes: Looping envelope, One-shot triggered A/D envelope, ASR envelope for use with longer gate signals. Also offers random voltage mode.
  • LATTICE – 16HP 12-step sequencer composed of a 4×3 grid of steps that can be navigated horizontally, vertically or sequentially from step 1 to step 12.
  • uCLS (Micro Latice Expander) – adds the same functions to the Tenderfoot Electronics Lattice sequencer as Cells – minus the keypad – and with the addition of an attenuator dial for the envelope/CV input, all nicely packaged in a 4HP module!
  • PINHL – Vactrol-based 3 channel passive low-pass gate. Each channel features 3 different tones selectable with the switches on the front of the panel.
  • SVF-1 – Great sounding state variable filter with drive control, 2 different resonance characters, voltage controlled cutoff and resonance, plus 1v/octave input.
  • VCA – 3-Channel VCA with mixing and offers the ability to chain multiple modules together into a larger VCA mixer.
  • DUPE – Buffered multiple with normalled outputs.
  • EASE – 3-channel attenuverter that can also be used as a CV or audio mixer
  • SAP – 4 channels of passive attenuation in 4HP

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DivKid restock in da house! OCHD 8-channel LFO & RND STEP 3-channel dual sample & hold both back in stock …plus new DivKid Blanking Panels!

DivKid Matttech Modular 25.08.20-min

The super-popular DivKid OCHD is back in stock again! 8 all-analogue LFOs in a convenient 4HP package, designed & manufactured by Instruo. Superb value for money, and extremely spcae-efficient.

We also finally have another limited restock of another offspring from the mind of our man DivKid – the RND STEP, designed in collaboration with Steady State Fate. This is a 3-channel dual sample & hold which can be employed in a whole host of ways (see the excellent video below)

Not only that…but with 2021 coming to an end, what better way to celebrate than with a Double-Sided DivKid Eurorack Blanking Panel? You could even hang it from your Xmas tree, should you feel the urge…

  • Side 1: Large swarm of WHITE DivKid logo heads
  • Side 2: Single GOLD DivKid logo on one side, shadowed by multiple embossed black versions

“Let’s get stuck in”



Well Ben “DivKid” Wilson has done it again! After the HUGE success of his MUTES module – developed with Befaco – he has teamed up with Scottish brand Instruo this time round to produce the OCHD. This nifty unit packs 8 all-analogue LFOs into a convenient 4HP package.

Richard Devine described it as “the most organic little modulator ever”….and that is the idea: add a ton of natural, free-flowing modulation to your system in one go – all with a master Rate control that can itself be CV-controlled. Nice


RND STEP is a high performance, 3-channel sample & hold module, comprised of 6 separate Noise / S&H circuits in just 4HP. It features internal normalising between trigger inputs; extended hold times with high sustained-voltage precision; audio processing for creative analogue downsampling effects; plus audio rate-triggered downsampled / clocked noise tones.

There have never been more challenging times to be bringing out new products than right now, and DivKid has played a major part of the growth in modular over the last decade, so I hope you’ll join me in supporting his latest venture! Big-ups to SSF and the distributors for getting plenty of these into our hands.

DivKid MarkT Blank Panel both sides

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Back in stock: New Strymon Eurorack module, STARLAB – offering incredibly lush, ethereal reverbs, gorgeous chorus, flanging & modulated delays…plus Karplus-Strong string synthesis.

Strymon Matttech Modular 03.11.21

The Strymon STARLAB is back in stock! The first batch sold out verrrry fast, so grab em while they’re hot. Limited units available…

It’s been a while since high-end effects pedal brand Strymon released their first Eurorack module, MAGNETO – and when they do something, they like to do it right! So all that time has been well spent on its successor, STARLAB – a single effects module which offers incredibly lush, ethereal reverbs, gorgeous chorus, flanging and modulated delays. It can also create uniquely expressive synth voices with Karplus-Strong string synthesis, and can turn simple mono audio signals into vast stereo soundscapes.



Expand the sound of your modular rack with incredibly lush, ethereal reverbs. Enhance signals with gorgeous chorus, flanging, and modulated delays. Create uniquely expressive synth voices with Karplus-Strong string synthesis. Turn simple mono audio signals into vast stereo soundscapes. StarLab is a single module that will completely transform your modular rack.

Development for StarLab began with one goal in mind: to provide the highest quality reverb possible for modular systems, perfectly tuned for immersive electronic soundscapes with a high degree of flexibility and creative control.

The seemingly simple idea of allowing the pre-delay signal to be fed directly to the module’s output led to the development of rich sounding delay, chorus, and flanger effects, all of which can be used together with or independent of the reverb.

While experimenting with short delay times using feedback and filtering, we began finding very musical and expressive Karplus-Strong string synthesis sounds, and realized that StarLab could move beyond signal processing and become a truly unique voice module as well.
All this ultimately resulted in the creation of a module that is equal parts reverb, delay/modulation, and playable instrument.