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Humble Audio QUAD OPERATOR & ALGO EXPANDER back in stock! ..full FM Synthesis in Eurorack Modular format

Humble Audio Matttech Modular 17.06.19-min

The wonderful QUAD OPERATOR is back in stock!! It offers full 4-operator FM synthesis with variable wave shapes and an intuitive one-knob-per-function interface. The Optional ALGO expander allows for algorithm save, recall & crossfading capabilities.

There are a huge range of timbres possible with these units


Video Playlist below:

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6hp range now back in stock!

Endorphines Matttech Modular 22.10.19

We have just received a restock of the new 6hp modules from! These modules contain a lot of hidden features, and really cram their diminutive size with functionality. Well worth checking out the PDF manuals to learn more…



  • GODSPEED – VCO with wavefolder, noise, auto-tuning and octave shift – PDF MANUAL
  • AIRSTREAMER – Fast and effective 6hp envelope generator with variable slope curves and three modes. Also features 1v/oct input, along with bipolar and unipolar outputs, a thru-zero VCA input and selectable end-of-cycle outputs – PDF MANUAL
  • SQUAWK DIRTY TO ME – stereo digital filter with 8 different modes, zero-delay feedback, additional Highpass and Meta CV scanning – PDF MANUAL
  • MILKY WAY – stereo FX module, with 16 types of effects, plus meta cv effects scanning and volume control with VCA – PDF MANUAL

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New in from WMDevices: VOLTERA expander, CRATER bass drum, black TRSHMSTR restocks of METRON, CRUCIBLE, SPECTRUM, OVERSEER & more

WMDevices Matttech Modular 12.06.19-min

We now have stock of 2 new WMDevices modules: CRATER (Metron Expander) & VOLTERA (Bass Drum), plus restocks of other popular WMDevices and WMD/SSF modules such as METRON, OVERSEER, CRUCIBLE, SPECTRUM. Full details below

  • CRATER – Analog/digital hybrid bass drum module that plays as hard as it kicks.
  • VOLTERA – Voltage Output Expander for WMD METRON Advanced Trigger and Gate Sequencer


In addition, WMDevices are gradually moving over to black engraved faceplates for their entire range…and the latest module to get an overhaul is the TRSHMSTR bandpass filter/ distortion…and we’ve gotta say, it DOES look tidy!

We have the following WMDevices products in stock:

  • PROTOSTAR (Pedal)
  • AXYS (now only £205!)
  • CHIMERA (now only £209!)
  • MANTIC FLEX (now only £139!)

We have also topped up our WMD/SSF range – a collaboration between WMD and Steady State Fate, and one of our all-time favourite module ranges. High quality design, build…and most importantly, SOUND!

In stock from WMD/SSF:

  • SPO
  • MMF
  • VC MINI SLEW (now only £159!)


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New Dreadbox CHROMATIC modules in stock – affordable, space-efficient and feature packed!


Another new addition to our roster has landed – the Dreadbox CHROMATIC range of Eurorack modules. Ranging from £69 to £89, these absolutely CRAM in the features, making them no-brainers for those starting out on a budget – or even for veterans looking to add a bunch of handy features for relatively little outlay. They are all 10hp in size, so you don’t need a huge case to take advantage of them.

All of the range are now in stock, including the HYSTERIA VCO


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New brand alert! Soundforce DCO and Dual FIlter now in stock

Soundforce Matttech Modular 13.01.20-min

New brand alert! We now stock Eurorack modules from the Netherlands’ Soundforce – the new DUAL FILTER (Ms20-based Dual VCF) and the super-beefy DCO (Juno-based Osc). DivKid videos for both are out now!


  • DUAL FILTER is a 2-stage cascaded OTA design based on the late MS-20. Additions include an extended resonance control & resonance CV input. More flexible than the original, EACH filter can be set to either 12dB/oct LPF or 6dB/oct HPF via jumpers – providing for a wealth of different filter slopes. Full-sized knobs for key controls, great ergonomics…and an astounding price. £129
  • DCO is an oscillator for Eurorack based on the architecture of the Juno-60/106 oscillator section. It provides true analog waveforms with digital stability, integrated wave-mixer, 2 Subs, Noise, FM, PWM & Osc Sync not on the original. All for £199.

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Alright Devices CHRONOBLOB 2 dual digital delay back in stock!

Alright Devices Matttech Modular 10.04.19

We have a bunch of the wonderful CHRONOBLOB 2 back in stock – this is a Tempo Synced Stereo Digital Delay, featuring: Freeze/ Hold, Analogue Feedback Send & Return, Multiple Delay Modes.


Chronoblob 2 is a digital delay module!

Just like his little brother, Chronoblob 2 can sync to a clock signal. Patch one into the SYNC input and choose a multiplier or divider for rhythmic delays. Or leave SYNC unpatched for access to continuously variable delay times!

Chronoblob 2 offers four different delay modes! Dual delay mode provides two separate delays with shared controls. Ping-pong mode extends this intermingling even further by placing each delay in the feedback loop of the other.

Single delay is the classic Chronoblob mode with feedback SEND and RETURN. Patch in a lowpass filter for smooth, shadowy echoes, or get weird with a wavefolder or any other effect! Cascade delay mode expands on this archetype by also placing the second delay inside the feedback loop of the main delay, creating a wild multiplying echo effect.

Chronoblob 2 provides control voltage inputs for TIME, FEEDBACK, and DRY/WET, and bipolar attenuators for each so you can dial in just the right amount of control.

In Dual and Ping-pong delay modes, although both delay times are controlled by the main TIME knob, you can voltage-control each independently with the two TIME CV inputs. The right TIME CV is normalled to the left one so you can easily control both with the same signal. Additionally, the left TIME CV is normalled to five volts, allowing you to use the attenuators as offsets from the position of the main TIME knob.

Also in these ‘pink’ modes, the right audio input is normalled to the left input, and the right audio output is normally mixed into the left output (patching into the right jack breaks this connection).

Like the original Chronoblob, you can select the style of time modulation with the slide switch. Choose tape mode for sweeping pitchbend effects, or fade mode for smoother, cleaner changes.

Chronoblob 2 offers an INFINITE LOOP button and gate input to shut off the delay inputs and lock the feedback at 100%.


  • Audio: 16bit, 48kHz
  • Delay: 5ms to 2.7

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Robaux SWT16+ Gate Sequencer (fully assembled) back in stock!

Robaux Matttech Modular-min

German brand Robaux released a DIY gate sequencer – the original SWT16 – a while back and it proved hugely popular. So now we have the SWT16+ – an expander version with many more features…which we are stocking in fully-assembled format.

Batch 2 is now in stock, so fill your boots! 🙂


The SWT16+ is a 16-track Eurorack step sequencer with up to 64 steps per track.

The module makes it possible to create up to 8 different patterns which can stored in a total of 16 presets. Programmable like a classic TR machine, the SWT16+ can be used not only for triggering drum sounds but also envelopes or other modulation sources.

The Sweet Sixteen Plus is perfect for triggering drums, envelopes or modulation sources. Program your tracks step by step. Play your tracks on the fly. This new design boasts many sequencing features including a Euclidean rhythm generator!

Other enhancements on the SWT16+ include improved menu navigation and more sequencer options – randomize your tracks, move your steps or reverse your patterns. There is also the option to add probabilty with the new Coin function.

The sequencer offers 16 different modes to create and modify rhythms. Modes are divided into four distinct areas: Create, Perform, Track Settings and Sequencer Settings. For a full rundown of features see the user manual.

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Intellijel restock just in: QUADRAX & QX EXPANDER, RAINMAKER, PLANAR 2, PLONK & many more! …plus sets of Patch Cables

Intellijel Matttech Modular 31.12.19-min

We are excited to announce a big restock of popular Intellijel modules, including the latest modulation monster QUADRAX and its QX EXPANDER – chock full of all the envelopes and LFOs you could ever need!

We also have restocked big hitters such as RAINMAKER, PLANAR 2 & PLONK….along with super-handy utilities such as QUAD VCA, AUDIO INTERFACE & MIXUP.

In addition we have out first batch of the recent TRIPLATT – an upgrade to their popular TRIATT 3-channel attenuverter/mixer. This update adds unique processing features to each channel to further enhance the usefulness of this module – Channel A has a 2x voltage multiplier switch, allowing you to double the voltage sent into Channel A. Channel B has a +5V switch, allowing you to add 5V to whatever voltage is sent into Channel B. Channel C has a mute switch, allowing you to completely turn off the signal being sent into Channel C.


The full list of products which just landed is:

  • PLANAR 2
  • uFOLD mk.2 (at new low price!)
  • EURORACK PATCH CABLES in 15cm & 30cm lengths (sets of 5, mixed colours)

Also in stock:

  • QUADRA EXPANDER (last one!)
  • DIXIE mk.2+
  • uVCA mk.2
  • DIXIE mk.2+
  • uJACK

Intellijel Eurorack Patch Cables 30cm (5) Intellijel Eurorack Patch Cables 15cm (5)

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New Tiptop Audio FX Modules in stock: Z5000, ECHOZ & ZVERB …plus other restocks & tons of STACKCABLES!

Tiptop Audio Matttech Modular 19.12.19-min

A HUUUUGE box from Tiptop Audio headquarters has just landed, containing ALL their new FX modules, and a big restock of STACKCABLES (including the new 40cm CYAN ones)

(New FX Modules in White version only at present – Black sold out already!)

We also have some other tidy restocks:

  • MISO – Multipurpose utility module with four main functions available: Mix, Invert, Scale, and Offset.
  • VCA – Fully featured, precision calibrated, analog Voltage Controlled Amplifier,
  • ….and a special deal on the CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS where you get a BD808 ANALOG BASS DRUM for FREE!! (£459 for the bundle – only one available…)




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TubeOhm SMR4P MULTI VCF back in stock: 15 modes, VC-Switching, Internal FM, VCA & more..

TubeOhm Matttech Modular 19.02.19

Super-excited to have some fully-assembled units of the TubeOhm SMR4P MULTI VCF back in stock – one of the most intriguing and unique designs we’ve seen in a while.

It is based on the SMR4mk.II filter circuit, and offers the 15 different filter modes of the 4-Pole MISSION VCF (both originally available for Mutable Instruments’ Shruthi Synthesizer)

It has the ability to switch filter modes under voltage control – along with a unique “internal FM” option which further adds to the available timbres by applying audio rate modulation to the cutoff point. This produces an alternate “dirtier” tone for each of the filter types.

We have tried this filter out in person, and can wholeheartedly recommend it – in fact,  Its basic sound is clean, clear and possesses a beautifully “liquidy” squelchy vibe – similar to the Doepfer a105 or Tiptop z2040 at times – but you’re not stuck with a single Lowpass mode. However, when you apply the internal FM it turns into a totally different beast, becoming a lot more aggressive and gnarly. In addition, when you take into account all the 15 modes it is hard to imagine a wider range of filtering in 10hp. Check the video below for examples!

Usually only available in (a rather complicated) kit form, these are lovingly assembled in Germany by the designer himself – Andre Laska 🙂



  • Multimode 4-pole Voltage Controlled Filter with self-oscillation
  • 15 filter types with voltage controlled switching & LED matrix display
  • Onboard VCA
  • Outputs for VCF direct and also via VCA
  • Internal FM feature
  • CV inputs for Resonance, VCA Gain, Cutoff & 1v/oct
  • 20 Hz – 22kHz (Res 24dB)
  • Max signal amp input 5V p
  • Modulation: ext. 0-10 v

TubeOhm SMR4P side 2


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Steady State Fate ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO) now in stock! …plus AUTODYNE & ENTITY PERCUSSION SYNTHESIZER and STEREO DIPOLE in new Black & Gold versions.

Steady State Fate Matttech Modular 26.11.19-min

We have an exciting new module from Steady State Fate in stock – the ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO), which is finally here after a huuuuuuge amount of research and development. It truly is at the top of the pile when it comes to fully-featured analogue VCOs.

We also have stock of 2 other popular SSF modules in their fancy new Black & Gold faceplates: the ENTITY PERCUSSION SYNTHESIZER and the STEREO DIPOLE quad VCF ….along with a restock of the popular AUTODYNE compressor, MUTON & ENTITY BASS DRUM (from the last batch ever!)


All SSF products currently in stock:

  • ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR – Thru-Zero Analogue VCO with unique waveforms, Wave Shaping, Wave Morphing, Ring Modulation & many more features
  • STEREO DIPOLE – Quad Multi-Mode VCF featuring single, dual and quad peak filter outputs. Can also function as a Single, Dual and Quad Sine Wave VCO/LFO.
  • AUTODYNE – Clean/Character Auto compressor and Distortion
  • DETECT-RX – Versatile envelope follower, voltage controlled comparator (gate extractor) and rectifier providing many useful prescriptions to fill in your modular needs.
  • ENTITY PERCUSSION – Complete and versatile voice module, geared for designing a huge array of percussion, bass and lead sounds – plus processing external audio sources.
  • ENTITY BASS DRUM – Complete and versatile synthesizer voice geared for designing a huge array of bass drum, percussive and synth sounds
  • MUTON – 8 channel VCA and cascading summing mixer, with click-less mutes.

Posted on QUAD DRUM VOICE back in stock! Features sample playback, wavetables, digital drum modelling & much more…

VPME Matttech Modular 09.10.19-min QUAD DRUM VOICE is now back in stock! Batch 1 sold out very quickly, sooooo….

Only certain products manage to jump out from the onslaught of new releases that appear every year at Superbooth …and the QUAD DRUM VOICE from German brand was certainly one of them! It offers no less that FOUR separate drum voices in one module – each of which can be either a digitally modelled drum, a sample from a sample set, or a wavetable vco from a wavetable bank.

In addition there is an integrated stereo panning mixer with 3-band EQ and compression. Add to that 4 mute buttons, 4 internal LFOs or mod envelopes that can be synced to triggers, 4 assignable CV inputs, and a very intuitive and powerful control interface!

Also includes SD card with 20 sample sets from producers such as Richard Devine, deKaro and Instant.



  • 4 digital drum voices in a 22hp compact module
  • every voice can be a sample player, a wavetable VCO or a digital drum model
  • control of pitch, decay and sample selection per voice
  • uSD card slot, up to 1024 samples total, up to 128 samples per drum voice under CV control
  • digital models offer range of kicks, snares, hats, strings and other
    percussive sounds
  • 4 trigger inputs
  • 4 assignable CV inputs
  • 4 mute buttons and a very intuitive and powerful control interface
  • 4 internal LFOs or mod envelopes that can be synced to triggers
  • internal 4 channel mixer, 2 output channels
  • internal 3-band equalizer and compressor

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Bastl Instruments standalone units now in stock

Bastl Instruments Matttech Modular 15.11.19-min

Bastl Instruments have a wide range of interesting & unique Eurorack modules …but they also deal in quirky standalone units, often with their own onboard patchbays for further experimentation. While we usually focus on modules, we do occasionally venture into standalone units if they are sufficiently intriguing – and these certainly fit the bill!

Currently we have the following in stock (and more will follow soon): THYME, SOFTPOP, BITRANGER and KLIK


  • THYME – An effects processor that is best described as a sequence-able robot operated digital tape machine. With a lot of parameters at hand it enables the exploration of all the time based effects and the vast space in between their classical multi-effects categories (delay, phaser, reverb, chorus, pitch shifter, multi-tap delay, tape delay, tremolo, vibrato, compressor) and in stereo!
  • SOFTPOP – A playfully organic, semi-modular light and sound synthesizer designed by Peter Edwards a.k.a. Casper Electronics. It can produce a wide variety of sounds: from random dripping water pops to heavy subtractive basslines. Its fully analog core consisting of a heavily feedbacked system of dual triangle-core oscillators, state variable filter and sample and hold is played through an intuitive interface of 6 faders that provide countless combinations which can be explored by anyone. It can also process external audio thru the filter while using the envelope follower to intuitively synchronise to the incoming signal.
  • BITRANGER – A patchable analog logic computer which sculpts sonic worlds ranging from data noise to melodic arpeggios. While being a handheld standalone synth it is also right at home in the music studio. Extensive connectivity makes it so flexible that it can connect to almost anything: CV control its unique sound, sync it with drum machines and sequencers or use it as an algorithmic CV / GATE pattern generator.
  • KLICK – A synchronisation device that enables you to make analog, rock solid sync signals from your computer and your HW synths. The KLIK revives the old-school sync technique of using an audio track for synchronisation purposes. Record your synths exactly on the grid into your DAW while compensating for the latency of your sound card. Jam really tight between your computer and your HW and add groove to your clock.
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Preorders open for upcoming Instruo ARBHAR Granular Audio Processor & LUBADH Dual Looper! ETA: January

Instruo Matttech Modular 15.11.19-min

Preorders have opened for two extremely intriguing modules from Scottish brand Instruo, which were both announced at Superbooth this year and elicited much excitement: the ARBHAR Granular Audio Processor and LUBADH Dual Looper. The ETA for both of these is January.


  • ARBHAR – The Instruo Arbhar heralds a new generation of granular processing in eurorack. Sampled audio can be chopped into tiny grains, scattered, shaped, re-pitched, reversed and layered for an endless range of audio manipulation from seamless frozen tones to mutated acousmatic madness.
    Featuring a condenser microphone set into the front panel, built in audio analysis for automatic sampling and internal modulation over various parameters; this is truly a granulator like no other.
    Includes a 2HP CV expander for additional CV control!
  • LUBADH – Consisting of two identical channels the Instruo Lúbadh allows you to instantly record, playback, overdub, trim down, scan through and pitch up or down any audio signal. The two channels are normalised to each other via a feedback path allowing you to manipulate and resample audio to build up complex looping compositions. An optional delay mode allows you to shift the timing of these two channels within the feedback path to create tape delay type effects, with delay times up to 3 seconds.Inspired by the aesthetics and mechanics of early tape techniques each channel features an analogue input circuit which adds slight compression, ltering and saturation. On the rst recording the sound may appear slightly fuller and warmer, re-recording audio back and forth will compound this effect over time allowing you to create dense tape like textures.
    Includes 2HP CV expander for CV over everything!


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Sputnik Quad Function & Trigger Source / Quad VCF/VCA – Basic Modes [matttech]

Sputnik Quad VCFVCA Audio Demos-min



These are very simple demos, using the same repeating sequence, in order to demonstrate how the various different modes on the Sputnik Modular Quad VCF/VCA lowpass gate can sound. All demos also use the Quad Function & Trigger Source.


DEMO 02 – Combo Mode

This first demo is simply to show what the Sputnik Quad VCF/VCA (a Lowpass Gate) sounds like in its naked form. No effects or processing was used. It was only used in COMBO mode (where it attenuates both high frequencies and amplitude, like a lowpass gate).

Patch Details:

  • 3 Waves (Sine, Double Pulse and Sub) from the Rubicon were mixed in a Manhattan Analog Mixer.
  • The output of this was fed into channel 1 of the Sputnik Quad VCF/VCA (a Lowpass Gate)
  • At points a Dixie Sine wave was used to modulate the PWM on the Double-Pulse, at varying frequencies.
  • The Sputnik Quad Function & Trigger Source provided the short envelope which opens/ pings the lowpass gate. This was a particularly exponential shape, produced by sending the output of the envelope into a bipolar mixer – with the signal inverted – and then feeding a moderate level of this inverted signal back into the envelope’s Decay CV input. This turns it from the default linear shape into an almost identical clone of the fantastic Make Noise Maths exponential curve.
  • This envelope channel was set to output +8v – which can be set via a switch on the PCB (either +5v or +8v). It was fed into the Lowpass gate’s CV input.
  • The output was recorded direct.
  • Throughout the recording I manipulated various controls, in order to give an idea of how the lowpass gate responds to different signal levels, types of waves, and different length envelopes. I used sines at points  to demonstrate whether it overdrives at higher input levels.
  • Towards the end I manually adjusted the cutoff/ bias control on the lowpass gate, to show how it responds to slower modulation.
  • Right at the end I flicked on the Cycle switch on the envelope, and drove it into audio rates. Well, you’ve got to really, haven’t you?

All in all I’m pretty impressed with this module. I have tested every output and input and have noticed no issues with it. It does the “Buchla Bongo” admirably well in my opinion, and is probably cheapest way to put 4 lowpass gates into your system. When combined with the Quad Function & Trigger Source, you’ve got a hell of a lot of timbral and rhythmic bases covered.


DEMO 03 – VCF Mode

This demo is simply to show what the Sputnik Quad VCF/VCA (a Lowpass Gate) sounds like in VCF mode. No effects or processing was used. This effectively  turns the channel into a simple vactrol-controlled lowpass filter, with a lovely “woody” tone to it.

Patch Details:

  • Essentially the same as Demo 02, except that this time the envelope from the Quad Function & Trigger Source is mixed with the same 1v/oct sequencer output that is controlling the pitch of the Rubicon.
  • This sequence is mixed with the envelope in the two middle channels of Maths, which is serving as a bipolar mixer.
  • At various points the envelope and/or sequence are attenuated and inverted against each other. The main cutoff/ bias control on the VCF/VCA is also tweaked to accommodate these varying settings.
  • I have left a portion of “silence” at the start, in order to demonstrate how well the VCF closes when no CV source is applied. There is typically a bit of high frequency bleed in vactrol filter designs, but I think this amount is very acceptable. This is the same level as in COMBO mode. The VCA is even quieter when closed.
  • The first thing I do is gradually turn the main cutoff/ bias control through its range, to demonstrate the effect this has on the sound.
  • Various controls are tweaked during the recording, and PWM is applied to the Rubicon as things progress. The frequency of the Dixie is manipulated, as is the balance and overall level of the waves feeding the VCF. Higher levels add a pleasing fatness to the sound.



The final demo of this little set serves to demonstrate how the Quad VCF/VCA responds when in VCA mode. In this mode the module merely acts as a simple vactrol-controlled VCA. I have used nothing other than a single sine wave throughout the recording, in order to demonstrate the effect that the various settings and modulation inputs have on the sound. The patch is similar to the previous two, with the Dixie providing audio rate modulation.

Patch Details:

  • Essentially the same as Demo 2, except that this time the envelope from the Quad Function & Trigger Source is mixed with the Dixie’s Sine wave output, to provide amplitude modulation (AM) into the Quad VCF/VCA’s CV input. The Dixie is following the same 1v/oct sequence as the Rubicon’s sine wave.
  • The Dixie’s audio rate modulation is not introduced until 01.27, where is is blended with the envelope in a mixer and fed into the Sputnik VCA.
  • Again, I have left a portion of “silence” at the start, in order to demonstrate how well the VCA closes when no CV source is applied. I think it is pretty damn quiet personally. I have had dedicated VCAs that have bled far more than this.
  • Initially all I do is fade the VCA’s bias knob up and down, to demonstrate how it saturates (which it does a little. Not unpleasantly though)
  • This is followed by increasing the level of the envelope fed into the VCA’s CV input.
  • The Dixie’s AM is then introduced and its frequency tweaked, demonstrating how the VCA responds to different rates of AM.
  • During the recording I also experiment with varying levels, VCA bias settings, along with envelope decays and levels.
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Just landed: XAOC Devices ODESSA Harmonic Cluster Oscillator & HEL POLYPHONIC EXPANDER

Xaoc Devices Matttech Modular 16.11.19-min

It’s finally in stock!! The much-anticipated ODESSA Variable Spectrum Harmonic Cluster Oscillator is sitting in front of us as we speak, along with its HEL EXPANDER, offering control over up to five voices of polyphony via individual Volt/octave inputs.

Demand is high for these units, so act fast to secure yours from the first batch!

We only have 6 units of the ODESSA and 3 of HEL left for sale on the website now (all others are preordered and shipping out today)


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Erica Synths PICO SYSTEM III Desktop & Eurorack versions now in stock!!

Erica Synths Matttech Modular 28.09.19-min

This new standalone semi-modular from Latvian superstars Erica Synths really came out of nowhere! It features a whole bunch of different functions – usually only available as individual modules – sharing one faceplate and PCB…with an additional unique patch storage system via plug-in cards.

It comes in 2 different versions: a fully standalone Desktop unit, with universal power supply, case & cables; and a Eurorack module version.


We have also restocked a ton of the heavily-discounted Discontinued Erica modules, such as the BLACK DUAL VCF, BLACK LFO, BLACK VC EG & EXPANDER, BLACK MODULATOR v.1, SEQUENTIAL SWITCH v.1, PICO SEQS, PICO A LOGIC & more…

PICO SYSTEM III Features (Desktop & Eurorack):

  • 2-3-4 step sequencer
  • 2x VCOs
  • VCO controller/VCA module
  • several mixers that work both with CV and audio signals
  • Modulator (syncable LFO, random CV and noise source)
  • 2x voltage controlled ASR envelope generators
  • 2x resonant lowpass gates
  • BBD delay

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New in from Instruo: ATHRU wavefolder, VINCA dual vca, I-o47 filter and [2]F dual fader module! …plus Cs-L & Ts-L restocked

Instruo Matttech Modular 12.09.19-min

Jason Lim from Instruo has been hard at it again, and we have a slew of new releases, some of which had only been available as custom builds previously. We have the I-o47 Arp-based filter, the VINCA dual VCA, ATHRU wavefolder and [2]F dual fader module. As with all Instruo gear, there are plenty of tricks up their respective sleeves, so please check out the full details on their respective product pages.

We have also restocked the mighty Cs-L complex oscillator, and it’s smaller sibling, the feature-packed Ts-L. Almost all of the other Instruo modules are currently in stock too…including our last TROIKA in aluminium panel (currently available at a much lower price than the upcoming black & gold version)


New releases (feature summaries):

  • ATHRU – Standalone wavefolder with fader control, Strike input, Symmetry & Overdrive.
  • VINCA – Two channel voltage controlled amplifier with both parallel and series routing capabilities. Also offers four-quadrant multiplication capabilities (ring modulation).
  • I-o47 – Vintage filter design inspired by the classic 1047 module of the ARP2500, with features including: CV controllable centre frequency, resonance/Q and notch offset along side FM, strike and a complex dual input with wave shaping limiter.
  • [2]F – Two manual faders providing linear uni-polar positive output control voltages, 0–5V or 0–10V defined using the jumpers on the back

Also in stock:

  • Ts-L – Feature-packed small form Triangle Core VCO, with integrated Wavefolder, Sub, Lin/Exp FM & more…
  • Cs-L – Dual voltage controlled complex oscillator, with both Sawtooth Core and Triangle Core VCOs, 2 Wavefolders, Sub, Soft/Hard Sync, Ring Mod, AM & much more..
  • CEIS – Fully analogue, CV controllable ADSR envelope generator. Features voltage control over the 4 segment faders with multiple gate/trigger outputs for maximum versatility.
  • TONA – Analogue sawtooth core voltage controlled oscillator, with integrated Wavefolder, Lin FM & more…
  • TRAIGH – Classic transistor ladder low pass filter (24dB/octave) with built in 3 channel mixer & stable sine wave self-oscillation with 1v/oct tracking.
  • SCION – The Scíon is a biofeedback sensor built into a quad random voltage generator. Also features random gates, ratcheting/burst generation, slew limiting & more..
  • HARMONAIG – Diatonic, polyphonic, bipolar voltage quantizer. From one CV signal, four are generated with harmonised intervals the outline the Root, 3rd, 5th and 7th degrees of musical chords.
  • TROIKA (silver panel) – Beefy sounding three voice Analogue VCO Module, with Lin FM, Sync, Normalled 1v/oct, Internal Wave Blending and Level Mixing


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Joranalogue delivery just in, including CONTOUR 1, FILTER 8, MIX 3, COMPARE 2 & more..

Joranalogue Matttech Modular 02.10.19-min

Another big box of Joranalogue modules has arrived, including the brand new CONTOUR 1 Slew Limiter / Function Generator. We also have the full range of other Joranalogue modules in stock – including FILTER 8! These are superbly designed, well engineered…and beautifully realised products. They may be utilitarian at first glance, but look a little deeper to find hidden depths in terms of creativity and flexibility.



For decades, the voltage controlled slew limiter has been a staple of modular synthesisers. With its extreme versatility, it can be used to slew control voltages (CVs), create envelopes, as a low-frequency or audio oscillator and much more.

The Joranalogue Contour 1 brings a fresh approach to this classic circuit. It delivers much improved performance and control by incorporating modern design techniques.

Also in stock from Joranalogue:

  • Receive 2 – Dual Balanced Line Inputs
  • Transmit 2 – Stereo Balanced Line Outputs
  • Mix 3 – Three channel DC-coupled voltage-controlled mixer, with signal boost, optional line out setting & more..
  • Select 2 – Dual Gated Precision Control Voltage Processor
  • Switch 4 – Hands-on signal switching and routing solution for your Eurorack modular synthesiser.
  • Compare 2 – Dual Window Comparator
  • ADD 2 – precision adder/unity mixer
  • LINK 2 – precision buffered multiple

Youtube playlists for the modules below: