Matttech Modular is the North of England's very first modular synthesizer store, based in Manchester, and at present specialising in the Eurorack format. Having grown exponentially over the last few years, this is easily the most popular modular format, offering by far the greatest choice of functions and manufacturers. However, these myriad options can sometimes feel overwhelming - especially to those just setting off on their modular adventure.

Matttech Modular hopes to make this journey as painless as possible.

We offer a hand-picked range of products - some of which are tried and tested favourites; others which are completely fresh, offering something unique and exciting. This product range is backed up with expert pre-sales advice and comprehensive post-sales customer support.


Some of you may recognise my birth name – Matt Preston – but I suspect a larger proportion will know me as “matttech”, my username on the Muff Wiggler (now “Mod Wiggler”) forum. I like to think I have been an enthusiastic and prolific contributor to this wonderful community – as my 9385 posts will attest.

Since getting into the scene my recorded output has proliferated, and I have shared much of this online, adding detailed patch notes for the more technically-minded. This material has been channelled down the following three tributaries :

MATTTECH MODULAR DEMOS (via Bandcamp) – recordings which aim to showcase a particular module, either through simple examples of a function in use, or more involved tracks which make use of the technology in a wide variety of ways

MATTTECH OFFCUTS (via Bandcamp) – a repository for sonic sketches, cheeky little jams, and interesting patch ideas

SPITE ZOO (via Soundcloud) – where the big beasts live, housing a large number of modular-based compositions. In general these lean towards the darker end of the musical spectrum, and range from drifting ambient soundscapes to beat-driven electronica

Matttech Offcuts
Spite Zoo


Matttech Modular is usually represented at regional synth meets, such as the regular Modular Meets in the North West. We hope to see you at one of these events in the not too distant future! Join the newsletter to keep up with any announcements for future events, along with special offers, stock updates and new releases (newsletters are only sent out once a month, if that!)