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All XOR Electronics NERDSEQ Advanced Tracker Sequencer modules & expanders available to order, in all 3 panel designs!

XOR Electronics Matttech Modular 27.08.21

The XOR Electronics Nerdseq is a tracker based cv and trigger sequencer module for Eurorack systems. It allows straightforward and fast editing and has great live playing abilities. We offer the entire range of NERDSEQ modules via the website, and currently all 3 panel designs (BLACK, GREY & BLACK/GREY) are available as we write this …as are all of the expanders: MORE TRIGGERS 16, CV16, IO EXPANDER and the new TRS MIDI EXPANDER (this last one is currently only manufactured in black)



It consist of 6 Tracks for the CV/Trigger/Gate generation of 18 outputs (12 CV + 6 Trigger/Gate). There are a further 4 sample Tracks, with 2 dedicated audio outputs for sample sequencing. Furthermore the sample outputs can act also as a waveform oscillator.

Dedicated clock/reset inputs and outputs are available for different clock types. 4 free assignable CV inputs can be used for live manipulation or CV/Gate recording. So in total there are 10 Tracks available for sequencing. The sequencer itself is inspired on old module trackers like Fasttracker2(PC)2 , OctaMED(Amiga)3 , LittleSoundDJ(Gameboy)4 and Little Piggy Tracker(Multiple Platforms)5…..

It contains many and very powerful functions for sequencing like an advanced live ability, pattern length of up to 64 steps, chaining, poly-rhythmic tracks, groove, glide, retrigger, flexible trigger/ gate/step lengths, patches, special effects, probability, tables and more.

The sampler tracks offer special functionality for sample playing, pitching, sample effects, retrigger and many more. Samples can be loaded from a dedicated SD card available on the front panel.

The sequencer is able to make loops and full songs (even multiple songs on one project, depending on complexity, usage of patterns etc.) Patterns can be started and stopped independent from the tracks which allows flexible clip-style sequencing. Projects can be saved and loaded on/from the microSD card. All editing is implemented in a very easy way, so every screen or edit option can be accessed through one key or Shift + Key. No complex submenus from submenus or menu diving is needed.

Additional expanders allow Midi recording and sequencing, the connection of a Sega Gamepad for controlling and up to 64 more Trigger/Gate/CV outputs and modulators.