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INSAAAANE SALE CONTINUES! Tons of deals to be had on modules, standalone devices & cables – many more items added, further discounts applied. Enjoy!

Mega Sale Matttech Modular 19.05.22

It’s a tricky retail environment out there right now, so our MEGA SALE continues apace …and it’s worth checking in regularly as we’re continually tweaking the deals on offer, with bagloads of products reduced even further, and new items added.

Recent additions include the Expert Sleepers analogue modules, XOR Electronics NERDSEQ, Jolin Labs AGOGO & TABOR, all the Tiptop FX modules, Future Sound Systems Gristleizer range, After Later Audio BENJOLIN v2, loads more Erica Synths (including PICO DSP & PICO DRUM 2) & much more besides…

(and don’t forget that – in addition to the items on the SALE page, we’re offering 15% off all TENDRILS slimline patchcables, in both Right-angled & Straight versions. 52 different varieties of length/colour in stock as we speak)

The average discount is our SALE is currently around 16% off, with a number of products discounted by even more!! (and now all discounts are shown both in GBP and percentages, to make your decision easier)

BIG DISCOUNTS on around 120 different products from 2hp, After Later Audio, AJH Synth, Bastl Instruments, Bubblesound Instruments, DivKid, Dreadbox, Electrosmith, Eowave, Erica Synths, Expert Sleepers, FoMu Cables, Future Sound Systems, Grayscale, Instruo, Joranalogue, Jolin Labs, Malekko, New Systems Instruments, Noise Engineering, Qu-bit, Shakmat Modular, Source Audio, Steady State Fate (SSF), Tenderfoot Electronics, Tendrils Cables, Tiptop Audio, Transient Modules, Worng Electronics, XOR Electronics, WMD and WMD/SSF