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New Transient Modules products available – 7J Joystick Controller and 2M Mixer, plus the return of the 8S Sequencer and a price slash on the 1F VC-Switch!

Transient Modules Matttech Modular 13.09.21

We have added a couple of new modules from Spanish brand Transient Modules to our range – the 7J Joystick Controller and 2M Mixer. The 7J can either output constant voltages, depending on where the joystick is set …or you can feed signals INTO its inputs, and use the joystick to control their levels and/or polarities.

The 2M is a dual 3-channel mixer in 6 HP with volume controls on all the inputs as well as the final output. Low distortion / high quality audio operational amplifiers have been selected in order to achieve clean audio mixing, but is also DC-coupled, so it can perform CV signal mixing as well.

We’ve also restocked the super-useful 4R (Quad Random Voltage), a space-saving quad random voltage generator, featuring: 2 independent trigger inputs; normalising between trigger inputs; 2 pairs of random voltage outputs; each pair can be set to be either unipolar or bipolar (via jumpers)

The 8S (8-Step Sequencer) is also available to order again. It is a deceptively powerful 8 step sequencer with voltage control over reset, hold, random step & direction. Output can be set to unipolar or bipolar via a jumper.

Last but not least, as part of our *SALE*, we’ve slashed the price of the 1F (Voltage Controlled Switch) – previously £82, now only £65!