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Tons of Bastl Instruments in stock, including the BUDDY Stereo Mixer/Preamp, plus restocks of IKARIE, CINNAMON, TIMBER, DARK MATTER, WAVER & all other black panel modules

Bastl Instruments Matttech Modular 06.10.21

Bastl Instruments have been at it again, this time coming up with another handy take on the Eurorack mixer – BUDDY – combining mixing duties with preamplification for external devices, chainability, and offering stereo operation and other tidy features. In stock now!

We’ve also managed to finally grab another small batch of the IKARIE Stereo Filter with integrated VCA & optional overdrive – designed in collaboration with Peter Edwards of Casper Electronics (see also: WAVER & DARK MATTER for previous fruits of this partnership)

We’ve got black panel versions of the wonderful TIMBER Serge-based Wavefolder & SKIS II Dual VC-Decay/Linear VCA and have played with both of these modules ourselves, so we can heartily recommend them!

Also in stock in the new black panel design: CIAO!, DARK MATTER, CINNAMON, ABC MIXER & KOMPAS


  • BUDDY – Four-channel eurorack stereo mixer optimized for hybrid setups. Channels A and B are optimized for eurorack sources (either mono or stereo) with a slight boost (×2 / +6dB). Channels C and D are line-level pre-amps that can boost the signal up to ×10 / +20dB and feature stereo TRS jack inputs for directly connecting desktop units without further adaptors.
  • IKARIE – Uniquely sculpted, flexible stereo or dual peak filter module. Also features an internal VCA, CV control over panning and resonance, plus optional overdrive of the input.

We are now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Bastl Instruments now, and have lots of other products either in stock, or listed as “stock available at our supplier”, who are UK-based and ship to us the same day your order is placed – meaning you’ll receive your item within 2-3 working days.
If they don’t have an item in stock, we don’t take orders for it, and show it as “out of stock”. Simple! 🙂