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Lots of Tenderfoot Electronics modules back in stock …including the uber-useful QUAD QUANTIZER!

Tenderfoot Electronics Matttech Modular 17.05.21

We have just restocked a number of modules from Taiwanese brand Tenderfoot Electronics. These glamorous-looking designs offer a range of unique takes on everything from filtering to sequencing, with some tidy little utilities along the way. Our personal fave is the QUAD QUANTIZER – an essential addition for those of you struggling to tame all your patches and turn them into something a little more, ahem, “musical” 🙂 Back in stock, but usually sells out fast

Other highlights include the LATTICE 12-step sequencer, HIKE 2-channel envelope generator with multiple modes & random voltage generator, PINHL 3 channel lowpass gate, and SVF-1 state-variable filter with a choice of characters. Some of these designs are even in our *SALE*, but possibly not for too much longer…

Full module list further down.


TENDERFOOT RANGE : (all in stock except CELLS & EASE)

  • HIKE – 2-channel envelope generator, with multiple modes: Looping envelope, One-shot triggered A/D envelope, ASR envelope for use with longer gate signals. Also offers random voltage mode.
  • LATTICE – 16HP 12-step sequencer composed of a 4Ă—3 grid of steps that can be navigated horizontally, vertically or sequentially from step 1 to step 12.
  • uCLS (Micro Latice Expander) – adds the same functions to the Tenderfoot Electronics Lattice sequencer as Cells – minus the keypad – and with the addition of an attenuator dial for the envelope/CV input, all nicely packaged in a 4HP module!
  • PINHL – Vactrol-based 3 channel passive low-pass gate. Each channel features 3 different tones selectable with the switches on the front of the panel.
  • SVF-1 – Great sounding state variable filter with drive control, 2 different resonance characters, voltage controlled cutoff and resonance, plus 1v/octave input.
  • VCA – 3-Channel VCA with mixing and offers the ability to chain multiple modules together into a larger VCA mixer.
  • DUPE – Buffered multiple with normalled outputs.
  • EASE – 3-channel attenuverter that can also be used as a CV or audio mixer
  • SAP – 4 channels of passive attenuation in 4HP