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DEAL ALERT!! 10% OFF all Bastl Instruments modules & standalone devices! Use the code: bastl10 at checkout. ENDS MIDNIGHT 31st JAN!

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Well there’s a bunch of new products coming up that we’d like to offer you all…and being a very small independent store our pockets are only so deep – so it’s time to clear the decks a little!

Sooooo… we’re offering 10% off ALL* current Bastl Instruments products with the code: bastl10 – Offer ends MIDNIGHT 31st JANUARY

*Excludes SOFT POP II preorders

This covers both their weird & wonderful modules, and also their standalone devices such as the wacky KASTLE DRUM, the crunchy granular sampler MICROGRANNY and the super-handy DUDE portable mixer.


Their Eurorack range features many highlights – some of which are geared up to hands-on manipulation & experimentation: such madness as the DARK MATTER feedback unit, the various degrees of wavefolding to be found in TIMBER & WAVER and the highly-tweakable IKARIE stereo filter. But it doesn’t stop there!

There are obviously the most popular products, like the evergreen CINNAMON multimode filter which offers a huuuuge variety of tones for the price (and can also function as a VCO with a variety of waveshapes) ….but also some true “hidden gems”, such as SKIS II – which is impressively feature-packed with its dual DC-coupled VCAs normalled to two voltage-controlled decay envelopes. Perfect for creating drums & percussion from any sound source!

Add to that some impressive utility & interfacing modules – the CIAO! quad line output & headphone amp, the versatile ABC 6-channel mixer (which can also be used as two 3-channel mixers), and the recent BUDDY – which is a stereo mixer aimed at hybrid setups combining Eurorack and line level sources