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Yet more DivKid & Instruo OCHD 8xLFOs just landed! – 8 analogue LFOs in a 4HP package. Also new DivKid Blanking Panels

DivKid Matttech Modular 18.12.19-min

The hugely-popular DivKid OCHD is back in stock again! 8 all-analogue LFOs in a convenient 4HP package, and in terms of popularity it is only beaten by the Expert Sleepers DISTING mk4…and that really IS saying something.

Not only that…but what better way to celebrate DivKid’s return than with a Double-Sided DivKid Eurorack Blanking Panel?

  • Side 1: Large swarm of WHITE DivKid logo heads
  • Side 2: Single GOLD DivKid logo on one side, shadowed by multiple embossed black versions

“Let’s get stuck in”



Well Ben “DivKid” Wilson has done it again! After the HUGE success of his MUTES module – developed with Befaco – he has teamed up with Scottish brand Instruo this time round to produce the OCHD. This nifty unit packs 8 all-analogue LFOs into a convenient 4HP package.

Richard Devine described it as “the most organic little modulator ever”….and that is the idea: add a ton of natural, free-flowing modulation to your system in one go – all with a master Rate control that can itself be CV-controlled. Nice

DivKid MarkT Blank Panel both sides