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Restock of TENDRILS super-slimline Eurorack cables just landed – in both RIGHT-ANGLED & new STRAIGHT versions. Lots of lengths & colours..

Matttech Modular Tendrils 30.03.21

The right-angled cables from TENDRILS have often been spotted in photos of high-profile artists over the last year or two – especially those who play live, or leave specific cables semi-permanently patched up – and now that we’ve had these in our hands, we can see why! They are extremely slimline – which makes them very flexible for weaving around tight spaces, in addition to making them very lightweight (useful if you are carrying your case around pre-patched). It’s especially important to have very slim cables and plugs when using right-angled designs, as otherwise it becomes very tricky to weave them around various inputs and knobs on your modules’ faceplates. It also becomes hard to have several of them running away from adjacent sockets when those sockets are close together. So….TENDRILS are what you want!

They now come in the original RIGHT-ANGLED design, and also in a newer STRAIGHT version – if you want slim, flexible cables but don’t need the right-angles.

We currently offer the following colours & lengths:

  • RIGHT-ANGLED in 20cm, 30cm & 45cm lengths (EMERALD, WHITE, MAGENTA, CYAN & BLACK)
  • STRAIGHT in 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 60cm, 90cm & 120cm lengths (WHITE, MAGENTA, CYAN & BLACK)


Another customer – Molten Modular’s Robin Vincent – found the photos below helpful when it came to comparing TENDRILS against the most “standard” cable size/shape used by Eurorack patch cable brands – such as Erica Synths, Eowave, FoMu, Black Market Modular etc…. These “standard” cables are actually already slimmer than many other competing designs, and are probably our favourite for usual day-to-day use…but if you require a right-angled design, or when weight and flexibility are key concerns you can clearly see that TENDRILS win out.

The “standard” Eurorack cable design is in Green, and the TENDRILS are in pink (“Magenta”, to use it’s official name)