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Steady State Fate VORTICES Character Mixer is now joined by 2 companion modules: V-MUTES Expander and the AUTODUB Performance VCA/ FX Send

Stead State Fate Matttech Modular 13.12.21

Steady State Fate (SSF) have always been a fan of high-quality analogue saturation, and this time round they have applied this design philosophy to the mixer realm. VORTICES is a character mixer modeled after vintage analog consoles and magnetic tape machines. It features a total of 14 inputs and 7 outputs in a relatively compact form factor. There are actually TWO mixers in it – one mono, and one stereo – with a myriad of options for tonal, spectral and amplitude control…whether by hand or via voltage control.

As standard it ships with the bonus free expander – V-CV – which adds level/saturation control for all attenuated mixer channels in 2hp. However, SSF have now released an alternative “super-expander” – V-MUTES – which retains the full functionality of  V-CV expander, and adds click-less muting on all 7 of the VCA controlled inputs as well as a MASTER mute function that can mute all 7 channels simultaneously. So you now have THREE options, which can be swapped around depending on usage requirements, case space etc..

Last but not least, there is also the AUTODUB DC-coupled stereo VCA – which is a module in its own right, and not limited to use with VORTICES ….but is obviously aimed squarely at partnering up with it. AUTODUB can be patched to any mixer’s main, subgroup or individual outputs to add interactive dub-style effects and event generation. This is achieved via a live performance-friendly effect send activation button, but can also be controlled via CV. The button simultaneously generates a GATE output whenever it is active – so you can control further devices with one touch!



  • STEREO DIPOLE – Quad Multi-Mode VCF featuring single, dual and quad peak filter outputs. Can also function as a Single, Dual and Quad Sine Wave VCO/LFO.
  • ZERO POINT OSCILLATOR (ZPO) – Thru-Zero Analogue VCO with unique waveforms, Wave Shaping, Wave Morphing, Ring Modulation & many more features
  • TRIPTYCH (Boys Noize/ Baseck collaboration) – Multi-tiered module consisting of a trio of effects with the addition of input and output voltage-controlled amplifiers: Distortion (3x), Flange/Comb, and Filter, with all paths internally re-routable. From distortion to Karplus-Strong and polyphonic resonance, Triptych is designed to be a unique sound shaping and transformation tool.
  • RND STEP (DivKid collaboration) – High performance, 3-channel sample & hold module, comprised of 6 separate Noise / S&H circuits in just 4HP. Features: internal normalising between trigger inputs; extended hold times with high sustained-voltage precision; creative analogue downsampling effects; plus downsampled and clocked noise tones.