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The new Sputnik Modular SPECTRAL PROCESSOR is back in stock! Features circuit redesign by Andrew Morelli of SSF. Say no more…

Sputnik Modular Matttech Modular 05.07.21

Sputnik Modular are BACK! …with the SPECTRAL PROCESSOR – a set of 16 bandpass filters with CV inputs and audio & envelope follower outputs for each band, plus various other special functions and dedicated outputs. This allows for many different techniques such as vocoding, spectral morphing, EQ, pinged percussive sounds & more…. Take one simple sound source and use the 16 filters to bring specific “slices” of the frequency spectrum in and out with CV – it’s truly impressive what can be achieved with even a simple waveform!

These feature excellent build quality with solid bolted pots and a circuit design by Andrew Morelli of Steady State Fate (SSF).

We only have limited units in stock right now, and more arriving on Wednesday 7th July. Grab ’em soon to avoid disappointment…


A few new features separate the Sputnik Spectral Processor from the 296r Buchla format version.

  • Bandpass program control now features discrete transistor vcas on all channels.
  • Odd and even amp control can now be fully attenuated and additional soft saturation can be applied beyond 60% of travel for the odd/even amp level controls.
  • Bandpass faders now control both eq and program output levels, rather than just eq on the 296r version.
  • Consolidated design on a low profile, single pcb with integrated soft start and reverse power protection as well as significantly reduced current consumption.

Programmed Outputs

The heart of the spectral processor is the programmable control of the 16 filters. The program control section features frequency and width controls for selecting and sweeping through the active bandpass filters. Local program inputs above each band provide direct control over the level of each filter. Spectrum transfer activates the associated odd or even bandpass filter envelope followers to control the other, such as needed in the classic vocoder function. This can be applied to any two inputs in order to ‘analyze’ the spectral density of one of the inputs and impart this dynamic energy onto the other.

16 Band Equalizer

The 16 bandpass filters feature a dedicated attenuator and can provide up to +6db of additional gain per channel. Input signals can be directed to the odd/even numbered filters exclusively or all 16 filters simultaneously via input jack normalization. Dedicated odd and even sum outputs are provided as well as a full summed output for all 16 bands of the EQ feature.

Direct Outputs

Direct outputs are provided for each bandpass filter, as well an envelope follower; offering a dynamic control voltage of a specific band’s energy content.

Pre-fader Outputs

Summed outputs for the odd and even numbered direct outputs.