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WMDevices mega-sequencing options all back in stock! METRON plus VOLTERA Expander, along with S3LKT, TIME WARP & OSD for ultimate control

WMDevices Matttech Modular 07.09.21

When WMD do something they don’t do it by halves! ..and their METRON Gate Sequencer is a good example. Not only does it offer 16 channels of gate/ trigger sequencing & a whole host of handy features for producing long sequences with variation within them …but you can also bolt on the VOLTERA Expander, which adds 4 bipolar voltage tracks in 4hp. Up to 16 Volteras can be added to a single METRON giving you up to 64 CV Sequencing lanes for your Eurorack modular system!

..and if THAT wasn’t enough, there are various associated modules which will allow you to switch between sequences, or apply logic functions and voltage controlled gated slews/ glides to your masterpieces.

METRON, VOLTERA, S3LKT, TIME WARP & OSD all in stock now!