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NEW! WMDevices KRAKEN Physical Modelling Snare Drum with a huuuuuuge range of tones & features. In stock now!

WMDevices Matttech Modular 03.09.21

We’re always excited by the prospect of a new module from our friends at WMD, and this one really does deliver the goods: KRAKEN is an extremely flexible snare drum module, employing physical modelling, digital & analogue noise – along with a whole host of nifty features which allow you to tweak every element of the drum’s tone, along with the way each repeated hit sounds. It can either sound like a machine-gun sampled drum hit…or like a realistic “human” performance, where every hit sounds subtly different. You choose! Add to that tons of CV control, an integrated pitch shifter, and 3 different distortions, and you’ve got one hell of a unique drum on your hands.



  • We have all of the WMD drum modules in stock: CRATER, CRUCIBLE, FRACTURE & CHIMERA …along with the MSCL Stereo Bus Compressor for smashing them through (sounds amaaaazing…)
  • We also have the METRON Advanced Trigger & Gate Sequencer, for all your rhythmic desires – along with its VOLTERA Expander (which adds 4 bipolar voltage sequencing tracks in 4hp)
  • In addition, we have the first module from the WMD PERFORMANCE MIXER range: PM MUTES. This module adds mute control over each channel of the Performance Mixer, including the master Aux Sends and even the two extra stereo channels provided by the PM Channels Expander. The main mixer module and PM CHANNELS Expander are due soon.
  • Last but not least, we’ve restocked the GEIGER COUNTER pedal, JAVELIN Combined VC-ADSR/VCA and 4TTEN handy 4 channel fader-based attenuator & offset generator.