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FLASH SALE! Tons of hefty discounts on over 90 products – modules, FX pedals & cables – in our *SALE* section!

Sale Matttech Modular 12.09.21

FLASH SALE!! We’re clearing the decks a bit this month, and following on from our initial discounts on pedals we’ve now added a bunch of modules to our sale. This is in anticipation of a bunch of new releases at the upcoming Superbooth trade show, and following a rather quiet summer where folk have understandably been finally venturing outside (rather than wiggling knobs in a darkened room!)

BIG DISCOUNTS on over 90 products from 2hp, Abstract Data, After Later Audio, AJH Synth, Bastl Instruments, British Noise Electronics, Dreadbox, Earthquaker Devices, Empress Effects,, Eowave, Erica Synths, Future Sound Systems, Grayscale, Instruo, Joranalogue, Klavis, Malekko, Mutable Instruments, New Systems Instruments, Patching Panda, Plankton Electronics, Ritual Electronics, SSF, Tenderfoot Electronics, Tendrils Cables, Tiptop Audio, Transient Modules, WMD & XAOC Devices


NOTE: The sale duration is to be decided. It will continue until a target amount of stock has been sold. Many of the products on sale are only in stock in single units, so act fast if you’ve got your eye on something…

Feel free to shoot us an email if there’s anything else you’re after that isn’t in the sale, and we’ll see what we can do! 😉