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Preorders open: New, heavily-updated XAOC Devices MOSKWA II Rotary Sequencer & OSTANKINO II Expander!

Xaoc Devices Matttech Modular 01.06.21

It’s always a big event when XAOC Devices bring out a new product (or two), and we simply could NOT pass this one up! The original MOSKWA sequencer was a deceptively powerful module which spent many years in our demo system when it first came out – the combination of a simple interface and the ability to modulate its playback in a wide variety of ways made it a real “go-to” device for building tracks around. The MOSKWA II has taken the original and added a whole host of wicked features – probability, programmable slew, quantizer, independent rhythmic patterns PER STEP …along with a ton more options available via its OSTANKINO II Expander. You can even chain 2 MOSKWAS to create longer sequences. This is gonna be fun….

We have already placed an order and expect to see our first batch in a few weeks’ time. Enjoy!