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The ever-popular Expert Sleepers DISTING mk.4 is back in stock! Find out for yourself why this is our biggest-selling module ever….

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 24.03.17

We start to get an itchy feeling once we run out of the Expert Sleepers DISTING mk4, as it’s far & away our best selling module….so it’s only fitting that a big pile of them just landed! 🙂

Supplies of the DISTING EX are still very thin on the ground, and it is expected that there will be a loooooong wait between batches this year. We do have some on order – due this month with any luck – but after that it may be September before we see any more. Soooooo…. it might be worth considering the original gangster – the DISTING mk4 – an absolute multifunctional beast in its own right, and the perfect way to enter the DISTING universe..

Oh…and virtually every other Expert Sleepers module is in stock