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All Klavis modules back in stock: TWIN WAVES mkII Dual VCO/LFO, QUADIGY Quad Envelope, CALTRANS, MIXWITCH, LOGICA XT & FLEXSHAPER

Klavis Matttech Modular 30.12.20

Some tidy Klavis goodies are in stock at Matttech Modular, including their updated TWIN  WAVES mkII – a voltage-controlled Dual VCO/LFO with 20 Synthesis Algorithms, Thru Zero FM, Quantizer, Suboctave, Integrated VCA & more..

Also back in:

  • FLEXSHAPER CV-controlled voltage mapper / waveshaper
  • QUADIGY Quad Envelope Generator
  • MIXWITCH Mixer & Switcher
  • LOGICA XT Voltage-controlled Logic and Gate Processor
  • CALTRANS Programmable V/oct CV calibrator and transposer, with additional semitone quantizer, portamento & glissando features.



  • Same width as original
  • All capabilities and features of the original have been retained.
  • Three dedicated modulation gain pots have been added.
  • Semi-modular cross-section patching is now possible.
  • Additional tweaks & improvements implemented.
  • Whereas the original Twin Waves required +/-5V signals to benefit from full scale modulation, the new version requires less and has gain knobs for all 3 modulation inputs.

These new gain knobs are even more beneficial, given that normalling of their outputs to the other section’s modulation input(s) allows creative results without requiring extra patching. This offers an easy and creative access to “complex oscillator” fun and cross modulation craziness..

Using the outputs does not break their normalling; this avoids using a “multiple” when the output signal should go both inside and outside the module. Of course, if you would rather use an external modulation source, simply connect it to the relevant CV input and this will override the internal normalling.

The dedicated Square1 output of the first oscillator is normalled to the global sync/clock input. This allows synchronizing the second oscillator both for audio and LFO/random purposes.