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It’s pedal time! Dreadbox pedal range now in stock: KINEMATIC Compressor/Envelope FIlter, LETHARGY Phaser & the updated KOMOREBI Flanger/Chorus

We’re becoming real suckers for effects pedals at Matttech Modular these days, and recently went on a long-winded hunt for the perfect analogue flanger/ chorus for our demo system – and one that really stood out was the KOMOREBI from Dreadbox. It sounds astoundingly lush and really works well on synth pads….so we were especially excited to hear that they had expanded their pedal range with the new KINEMATIC Compressor/Envelope Filter and LETHARGY OTA Phaser. All things being equal, they will soon be joined by the DARKNESS Reverb. Fingers crossed!


…and remember: it’s not JUST modular at Matttech Modular 😉

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