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The mighty Instruo SAICH Quad Oscillator is back in …along with top-ups of Cs-L, OCHD, CEIS, TANH & SCION

Instruo Matttech Modular 13.07.21

If you’re in the market for a unique analogue oscillator, Instruo bring you the SAICH – a quad oscillator with super-saw functionality and built in “smart” VCA mixing. At its core are four fully analogue sawtooth waveforms that can be intervallically offset, individually and globally detuned, transformed and transposed, and mixed together in creative and interesting ways.

We also have the incredible Cs-L complex oscillator, which features pretty much everything you could ever desire from such a des

Also in stock: 1[f], SCION, CEIS, TANH [3] and (yet) another batch of the super-popular OCHD 8xLFO module produced in conjunction with demo king DivKid