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Preorders open for batch 2 of the new Empress Effects ZOIA EUROBURO, the Eurorack incarnation of the hugely popular ZOIA “modular-in-a-pedal”. Stock ETA: mid October

Empress Effects Matttech Modular 07.09.21

Ever fancied the Empress Effects ZOIA pedal but wish it was a module with more Eurorack compatibility? Well all your dreams have finally come true! We’ve been keeping tabs on this since it was first announced many moons ago, and it’s now here – with added modular-focused interfacing & features! (see further down the page for a run-down).

First batch now sold out – batch 2 arriving mid-October. Preorders now open!


The Empress Effects ZOIA Euroburo is a digital modular system that can be placed in your modular system, a real Russian nesting doll situation. We added a headphone output and a super-slim optional case so the Euroburo can live happily on your desktop or be easily mounted in a Eurorack case. Hence the euro + buro, pronounced “bureau”…get it!?

Create unique signature effects, synthesizers, sequencers and more while using 4 freely assignable CV ins and 4 outs to interface with other CV enabled devices. The additional headphone output and powered 9-12v case makes the module even more desktop friendly. With over 90 modules from CV utilities to audio effects, oscillators and envelopes to MIDI, the Euroburo can do almost anything to fill the gaps in your setup.

There’s no need to worry about getting bogged down with endless menus or a cluttered interface. Creating patches and performing with the ZOIA is a tactile experience. Patching, deleting or moving modules and editing values can all be done quickly using the push-button grid and a flick of the encoder. With the addition of dedicated push buttons for the CV and Audio I/O, patching on the ZOIA has never been faster.

Euroburo Features:

  • 4 CV Input and 4 Output Jacks – Editable CV jacks that send or receive -5 to 5, 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 volts
  • 8 Dedicated CV UI Buttons – CV jack connections are always accessible on the face of the Euroburo
  • 2 Quick Access Buttons – Sticky buttons, the assigned function does not change when changing page. Great for live performances!
  • Stereo 3.5mm audio I/O – Includes dedicated audio I/O buttons to quickly patch in and out of the ZOIA
  • MIDI 1/8″ In/Out jack – MIDI 1/8″ in/out jacks allow you to connect a huge range of external devices to control any or all of ZOIA’s functions and easily add MIDI control to your modular setup!
  • Headphone Audio Out – 3.5mm headphone out with UI button for volume control
  • Skiff Friendly – 28mm depth with power
  • Optional Enclosure (SOLD SEPARATELY) – Durable 34 hp slim enclosure with included power supply. NOTE: this case will not function with standard Eurorack modules and is designed specifically to power the ZOIA Euroburo only! EMAIL US TO ORDER