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Back in: Updated 2020 version of Mutable Instruments VEILS quad VCA & cascading mixer

Mutable Instruments Matttech Modular 08.10.20

VEILS 2020 is back in stock!

It’s always an exciting moment when a new Mutable Instruments module drops, and this time it’s the turn of their trusty VEILS quad VCA & cascading mixer to get a makeover. The 2020 version now offers the following tweaks & improvements:

  • More compact footprint (10-HP)
  • Sliders instead of knobs for the main gain/CV control.
  • When CV not used, that channel’s slider becomes a mixer-style level fader.
  • Gain indicator LEDs on sliders (plus output LEDs as before)
  • Positive offset control (0 to 8V) for direct use of bipolar modulation sources.
  • …. and best of all, it’s still super-affordable at only £159!


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