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New brand alert! Jolin Lab bring us their TABOR chaotic audio, CV & rhythm source …and AGOGO 8-channel cascaded LPG & mixer

Jolin Lab Matttech Modular 27.04.21

One word spring to mind when we first laid eyes on these beauties: “wow”.

Hailing from Italy, Jolin Lab have made quite a splash with the TABOR chaotic audio/ CV/ rhythm source and AGOGO 8-channel cascaded LPG & mixer. Both of these modules come in a choice of three extraordinarily-beautiful faceplate designs – Black Mirror, White Mirror & Black Orb – and are available to order on our website right now.



TABOR is a rhythmic analogue sound and CV source based on the unpredictability of four avalanche transistors in a continuous oscillation state. Likely to interest fans of gnarly, chaotic modules such as the Rob Hordijk BENJOLIN, Make Noise WOGGLEBUG, Schlappi Engineering INTERSTELLAR RADIO, Bugbrand WEEVIL & 4ms NOISE SWASH.

These unpredictable core oscillators are related to each other and their charge and discharge cycle creates complex rhythmic sound textures that can be controlled and triggered with external CV inputs to add more contamination.

With this circuit we can obtain rhythmic textures- intended as rise pulses – and different tone heights by mixing the colors of the LEDs and the values of the capacitors. The waveform of a single oscillator, unfiltered, is basically a sawtooth. The result of the FM modulation of the whole sound engine is chaotic.


AGOGO is an octal analogue vactrol-based low pass gate and mixer in a cascade configuration. Each one of its inputs, CVs and outputs are normalized and buffered to the next one: it can be used as a multiplier and a mixer for both audio and CV.

It offers four groups of LPGs, with 2 tonal flavours: “light” (top row) and “heavy” (bottom row). Saturation can be achieved through various patching techniques, and units can be chained together.