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Final stock of the wonderful WMD & SSF collaboration modules just in: Grab SPECTRUM, TOOL-BOX, BLENDER & AMPLITUDE before they disappear forever!

WMD SSF Matttech Modular 21.02.22

It was a sad day when WMDevices announced that they were discontinuing their range of modules that were designed in collaboration with Andrew Morelli of Steady State Fate (SSF), and we’ve been trying to procure a few of the last remaining units before they disappear into the ether and end up on for about 10 times their original price!

This range is one of our all-time favourites, as it offers a wealth of amazing modules – all with great sound, comprehensive features, in a relatively small size for a great price – all without sacrificing anything in terms of ergonomics or build quality. Honestly, if there was ever a range that we’d have been completely happy with building an entire system out of – especially when you’re talking about more traditional analogue – this was it!

Many of the design features have been developed into newer WMD products, along with features from modules in the WMD range itself (for example, the discontinued WMD/SSF MMF Multimode Filter has morphed into the C4RBN module, and the ADSRVCA has melded with the WMD Multimode Envelope to produce JAVELIN) …but we can’t help having a soft spot for the original range.

We only have 4 of the modules in stock – and limited units at that:

  • SPECTRUM – Analog Saw-core Oscillator with Octave Switch and Sub-Oscillator (excellent pure sine waves, lovely FM…and a SAW sub option very rarely found on VCOs. VERY beefy too!)
  • TOOL-BOX – Multi-purpose Utility Module with 6 Simultaneous Functions (features a bunch of very handy CV utilities in a small footprint. Perfect for portable systems)
  • AMPLITUDE – Discrete Transistor Core VCA with Saturation (the best VCA we’ve come across, and we’re keeping some for ourselves!)
  • BLENDER – Flexible Audio / CV Mixer with Six Inputs, and Voltage Controlled Crossfader (again, one of the best versions of this kind of design we’ve tested, with zero bleed and extremely easy to get great crossfading results from when using standard CV sources)

Now if only we’d grabbed an ULTRAFOLD for our own system. dang…….. 🙁