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We now stock slimline TENDRILS cables – in both RIGHT-ANGLED & new STRAIGHT versions. Lots of lengths & colours..

Matttech Modular Tendrils 30.03.21

The right-angled cables from TENDRILS have often been spotted in photos of high-profile artists over the last year or two – especially those who play live, or leave specific cables semi-permanently patched up – and now that we’ve had these in our hands, we can see why! They are extremely slimline – which makes them very flexible for weaving around tight spaces, in addition to making them very lightweight (useful if you are carrying your case around pre-patched).

They now come in the original RIGHT-ANGLED design, and also in a new STRAIGHT version – if you want slim, flexible cables but don’t need the angles.

We currently offer these in WHITE, MAGENTA, CYAN & BLACK.
*  RIGHT-ANGLED in 20cm & 30cm lengths
*  STRAIGHT in 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 60cm, 90cm & 120cm lengths