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Expert Sleepers restock, including: FH-2, LITTLE MIKEY, GENERAL CV, DISTING mk4, ES-8 and ES-9. Get in!

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 21.02.21

Another Expert Sleepers motherload has docked, this time containing the FH-2 – a fully featured bi-directional USB MIDI interface, with clock generation / sync, LFOs, Arpeggiators, Euclidian¬†pattern generators & more….along with the FHX-8GT and FHX-8CV, both of which can be used to expand both the FH-2 and DISTING EX even further! (very limited units only)

We also have top-ups of the DISTING mk4….along with a range of “ES” interfacing modules – including both the ES-8 and the ES-9 multichannel USB CV/Audio interfaces¬† ….for all the modular ins & outs you can handle! We also have the ES-5 & ESX-8GT expanders (more ES-3 & ES-6 soooon)

…and if you need a mic preamp to go with your other ins & outs, we have the LITTLE MIKEY, and the uniquely eccentric GENERAL MIDI – A General MIDI Synthesizer Module, featuring a Multi-Channel CV-to-MIDI converter, SD Card, and a Host Processor Capable of Generating Huge Amounts of MIDI data. Compatible with DISTING mk.4 MIDI BREAKOUT