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Tiptop Audio FX Modules back in stock: MODFX, Z5000, ECHOZ & ZVERB, plus MISO, FOLD Processor & tons of STACKCABLES!

Tiptop Audio Matttech Modular 26.11.19-min

Ahoy there! All of the original FX modules from Tiptop Audio are  back in stock, in both Black and White versions!  ….all of which are 8hp, mono in/ stereo out and great value!

  • Z5000 –  a multi effect with voltage controlled parameters, VC analog clock generator driving the DSP chip and 24 of our creme de la creme reverbs, delays, modulation, harmonization and pitch modulated effects.
  • ECHOZ –  a collection of 24 different types of delay effects encompasses a rich variety that spanning some of the most sought after time based effects of all times as well as more experimental options as well.
  • ZVERB – a collection of all new reverb algorithms developed by Tiptop ranging from typical reverbs to more complex effects that combine delay and pitch shifting with reverb.

…plus MISO (Mix/Invert/Scale/Offset), ONE Sample Player and FOLD Processor (Wavefolder/Suboctave Generator with dedicated Mixer)

Plus, we also finally have a big restock of STACKCABLES