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Expert Sleepers restock, including: DISTING mk4, MIDI Breakout, ES-3, ES-8 and ES-9. Get in!

Expert Sleepers Matttech Modular 03.06.19-min

Another Expert Sleepers motherload has docked, including the runaway success that is the DISTING mk4….along with its MIDI BREAKOUT MODULE, which can also be used with the DISTING EX, GENERAL CV and FH-2 – basically any Expert Sleepers modules with MIDI headers on the PCB.

In addition, we have stock of the whole range of “ES” interfacing modules – including both the ES-8 and the ES-9 multichannel USB CV/Audio interfaces¬† ….for all the modular ins & outs you can handle! Joining them are the ES-3 lightpipe/ADAT interface, plus its ES-5, ES-6 and ESX-8GT expanders.

We also have the FH-2 FHX-8GT and FHX-8CV, both of which can be used to expand both the FH-2 and DISTING EX even further! (very limited units only)

…and if you need a mic preamp to go with your other ins & outs, we have the LITTLE MIKEY