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WMDevices SCLPL Stereo 5-Band Digital EQ/Morphing Filter in stock …plus SL3KT, Pedals & restocks of MSCL, PDO, TBVCA, TRSHMSTR & more!

WMDevices Matttech Modular 23.10.20

Another quirky and unique offering from the minds of WMDevices has landed – the SCLPL Stereo 5-Band Digital EQ / Morphing Filter. Use it to precisely EQ signals, or as a creative tool to morph between multiple different sets of EQ settings. Tidy!



We also have their recent SL3kT – a three-channel manual or voltage-controlled switch module, with cascaded normalling between channels’ switching.

In addition to this we have restocks of other popular WMD modules which have all been making the transition into the lovely new engraved black panels: MSCL, PHASE DISPLACEMENT OSCILLATOR (PDO) mk.2, TRIPLE BIPOLAR VCA (TBVCA), PRO OUTPUT & TRSHMSTR.

…and last but not least, we have PEDALS!!!! – both the PROTOSTAR Envelope Filter & GEIGER COUNTER Wavetable-based Bitcrusher & Distortion are now in stock.

Please note that at present we are only restocking many older products in very low quantities – often only 1 or 2 of each – so if you want something, don’t hang about. As a small shop, dealing with an ever-growing array of brands and products, it is impossible to offer a decent range without restricting the number of units we buy in “on spec”. Feel free to hit us up if there’s something you’re after though, as we may be able to get it in for you next time round 🙂