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Joranalogue FOLD 6 Wavefolder now in stock! …plus restocks of entire range, including GENERATE 3, CONTOUR 1, MIX 3, FILTER 8 & more..

Joranalogue Matttech Modular 20.10.20-min

When Joranalogue release their take on a module, you KNOW it’s done right …and this time round it’s the turn of the wavefolder. FOLD 6 takes 2 different approaches to wavefolding and combines them in one space-efficient package. 2 simultaneous outputs, 2 inputs – with DC coupling so you can mix audio and CVs – and CV control over Folding and Shape.

We’ve also got limited units of pretty much every other module in the range – including MIX 3, GENERATE 3, CONTOUR 1, FILTER 8 & more… get stuck in! 🙂