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Joranalogue MORPH 4 Dimensional Modulation Array & FOLD 6 Wavefolder both in stock! …plus restocks of entire range, including FILTER 8, GENERATE 3, COMPARE 2, CONTOUR 1, MIX 3 & more..

Joranalogue Matttech Modular 21.12.20

When Joranalogue release their take on a module, you KNOW it’s done right …and this time round it’s the turn of the Dimensional Modulation Array. “Eh?”, “a what??” – you’re probably thinking – well, the MORPH 4 is essentially a fully-featured modulation hub for Eurorack synthesisers, taking the basic concept of the multi-VCA module to the next level. Able to function as a voltage controlled mixer, dual crossfader, dual panner, interpolating scanner, interpolating distributor, quad VCA, quadraphonic controller, slope modifier, rectifier, complex waveshaper or something in between any of those—the choice is yours. One point worth noting is that Input A has a +5 V normal, making it easy to use Morph 4 to GENERATE signals, rather than simply process them. hmmmm….

We also have more units of their recent FOLD 6 wavefolder – which takes 2 different approaches to wavefolding and combines them in one space-efficient package. 2 simultaneous outputs, 2 inputs – with DC coupling so you can mix audio and CVs – and CV control over Folding and Shape.

We’ve also got limited units of every other module in the range – including COMPARE 2, MIX 3, GENERATE 3, CONTOUR 1, FILTER 8 & more… get stuck in! 🙂