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New Patching Panda MOON PHASE Stereo VCF just landed – plus restocks of PUNCH v2, HATZ & VIBRAZUM v3

Patching Panda Matttech Modular 26.06.20-min

It’s stereo time! We just received the new MOON PHASE Stereo Multimode VCF from Patching Panda, offering gorgeous sounding state-variable 12db/octave filtering, allied to a ton of creative controls for modifying your stereo image.


We also have stock of the other funky-looking – and impressively well-built – modules from Patching Panda: VIBRAZUM v3, PUNCH v2 and HATZ.

All three have in-depth demo videos from DivKid, and cram a huge amount of musically-useful features into their designs, without becoming overwhelming.

They use high-quality components and are beautiful to look at in the flesh – check our Instagram feed out for evidence!

  • Moon Phase – Stereo 12dB/octave state variable multimode filter utilising powerful imaging techniques to enhance and alter stereo field.
  • Vibrazum v2 – Versatile triple multimode VCF capable of subtle to extreme tone shaping
  • Hatz – 2-channel analog hit-hat creation module combining 2 kinds of sound source – white noise and metallic.
  • Punch v3 – VCA-DECAY module for Eurorack – specially designed to generate dynamic percussive sounds but also capable of basslines, leads, envelopes and more.